Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saturday, with the Deeze ...

Author’s note: Holy crap this is a long post! That sometimes happens with bored Saturday evenings. Enjoy!

Here’s a breakdown of DZER’s Saturday:

• 12:45 p.m.: Finally roll my lazy ass out of bed. Yeah, I went to sleep late, but I was actually up much earlier. I just went back to bed. Several times. Because, let’s face it, I’m a lazy fuck like that.

• 1:37 to 2:36 p.m.: Chat online with this super hot blonde chick who, it turns out, was very stoned. God, she's so smoking hot! I drool over her all the time. Can you blame me? Heh. Unfortunately, she ultimately ditches me to go watch “A Lot Like Love” and to eat some Cherry Garcia ice cream. Can you believe that shit? Well … I can. LOL ... Cherry Garcia is supposed to be some righteously delicious ice cream. If she would have ditched me solely for an Ashton Kutcher movie, then I would have been totally pissed! LOL ... But a stoner and her ice cream? A man understands that. Heh.

• 2:36 to 3 p.m.-ish: Fart around, getting ready to leave the apartment and getting dressed and flipping through TV channels. Wait. It gets better. Seriously. I promise. Don’t stop reading!! LOL

• 3 p.m. to 5:20 p.m.: Work. Should have gone much faster, but I waited for an Olympic official to call me back to try to get something in. Very productive time though.

• 5:20 to 6:30 p.m.: Drove around different parts of the island. At first I was going to get some food, but wasn’t really hungry. Then I was going to go to a store to get stuff for later, but decided to go check mail first, then just decided to go home, but on the way there I figured I’d use my new 5.2-megapixel camera to take some more Guam photos from a few different places so I could show off my island a bit more.

So I stopped by Fort Apugan, the remnants of a Spanish-era fort in Agana Heights, then through Maina up to Nimitz Hill to the Asan Bay Overlook, then down to this marina-type area, then finally home. And no, the photos aren’t up yet, but I will put at least some of them up over at DZER’s Guam Pics over the rest of the weekend. There ARE some newer photos up over there, so go take a look. Now! Go! Then come back here! I know, I know … some of you are like, “Screw you asshole! I’m not listening to you!” But some of you are like, “Oh, I like it when you’re forceful and demanding, DZER! *coo* I’m going right now, Big Boy.”

OK, probably none of you did that. So sad. I need to get laid!!

I originally planned to stay up really late and sleep in most of the day tomorrow, which is Sunday for me. There are many things I could do. I could have set up a tee time and gone out and smacked golf balls around. I could go to brunch with some friends and gorged myself on a vast spread of delightful foods, not to mention free champagne and/or beer/wine, for hours on end. I could go on a nature hike.


Sorry. Sometimes I just keeeeeeeeeel myself.

I could go to find that puppy everyone’s on my back to get. There were some ads in the paper for a few different cute, cheap mutts. Hmm.

I could finish up the cleaning, boxing, trashing of old crap in my apartment, so that when I end up moving, locally or otherwise, I’m better set to go. Acutally, going to do some of that tonight. Gonna sort through my books to see which I keep, which I try to sell (all the Dilberts and Calvin & Hobbes books, I think), and which I donate to the library or a school. I’ve already packed away some photos/frames. Need to also sort through my knickknacks and decide which little statues, candle holders and various brick-a-brack will stay and which will go, either sold or trashed.

Anyway, so what will I be doing Sunday?

Playing poker.

For free.

My landlord is staking me to a $300-some buy-in Texas Hold ‘Em tournament. If I lose, he loses his money. But he has faith in my ability. If I win, he gets his entry money back and we split the winnings. First place will probably be somewhere around $1,200 to $1,500, maybe a little more.

I’m soooo excited. Think I’m gonna play a little bit online to practice. LOL

• OK folks, first off, I’d like to welcome the newest addition to the DZERettes: Tara Tainton!! Everyone give her a nice, warm, welcoming spanking. I’ll get things started … ***SPANK!!!***


• You’ll also notice — well, maybe you won’t; who really does? LOL — some updates the sidebar. There are some new links to some bloggers. Also, find out the movies and DVDs I’ve watched recently. I don’t know why you would want to know what I’m watching, but hell, I’m willing to share it. You can also find out what I’m currently reading and the recent things that I’ve read. Again, not sure why/if you wanna know, but it’s there.

