Thursday, March 02, 2006

well I'm a movin' on up ...

2006 is not my year, at least not so far. In fact, it’s mostly sucked. Let the DZER recap, for those of you who have forgotten or just haven’t been around DZER’s blog all that long:

• There was the infected hangnail toenail, which isn’t as bad now but isn’t all that much better, either.

•My friend L moved stateside, depriving me of a lunch buddy (and removing the only truly hot chick from the newsroom).

• Another Valentine’s Day alone … bleh.

• The extraction of two teeth, including a wisdom tooth, both of which had extremely long roots, which necessitated them being pulled by an oral surgeon instead of my regular dentist (which meant it also cost more).

• I’ve had to put in a lot of long days (sometimes 12 hours), though to balance that, it was due to a promotion.

• I broke a pinky toe.

See? Crappy year so far. I did get the promotion, won a corporate-level writing award and celebrated a birthday with fine food, but those are about the only real highlights.

Why am I bitching about all of this crap? Well, it’s because I have something new to add to the shitlist.

I have to move.

By the end of the month.

Fuck me.

For those of you who don’t know, I have a sweet two-bedroom apartment that’s about 5 minutes away from the office. It’s centrally located, in a quiet, trouble-free area. It’s pretty close to the beach and a whole lot of conveniences, such as stores and gas stations.

Oh, and I was only paying $300 a month for the place. On Guam, the low-end rate for a decent two-bedroom apartment is about $650-$700. So I was getting a killer deal.

Now I will have to find a new place to live. Which will mean trying to find a place in a central location that’s close to work. Which means paying anywhere from $200 to $350 more per month for a smaller place.

It also means I’ll have to pack up all my shit and fucking MOVE. I fucking HATE moving. I hate it with the passion of a thousand burning suns.


Well, I guess it gives me a full-on legitimate reason to pare down my shit, to thin out my possessions, to get rid of a bunch of crap and stuff.

Remember? I said I was going to clean up and minimize my possessions and sell off a bunch of stuff. Well, now I have little choice, unless I want to cart truckloads of shit elsewhere — rather, more truckloads of shit than absolutely necessary.

I need to start gathering boxes. Stores throw them out like crazy, but moving places charge like a couple of bucks a box. Are there people who actually buy cardboard boxes? I guess so, or else they wouldn’t be on sale in so many places … LOL. As for me, it’s time to drive around the back of some retail outlets and stock up on cardboard boxes, baby!


Tried to get enthused there, but it’s hard. Moving sucks so much ass.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Guam is surrounded by a coral reef, which helps protect its shores from the worst a typhoon could potentially deliver to the island. It was dying off in most parts for years because of overfishing, environmental damage by runoff and the like. Protecting many reef areas via the creation of marine preserves has helped them rebound, though more work in other areas still needs to be done.


Snow White said...

Poor DZER! I feel your pain. I hate moving too. You didn't tell us why you got the boot. Too many wild gathering? Place overrun by strippers? Illegal gaming spot?

kathi said...

I, too, hate moving. I know people who do it every few years. Sick people. :)

Madame X said...

Moving sux!

My last move was over 10 years ago and I still have boxes I havent' unpacked.

I know many people who have purchased cardboard boxes mostly because the used ones harbor "germs and inscts" according to one nut burger.

SignGurl said...

Moving sucks! I'm sorry this year is sucking so bad.

Mike said...

Well...hopefully some stripper will take pity on you and offer you a place to live...or is that not a viable option?

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

What? They are kicking you out? Why?

Chrissie said...

Hmm this sounds interesting... I guess I might know about it if i had SEEN you at some point in the last few days...

Good luck..
Make sure you find something ground level that allows pets :)

murphy said...

what i'm more pissed about is the fact that you're losing income that could have went towards your strip club.

Shay said...

poor Dzer
If it makes you feel any better, I've had to move every year for the past 5 years - sometimes twice a year >.<

At least you'll be able to get rid of some shit, that's always nice.

DZER said...

snow white: owner of the apartment sold it to his sister, who wants to remodel and move in I think. bleah

kathi: moving sucks ass!

madame x: well, it's not like I'm moving food products in the boxes LOL

sign gurl: maybe next year is my year? LOL

mike: most strippers are in and outta Guam every three months ... think I need my own place LOL

AAG: my sweetheart cheap rent deal is over ... see above ... bleah

chrissie: umm ... I only found out today during lunch ... maybe if you called me at the office you'd know! LOL

murphy: no shit ... and more money on rent equals less on strippers

shay: you're nuts ... well, you're also still a college student. Easy when you only have a room worth of shit ... try owning lots of furniture, books, tools, etc. ... grrr ... though yes, it will be nice to get rid of shit

Natalia said...

I feel the pain on the moving bit, baby boy...even if my move was prompted by a happy event.

2006 is turning out a bit of an odd pun intended.

{{{many huggs}}} here's hoping it's only the first few months that suck.


Alex said...

That's crappy. Naive question here, but couldn't you buy something? Or is property prohibitively expensive on Guam?

grainne said...

You could always consider the BIG move now...the move to the mainland...I hear california is a great place not to mention that it is a pupply friendly sorta place !!

I hate moving! I started packing 6 months before I even found my house...however only took me 2 months to unpack it all ~chuckle~

Desireous said...

Awww poor baby! Moving sucks! I'd be upset too! But new can sometimes be great and exciting I'm hoping things will take that route for you!


terry said...

moving sucks!!
maybe, just maybe, you'll find an even better place...(though i can't imagine you'll be able to match the rent. damn.)
good luck...

Chrissie said...

HA well calling FROM the office i know now too so :oP

idobcool said...

It's still early '06 so maybe you're just getting all of the bad shit out of the way now. After the move things may change for the better. You just never know!

JMai said...

Yay more coral reefs! I'm a big snorkel fan. Deathly afraid of SCUBA though.

Sorry you have to move, dude... moving sucks. And the rent differential sounds like it'll suck too. But the good news? New chicks to dig on.

Grace said...

That's not cool. Why do you have to move? I'll bet your landlord is just pissed that you haven't gotten a puppy yet... can you blame him? ;)

DZER said...

natalia: thanks darlin' ... one can always hope LOL

alex: it's a bit expensive but, more to the point, I'm dirt poor and bankrupt LOL

grainne: ugh ... can't make that move until I have a much better-paying job lined up there ;)

desireous: new can be good; I'm a leave things as they are kinda guy though; change sucks, especially if it involves a move. but thanks for the hugs :)

terry: we'll see ... I've already started looking. Cross yer fingers!

chrissie: yes, that works too ... though I freaked out for a sec thinking something had blown up at work or that maybe a relative had died ... surprise phone calls past 2 a.m. shake a guy up LOL

idobcool: true ... only 2 months down ... maybe I'll have 10 months of good stuff!

jmai: I'll work the reefs angle a bit more ... LOL ... and my current place has zero chicks, so any step from there is an improvement ;)

amazing grace: so far, the places I've looked out don't allow pets ... so that puppy may be even further off!!!

yep, it's me.... said...

bummer baby

BUT, you've gotten all the bad stuff out of the way
you'll move into new digs and leave all the ick behind

DZER said...

velma: hmm ... good point ... new=good; old=bad.