Wednesday, October 11, 2006

you gotta love prezzies ...

There's not much better than going to the post office and getting a package filled with goodies, is there?

Today a package from My Favorite Person came in. She mailed it Saturday, her time (Sunday here) and it actually got here when promised by the U.S. Postal Service -- my Tuesday late afternoon, and a package slip was in my box the very next morning, my Wednesday. That's pretty fast shipping, for the Post Office.

And, lucky me, it WAS filled with goodies. Woohoo!!

The main thing was World of Warcraft. My Favorite Person has a gaming addiction, and she likes to spread it to me. First it was Diablo: Lord of Destruction, then it was Neverwinter Nights, now it's World of Warcraft. And since SHE's playing that means I will be playing. It's installing as I write this, so she can get her fix, with me, when she gets up, all bright and early. LOL

There was also something for my mom -- My Favorite Person is trying to bribe dear old mom ... I think to get nekkid pictures of me when I was a kid! She's a dirty-minded one, My Favorite Person, which is why I like her so much. Heh.

Also included were some Jolly Rancher candy, a set of kokopelli earrings (see the early HNT from Guam below) and a kokopelli pen. She remembered how much I like kokopellis when she was recently in New Mexico. Ain't she sappy? LOL

The next thing was just TOO funny. Precooked teriyaki meatballs ... in the mail! LMAO

Well, I had some for dinner and am not dead from E. coli or botulism, so all is well.

The final items ... seductive, sexual pictures of My Favorite Person ... NOT. I wish. I really, REALLY do. It would be nice to have some hard copies ... heh.

• As promised, here is a look at the earrings ... well, one of them. Click the image to see it in a little more detail.

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SignGurl said...

Cool earring!! *lick*

Madame X said...

wait-who's your favortie person again?

Chrissie said...

lol a whole post dedicated to meeeee...

bright n early is right! did you notice I got up an hour early??

TequilaGirl said...

Oh fun! :) I love goodies!

Have a great day!

DZER said...

signgurl: oooh ... *atwitter*

madame x: hmm ... didja try clicking on a link?

chrissie: it's always about you, baby ... and I did notice! ADDICT! LOL

DZER said...

tequila girl: goodies rock! and you too ;)

ell said...

nice earrings d. i've been trying to get moh to pierce his ears for years.

not happening.

April said...

I like kokopellis, too...nice earring! I wanna see the pen.

Natalia said...

I LOVE those :) I want them.



Kristen said... you not have jolly rancher candies there?

We used to drop them in Zima's when we were in high school

DZER said...

ell: thanks darlin' ... and sorry to hear that

april: thanks, hon ... and I left it at work as my official signing pen! lol

natalia: glad you like them ... but you can't have them! :P

kristen: they have them here ... they were just package filler ... LOL

and Zima? Really? C'mon!!

terry said...

mx beat me to it again....! i hate it when she takes the words out of my mouth.

Shay said...

Oh those are CUTE earings!
Uhm.. I mean manly - NOT cute - super super manly and good looking in a masculine way ^_~

Suze said...

Dzer, I love the earrings. Whilst I'm here...*nibble*

Happy HNT sweetie ;)

HNB said...

:whisper:I love the earring :lick: HHNT

keda said...

nice! love the earing.

anyone who sent me pre-cooked teriyaki balls would be my favourite person too. guaranteed.

happy hnt babe.