Tuesday, October 24, 2006

one of those days ...

Had to be up early for a meeting that was scheduled for an hour and a half before the start of my normal workday ... that was the start of my day, and set the tone for the next of the better part of it. Drove back to the office, logged into my computer and then into another meeting, which of course dragged out longer than I wanted to.

After that was done, I got to go to lunch ... a lunch meeting with a bunch of lawyers and judges at some conference. Wasn't all that bad ... the food was free, though not all that good ... but did I mention it was free?

Finally, after that, I was finally able to get to work.

Lucky me, no?

Time to go ... the chicken soup is done, so I need to make the peanut butter sammiches to dunk into it.

Don't go "ew!" ... it's fucking tasty as all hell. Trust me ... try it.


SignGurl said...

I have to say ewww! PB & J is meant to savor on it's own.

Crap! Now I'm hungry.

Heather said...

Free food is good.

Yeah.. still going "eeewww"..
I love chicken noodle soup.
I love peanut butter sammiches.
Just not together.
But hey, that's why they make chocolate and vanilla..

Did someone say chocolate??

gab said...

Ewww PB&J in soup? NO THANKYOU! I'll eat mine sepertally. So do you like mayo sandwhiches too? How about ketchup ones?

DZER said...

not PB&J ... I'm not that sick ... JUST PB ... lol

Madame X said...

I've dunked both PBJ and PB in chicken noodle soup...has to be lipton chicken noodle though.

crabcake said...

Nuh ugh. I am not trying p&b's dunked in chicken soup. I'm also not trying peanut butter on banana nut bread. (even though Bob keeps buggin me to)

Somethings just stay in seperate compartments. Ya got your peanut butter over here....your banana nut bread over here...and chicken soup...right there.

Wow. Know what? I am soooo gonna bake some bread tonight. Hot homemade bread with peanut butter..now that...is good stuff.

The Savage said...

They eat Peanut Butter and Bacon sammiches out here.. not that bad really...

Not that great either

ArtfulDodger said...

I'm trying not to go "Ewww" even though everything in me wants me to go "Ewww", but I will not succumb to saying "Ewww". I won't.

Kristen said...

I dunk and I'm all about soup and sammiches lately

terry said...

pb and chicken soup? really??

wait. did someone say chocolate??

Momentarily_Distracted said...

It's almost like grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, isn't it?
Or fries dipped in vanilla soft serve ice cream?
Oh, the guilty pleasures of food!