Wednesday, March 01, 2006

a decadently delicious HNT ...

I put my hands on you. Firmly, but not too strong.

No; it's a caressing touch on your skin, lightly squeezing you, feeling you.

Reveling in how perfectly you fit in my capable, exploring hands.

You're cool to the touch, but soon you will be mine.

I nibble lightly, my teeth grazing your skin.

My tongue trailing wet licks along your supple contours.

I take a harder bite.

I feel you give in to my hunger.

You open to my eager mouth, giving yourself completely to me.

Your juices are flowing and sweet ... so deliciously sweet on my lips.

Oh my God.

You taste so fucking good.

Your sticky juices are covering my lips, my mouth, my chin.

My face moves up and down, my hands gripped firmly around you as I eat you.

Fuck me you are sooooo fucking good.

I can't get enough of you. I could eat you all night long.

You fucking delicious mango, you!


* Dedicated to Always Aroused Girl. ;)

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Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Mangoes are one of Guam's favorite fruits. We have a local version that grows here that is smaller than the huge Peruvian mangoes that go to grocery stores. While some people like eating local mangoes when they're ripe, more enjoy them pickled with hot peppers or eaten when they're almost ripe but still green, when you press the fruity flesh into a mix of salt and hot peppers.


Suze said...

Wow Dzer, you certainly got my juices flowing. ;)

Come over here and have a nipple, no I mean nibble. LOL.

Happy HNT sweetie.

DZER said...

suze: I'll take the nibble ... of the nipple ... heh

Snow White said...

Dezer- I'll be your huckleberry, um, I mean mango! (hanging Val Kilmer impression back in the closet.)

DZER said...

snow white: there's a good debate ... Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday vs. Dennis Quaid's Doc Holiday ... heh

and mangoes are much more juicy than huckleberry ... but I'll take you either way ;)

Madame X said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Madame X said...

If you like-a-me,
like I like-a-you
And we like-a-both the same,
I like-a say,
this very day,
I like-a-change your name.

'Cause I love-a-you
and love-a-you true
And if you-a love-a-me.
One live as two,
two live as one
Under the mango tree.

Meet me in St Louis

Shay said...

Wow! Dzer! you're very very bad, getting us all excited like that!

mmm now I want a mango too

Velvet said...

Eat it baby
mmmm lick those juices
that's it
you know how I like it
bite it
right there!

da buttah said...

i've never wanted a mango..SO. BAD!

hehe ;)

TequilaGirl said...

Happy HNT Dz!

Have you ever made mango ice? We used to do that when I was a kid all the time. Good stuff!

David said...

LOL...Good had me going there.
Happy HNT!

Natalia said...

Damn you are just devouring that mango. I want one NOW. TEASE!


Indigo said...

omg you BRAT !! You so had me going there. I was getting all hot and bothered and all you wanted was mango !! Lmao....

Alex said...

The mangos we get over here are usually a bit bland, chilled for transport from their country of origin, then forced to ripen.

Hope you enjoyed it, and the mango.

DZER said...

madame x: heh ... nice song

shay: I've always been bad ... nice to know I got you excited ;)

velvet: you got a mango? ;)

buttah: well, you will have access to some very good mangoes in Jamaica ...heh

tequila girl: never had a mango ice ... wanna cum make me one? ;)

david: thanks ... LOL

natalia: that's me ... the mango tease! LOL

prairie girl: hot and bothered works for me ... and so do mangoes ... heh

alex: sorry to hear that, mate ... when you and suze visit the tropics we'll make sure you both get some good, fresh, ripe mangoes

Steppin' On Toes said...


DZER said...

jax: I like the way you slurp it ... yeah-diggity ... heh

SignGurl said...

Now I'm hungry again! I had an idea that this was a fruit you were talking about. I love mangos. We don't get them here in Michigan. :-(

yep, it's me.... said...

and doesn't mango leave YOU tasting good?

Sunny Delight said...

oh what a great post, you soo had me going with this " take a harder bite.
I feel you give in to my hunger." and then too find it was so juicy too ;)

DZER said...

sign gurl: they should see them at supermarkets ... just cuz there's snow doesn't mean you can't get them ... ask your fruit department. Or, I could mail you some dried mango ... they sell that here too ... heh

velma: I dunno ... I've never tasted me after I've tasted mango ... LOL

sunny delight: glad you liked and enjoyed ... did you get juicy and sticky too? heh ... welcome to the Diatribe!

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Wow. I can't believe I was too sick to see that!

You sexy thang you.

Love it.


Chrissie said...

lol nice!

DZER said...

AAG: you musta been hella sick! LOL

chrissie: thanks *spanks*