Hmm … perhaps I should start recording time and texture of bowel movements? LMAO … hooo … I keeeeeeeeeeel me! Nah. You guys don’t want to read THAT … do you? LOL

I will share that twice in the last week I have had instances of the perfect shit … the smooth passing of fecal matter that ends with the asswipe with no shit on it! Yep, the perfect amount to squeeze out, leaving no trace of befoulment behind.

Wow … that really WAS too much information, no? But I HAD to share it with someone, since it did happen twice over the span of several days! LOL

• As mentioned earlier, there are a few new pics up over at DZER’s Guam Pics. So, just in case you didn’t go look up higher, you have another chance! LOL

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• According to the Central Intelligence Agency, Guam has 977 kilometers worth of roads — 962 kilometers of it paved, 15 of it unpaved. For the non-metric friendly, that’s 607.1 miles of roadway — 597.8 paved and 9.3 unpaved.


Suze said...

Dzer, you just made me feel a little sick with your descriptive pooing.

On a lighter note, I can actually report that today is wonderful and really feels like Spring at last.

Hope you have a good game. ;)

DZER said...

suze ... that long, long post and all you got out of it was ill at my bowel movements and the poker game? LOL

Mike said...

You need a lil more focus in your a random post.

DZER said...

Mike: I did kinda go all over the place there, didn't I? LOL

Chrissie said...

It wasnt cherry garcia ya dork... its was cherries jubilee from baskin n robins! :oP
but thanks for all the compliments lol just keep the drool off me and we are fine.

I look forward to the pics, though most were taken from your truck i'm sure... still maybe SOMEday we will see pics taken from a stroll though the park is not a nature hike *spank* ass.

Puppy.. with your moving issue i doubt NOW is the time, but thanks for the attempt at teasing *anotherspank*

Good luck at poker... i'm not buddah but i'd let you rub my belly anyway.

Yes, it was too much info... of course that could just be my jealousy speaking, i wish I could shit a couple times a week... fucking iron. Im going to double my fiber this week n see what happens *L*

DZER said...

chrissie: hell ... I knew it was cherry something! and ALL the drool off you? not even a little bit on ya?

and hey!! I got OUT of the truck and walked around a few places, so there!! :P

what the hell is with all the spanking? can I get another? ;)

and only your belly? don't you think I might get more luck from rubbing ... other stuff? Hehehe

and I shit more than a couple times a week ... twice a day is a normality for me (at least) ... it's just that I don't usually get the PERFECT shit that often LOL

SignGurl said...

What goes in must come out, heh! I'm seriously grossed out by you mentioning your bowel habits, lol!

I wish you all the luck in the tournament. The most I've won is $100 in our little tourneys. Know when to hold 'em.....

ArtfulDodger said...

That actually sounded like a great day! I could use a day like that. And good luck with the poker game tomorrow, or today for you? Such a time difference. And maybe the poo thing was a little TMI, but hell it was soooo you really. :)

DZER said...

jenn: thanks, darlin' ... I think the wishes of luck helped a little bit :)

art: it was a pretty good day, as days go. and thanks ... good to know TMI is my style ... LOL

Snow White said...

Sounds like you had a good day. ;) Glad to read things are going well. I've still got a couple of posts left to read to get completely caught up, but I'm getting there. xoxox

PS. Thought you gave up Texas Hold 'Em for Lent? Or did you play on Sunday? A little lost in a sleepy haze here...

DZER said...

snow white: thanks hon ... it was pretty good ... and yes, I did give it up for Lent ... but I caved. Never said I was a GOOD Catholic! LOL

However ... I still am stripper free thus far ;)

Snow White said...

Technically, Sunday doesn't count in the days of Lent, so you're still in good shape! LOL

Shay said...

I *heart* your sidebar, maybe I should redo mine (again) wanna help?

DZER said...

awww ... yer so sweet

but the truth is I don't have the html skills to pull off something like my sidebar ... it came as part of this template's package ... heh