Tuesday, March 21, 2006

something from a little while back ...

in the woods

let my fervent eyes fall upon you
in the shimmering moonlight
dancing with reckless abandon
feeling only throbbing music
and Luna's gentle fingertips
upon your bare curvaceous form
let me drink in your movements
as I sit under towering shady elm
wrapping myself tight in shadows
as the wildness of the woods
makes you into enamoring sprite
enticing me from modern world

let us slip into Mother Nature's arms
make the stately woods our home
escape from our daily turmoils
under a canopy of sylvan greenery
playing in murmuring little brooks
and lounging in sweet-watered pools

we will make love in open meadows
decorated with myriad wildflowers
as a symphony of crickets serenade
complete with the aria of songbirds
and the hushed whisper of wind
soothing entwined, enflamed bodies

let me show you the wonders of the wild
the secret sheltered grotto hidden deep
with joyous little laughing waterfall
or the giant sprawling ancient oak
where we can climb among its branches
and absorb the wisdom of the eons

but for now come sit with me here
in the sweet carpeting grass so plush
and let me wrap my arms around you
pull your soft warmness close to me
here and now in the woods you and I
so that I can lock away this memory forever


SignGurl said...

OMG! Do me! No, really.....

I have thing for nature especially woods and fields of flowers.

I'm all woozy now. Going....to.....be....hard.....to....work!


SignGurl said...

Excuse my caveman like ways...should be, I have a thing for nature.

kathi said...

That was amazing. Truly.

DZER said...

signgurl: glad you liked it ... and I'll make a note about you and Mother Nature ;)

kathi: thank you, darlin' ...

Chrissie said...


DZER said...

awww ... *smoochie back*