Tuesday, March 28, 2006

a googlism for the DZER ...

Stolen from Velma (thanks doll! *smooch*)

Googlism.com will find out what Google.com thinks of you, your friends or anything! Search for your name here or for a good laugh check out some of the popular Googlisms below.

Googlism for: DZER
Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about dzer yet.


Googlism for: Duane
(a selection; not the complete list)

• Duane is the man. (Heh)
• Duane is president of the Duane corporation.
• Duane is the leader of the infamous U.S. Bombs.
• Duane is ecstatic.
• Duane is very happy to get fan mail. (Very true! Write me!)
• Duane is the ranking minority member on the committee on investigation.
• Duane is a real estate agent that is known in the community of Windsor for his dedicated client service.
• Duane is regarded by many as the top rock.
• Duane is going to divorce her. (What the hell? Who am I married to?)
• Duane is the president and founder of Baron Financial.
• Duane is a bright.
• Duane is in the forefront of utilizing object viewer technology.
• Duane is an outstanding runner. (LMAO)
• Duane is one of the country's best.
• Duane is a vegetarian. (This must be Duane’s evil clone!)
• Duane is a master gardener.
• Duane is a regular guest on regional television programs such as "Arklahoma Outdoors" and "Arkansas Outdoors.”
• Duane is the coach of the us youth fly fishing team & host of "Fly Fishing with Duane” on the sportsman's intractive magazine.
• Duane is available to give public presentations on the themes featured within this website.
• Duane is with a girl. (Duane wishes!!)
• Duane is the development officer for the department of mechanical engineering.
• Duane is remembered in history for its association with the Coast Guard and naval action in World War II.
• Duane is convinced that freedom in Christ means that he can do whatever he wants and god is obligated to forgive.
• Duane is an accomplished accordionist. (Polka, anyone?)
• Duane is a professional forester and has been a computer programmer and consultant for local small businesses since 1979.
• Duane is a powerful and energetic speaker and has shared his overwhelming knowledge on health.
• Duane is well acquainted with hostage crises.
• Duane is proud of his family. (Then why am I divorcing her?)
• Duane is tops. (Yay!)
• Duane is plant manager for the automotive and industrial electronics group for Motorola where he is responsible for seven production operations.
• Duane is saddled with a tired marriage; troubled children in various stages of pregnancy. (Is that why I’m divorcing her?)
• Duane is a lesbian. (True; but aren’t we all, to some degree? LOL)
• Duane is responsible for all sales and marketing of the Seahawks and its stadium along with an exhibition center, which includes television and radio.
• Duane is the proud father of four kids. (Not that I know of)
• Duane is the author of “Awakening Earth.”
• Duane is a former Barbershopper of the Year for the Winona Chapter and is the 1995 Land O’Lakes District barbershopper of the year. (Need a hair cut?)
• Duane is living what many Americans would call a dream life. (Only very poor Americans)
• Duane is bowling in another PBA regional event.
• Duane is also often seen performing for conventions of magicians. (Fuck you, it’s magic!)
• Duane is an internationally recognized expert in welded connection design.
• Duane is an asset to any band he performs with.
• Duane is also the author of “The Acorn Stories.”
• Duane is the boy next door. (Heh)
• Duane is the 1990 recipient of the Giants Award.
• Duane is currently working on Project Muse.
• Duane is getting quite good at feet and inches now. (Next up, meters and centimeters!)
• Duane is a graduate of Central Bible College in Springfield. (Amen)
• Duane is also deeply rooted as an advocate for the perpetuation and survival of the cultural arts within his native heritage.
• Duane is a rare breed of performer whose magic appears effortless. (Abracadabra!)
• Duane is one of Bermuda's premier entertainers.
• Duane is depressed. (Is that why I’m divorcing her?)
• Duane is deeply appreciative of the support and encouragement of those who enjoy his work.
• Duane is contacted by members of the press for expert background.
• Duane is a 6-foot, 4-inch 285-pound African-American wrestling superstar who hails from Atlanta. (I wish I was 285 pounds! LOL)
• Duane is supported and encouraged in his ministry by his lovely wife. (Wait! Aren’t I divorcing her?)


ArtfulDodger said...

Thanks Dzer, that is pretty cool! Can't post mine being anonymous and all, but I am happy to report that mine had ALOT of sexual goings-on in it, apparently I'am somewhere getting it on with many different women! Maybe I should stay away from that home cloning kit AAG made me buy?

DZER said...

arty ... well, you can always just do a search and replace the secret identity with "artful dodger" ...

... and I found it was amusing how many varied jobs I had, as well as the whole divorce thing ... I'm crushed! LOL

SignGurl said...

You must be exhausted what with all THAT activity!

DZER said...

signgurl: I couldn't tell you how I manage to get so much done!!

Strumpet said...

This was a super-fun post! I just may have to try this out.

It would be enlightening.

By the way,

I am so down with Polka...you have no idea.

\m/ Polka on.

yep, it's me.... said...

however if you spell it DEEZER:

deezer is a motivational speaker and counselor to recovering alcoholics
deezer is not going to bosnia
deezer is trusted
deezer is planning on an eventual bio update
deezer is a renaissance man
deezer is slow to respond to emails
deezer is mad cool
deezer is agter de koog op tessel verbryzeld
deezer is busy shouting incoherently at the sky
deezer is not entered in the current competition
deezer is a very cool rap artist


Madame X said...

I was most disturbed by Duane bowling in the next PBA tourney....Bowling-YIKES!!!!

terry said...

wow, i can't believe you've failed to tell us all of this before.
i feel miffed.

DZER said...

strumpet: feel free ... it was fun!! and polka yer heart out! LOL

velma: LOL ... nice to know I'm not going to Bosnia!

madame x: what's wrong with bowling? I like bowling!

terry: I'm usually VERY secretive ;)

Suze said...

What wife. I'm jealous. :(

You graduated Bible school in Springfield. Were you in Homer's class. LOL.

DZER said...

suze: don't worry ... didn't you read that I'm divorcing her? LOL

and me and Homer go back far ... doh!

mmm ... donuts ... ;)

Sunny Delight said...

Thinking maybe we can "weld" a couple things together ;) too funny!

DZER said...

sunny delight: sounds hot ... get it? hot! heh