Monday, March 20, 2006

from the what was he thinking file ...

I have no real explanation for the following photo. In fact, I'm not sure why I'm sharing it, other than the fact that I had nothing else for the blog today. My own damn fault then.

That's me on the right, circa 1989-1990, when I was a student at the University of Guam. This was taken outside one of the older buildings, where the Communications classes were mainly held; the building has since been torn down.

And yes, you can click on the picture to get a larger version of the pic. I think that's a smudge of transparent tape on my chest and other spots of the photo.

Yes, that's me in acid-washed, black, multi-pocket jeans of some kind. Yes, it's Guam and that's me in a long-sleeved black sweater (left from my days in Lincoln, Nebraska). And yes, that's me in BCG sunglasses.

And with hair.

Hell ... the only cool things about me in this pic is:

A. My B-boy stance ... LMAO

B. The cigarette (Kool, king-size, menthol)

C. The fly Scotts flip-flops

I've got to send a copy of this to my friend Jojo, who is second from left in this pic. He's a bit bigger now and keeps his head shaved too, just like me ... check out his Tarzan/1980s band hair. LOL

The guy between me and Jojo is one of the most talented artists I've ever known. He does some amazing work, especially comics-type stuff. The last I heard he was doing some work on animation of a syndicated action cartoon show and he was hoping to get into George Lucas' Industrial Light and Sound — Skywalker Ranch. I hope he made it; the guy's got mad skills.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• The University of Guam is a land-grant university chartered in 1968. However, it was originally founded as the Territorial College of Guam in 1952, when it was set up to train teachers for Guam schools.


Madame X said...


Sorry...I don't mean to laugh but-HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Jojo's hair's not such a big deal but those shorts? WOW

yeah we've all made fahion faux pas...I went through a whole Madonna/Jody Watly bike short phase...SOOOOOO not attractive!

SignGurl said...

I had a couple of pairs of jeans just like that. WTF were we thinking? The pockets were kinda handy though.

DZER said...

madame x: you got something against surfer shorts? LOL ... Jody Watly bike shorts ... LMAO

signgurl: exactly! handy ... but wtf? LOL

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

You got a whole lotta pockets there, baby. Whatcho got in all those pockets, eh?


ArtfulDodger said...

Oh god, do we all have photos like this hanging around in the past? I think I'm going to have to destroy them sooner or later. Hey, I had pants like that too!

DZER said...

aag: I cannot discuss the full contents of the pockets ... though you are more than welcome to check them out yourself ... get handsy ;)

art: I guess we do ... and nice to know at least three of us had that pair of pants! LOL

Chrissie said...

Jojo would have fit right in with my crowd in the surf club *L* I like his shorts and his hair! ;oP

Lucky for me by 1989 I was out of all that though *s* I was busy being a Mom lol

Now 1985... I was all about surfing and partying in Santa Cruz lol

DZER said...

chrissie: are you saying I wouldn't have fit in with the cool crowd? LOL

I sitll find it hard to believe you already were a mom by 1989 ... you're too young to be older than me! heh


murphy said...

k.. your new template fucked me up .. way to make me fight for the 'post a comment' link

see.. i had the acid wash jean jacket but i could not pull off the stance.. way to pose

DZER said...

murph: welcome back and yeah, sorry about that ... but I think the comments I lose here and there is worth the smooth new look ... LOL

and for a big man, I can totally rock the pose ... without seeming to be a poser ... LOL

terry said...

the hair... omigod, the hair...!!
dzer, that is too funny.

and no, i will not be posting any pics of my 80's bi-level cut... better known now as the mullet.

ell said...

oh, d, you are just TOO cool!!

Suze said...

Dzer, your hair there looks about as cool as my perm did.

I was a rock chick and the perm was regulation. LOL.

Strumpet said...


That B-boy stance is hot!

Looks good on you, brother.

It's so makes me forget all about them pants you're wearin'.

Just makes me wanna take them off.

Chrissie said...

LOL we werent the "cool" kids... we were the kids who didnt give a shit about labels lol *smooch* I never really had a clique i was one of those who could flit from group to group... so you woulda fit in juuuust fine... err as long as no one found out about the D&D LOL

D&D was evil ya know...

sassinak said...

i had an acid washed jacket and jeans
i prefer to forget the bad perm and the aviator sunglasses....

ahhh the eighties :)

DZER said...

terry: I wasn't always shaven-headed! LOL

ell: aren't I though? heh

suze: hmm ... I'm not sure if that was a compliment or not ... but I'd love to see you in your groupie get-up ... heh

strumpet: what's comes next? yo, bust a move (if you want it, baby I got it ... if you want it, baby I got it) ... just bust a move! LOL ... and pants? what pants?

chrissie: I also moved back and forth between all kinds of cliques; I was just THAT cool ... and I don't know nothin' about no D&D!!! (You're gonna get it, wench! lol)

sass: the painful memories associated with acid wash ... LOL ... and least I never got a perm! and the 80s rocked!!

allison said...

those are the best acid washed jeans i have ever seen.

DZER said...

allison: hey there stranger! good to "see" you again ... and thanks ... makes me wish I still had them LOL

kathi said...

You forgot attitude. You had attitude going for you babe, I can see it from Texas.

Shay said...

DZER!!! You are a crazy mofo!!
you look cute with your hair all silly and spiky like that.
but smoking = not cool you naughty boy!

DZER said...

shay: been a long time since I had the spiky look working ... and damn I miss cigarettes ...*sigh*