Sunday, October 22, 2006

screenshot fun and frivolity ...

So World of Warcraft is celebrating Halloween with "Hallow's End." There are big jack-o-lanterns in towns, game NPC's giving away candy, and even some trick or treating.

My Favorite Person's character acquired a wand that bestows costumes on party members when the spell is cast. She took much delight in zapping me with it several times.

Here's my human transmuted into a little green gnomish character, who skipped instead of ran.

Here's me as a will o'the wisp ... a little fuzzy ball of energy.

Here's My Favorite Person, transmuted into a bat creature by the jolly inkeeper.

And, finally, here's the two of us dancing along the roadside. Her character has a macarena-sexy-hip-grind routine, while my guy has a funky-chicken-saturday-night-fever-disco set of moves.

OK ... back to gaming!!


Chrissie said...

LOL *groovin* This game is so fun lol

Pyrhonik said...

World of Warcraft is a brilliant website! But only if you have a high speed connection :)

I've also been meaning to inform you that Snavy's link on your dzerette's has an extra "h" at the beginning.


SignGurl said...

Darling DZER, I just read your post below and I wanted to tell you that I, too, think it's a load of crap.

A friend and I just talked about all kids being winners. What happens to these kids in the real world? They fall flat on their asses as you mentioned.

At the school that I'm PTA president of, I was in charge of purchasing new playground equipment. I was excited to think that the kids would have more stuff to play on.

Instead of the positive aspect of kids getting some excersise, the focus has been placed on the number of injuries caused by said equipment. Huh? I didn't know equipment caused injuries. I thought it was kids playing in a manner not safe for the equipment. I decided this year that the PTA will not be buying anymore playground stuff.

I guess kids can all sit on the grass and talk since they want to remove the swings too.

I don't know how we survived as children with all the things we played.

terry said...

you kids today, with your videogames...

ArtfulDodger said...

I like the idea of Dzer as a will-o-the-wisp for some reason... maybe it is the dance move (If you can call it that) in the last screenshot? Hopefully your character has higher attributes in other categories. :)

Kristen said...

I like the funky chicken dance

RobynB said...

Skipping? *giggle*

Work it, Dzer!