Sunday, February 26, 2006

ouch ... oh, and new DZERettes ...

I’m pretty sure that I broke my left pinky toe on Saturday. If it’s not broken, it’s the closest it can be to being broken without actually being broken. It aches a bit but doesn’t really hurt-hurt — unless I bump it against something; then it hurts mucho. It’s red and purple and black. Not pretty. Well, then again, it’s not like I have good-looking toes. I have ugly toes, actually. I’ll never be a toe model (if there are those). But now it looks pretty rough and nasty.

As you can see, by the disgusting picture I’ve included.


Thanks, Madame X, for reminding me that I forgot to say how I fucked it up.

So I'm taking the grocery cart back to the front of the grocery store, having just unloaded my groceries into the truck. Some begging person comes up and, in an attempt to step aside from his reekingness, my left pinky toe — I was wearing flipflops at the time — hits hard on the edge of one of those concrete block yellow parking things the put in parking spaces for the idiots who don't know how far they can drive up. I hit it as my foot is swinging forward, so I get the smashing into it part, plus the rest of my foot keeps going on, so I get the bent back fun too. Fucking ouch.

Didn't notice how bad it was, other than the aching bit, until I got home and could see it up close in color.

So … what am I going to do about my likely-to-be-broken toe?




What would be the point? Spending money on a visit to the doctor so that he can tell me, yes, it is broken? It’s not like they make little splints for pinky toes. A cast would be not only pointless, but cumbersome.

So I guess I’ll just wait for it to heal on its own, and try my best not to catch it on anything or bump it against anything.

That’s right, folks. It’s been a while since we’ve had any additions to the wonderful world of the DZERettes, and now we have three in one weekend!

Heh … I like using “we” as in the royal DZER we … almost as fun as DZER referring to DZER in the third person.

Anyhoo … the new DZERettes are:

Madame X

prairie girl

snow white

I hope all the other DZERettes join the DZER in welcoming the new members to the fold, with plenty of lingerie pillow fights and girlie kisses … heh.

Do YOU wanna be a DZERette? Check the right rail and find out how!

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• There are four letters in the word Guam — “G,” “U,” “A” and “M.” And, yes, that’s the correct order. Heh.


Madame X said...

That's the ugliest fucking thing I've seen in a while.


How DID you break it?
There must be a good story behind it.

DZER said...

did I leave that part out? geeze ... gonna fix that now.

Madame X said...

Moral of the story?

Just say "NO!" to flip flops!


You know Cap'n Lou wears them all year long!

Suze said...

Dzer, I'm wincing for you. You could try taping it to the one next to it to keep it straight.

I never realised flip-flops were so dangerous. Good job we can't wear them outside over here just yet. Brrrrrrrr. ;)

It looks fucking ugly but here's a kiss to make it better.

*kiss and gentle stroke*

Of your toe, you naughty boy. LOL

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Oh you poor baby. I kicked a coffee table once and ended up with a broken pinkie toe. Who would have thought that such a tiny toe could hold so much pain.

I agree with Suze...tape it. And wear some real shoes.

I volunteer to host the tickle fight for the new DZERettes.

Velvet said...

Poor baby!
I stubbed my toe once on the pole and Sparkle kissed and made it better! We got great tips that night!

I'm in for pillow fights! :)

Sparkle said...

I'd suck that toe for you!

kathi said...

I've broken a few toes, and you're right, nothing they can do about it. Taping it is good, wrapping an ace bandage around the top part of your foot for padding. Sorry darlin...does look painful.

sassinak said...

yeah it's broken and yeah they can't do anything for it.

IF the swelling gets worse go to a doc cause you've pinched something :)

the worst part about broken toes? stubbing them on something!!!

Alex said...


It may be my imagination but are you having trouble finding "Guam Facts of the Day"?

How about "On guam dogs with no home are called Boonie dogs". Hey you could always give a nice little doggy a home. Hehehe.

Chrissie, I'm doing my best here.

grainne said...

Once again, if you would take your poor abused and battered feet to the dr, odds are he would give you a note that would allow you to wear open toed shoes to work!

I am sure you have come to the realization that it is broken...all you had to do was toss a bit of change in that smelly guy's direction and you would not have hurt yourself....and you were depriving some poor kid of a job as a cart wrangler!

I am with Alex...get of your chapped ass and get some new Guam facts and maybe update your Guam photo blog??

Indigo said...

that's one toe you won't want licked and sucked on for a bit..

..... I'm all for the pillow fight ladies, but let's leave the lingerie at home, clothing really does tend to impede.

SignGurl said...

What is going on with you? You seem to be falling apart. Take care of yourself.


DZER said...

madame x: I love me my flipflops! and Capt. Lou rocks!

suze: you're too good to me .. now ... can you be too bad to me? heh

AAG: tickle party at your house! woohooo!!

velvet: now that's a friend! and I'll put you on the pillow fight list!

sparkle: anything else you'd be willing to such? ;)

kathi: it only hurts when I bump it into something LOL ... thank for the advice :)

sass: thought so. blech. and yes! did that once this morning! ouchie!

alex: OK ... I'll work harder on my Guam facts of the day LOL ... sometimes I forget people like them

grainne: you and your foot doctor fetish LOL ... and I said I'll work on the RGFOTD ... and will try to take more pics soon

prairie girl: well, I have other toes ... ;) ... and yay for the leaving the lingerie at home! heh

sign gurl: I dunno ... I'm an old man subject to disease and the body just falling apart ... LOL

Snow White said...

DZER, Thanks for the nice welcome post. I feel quite honored to be a DZERette! Now that toe looks quite painful. Why don't you elevate it on a nice soft pillow, and let me wait on your for a while... what can I do to ease the pain and take your mind off of your foot for a while???

DZER said...

snow white: you're ever so welcome ... and thanks ... I think I will ... hmm ... easing the pain ... can you make country fried steak, mashed taters and country gravy? and them maybe a neck rub? ;)

yep, it's me.... said...

don't fear the reeking

DZER said...

or the reeker? LOL

Snow White said...

DZER: I can come real close! I do chicken fried steak. And i can rub necks. I even have something I could wrap around your neck!