Saturday, April 01, 2006

a bit of rambling ...

• It's freaking hot right now. I just go home about 20 minutes ago and it was hot in here. I cranked up the aircon and have the fan running, but it's still hot. Sweltering. Sultry. Gonna be awhile before things cool down enough. Fuck.

• I think I will take a nice, long, cold shower in a few minutes and just kind of stand there under the streaming cool water. Yes, that sounds good.

• Today was a good day. Work went smoothly. Had a decent lunch. Got the head shaved. Went to play in a poker tournament. Got bounced out late, didn't make the final table, but sat in on a cash game on another table and ended up winning back the money I paid for the tournament entrance fee. Plus I ate a few good sandwiches, drank several sodas and played poker for four hours and all it cost me was about $5. Sweet.

• On the way home I picked up three packs of microwaveable White Castle burgers. Oh man were they ever good. Not as good as sliders fresh of the grill, but very, very tasty. So I'm a bit tired and food groggy to boot ... and sticky warm. Ugh.

• I'm sooooo not in the mood/place to write the edits for the weekend right now, but I have to get them done before I go to sleep. Hopefully I'll feel a little more creative and jazzed after the shower, when I'm cooled down and not so bloated.

• I forgot to bring my camera with me today, which sucked because the sunset tonight was freaking amazing.

• I love having about $400 in cash just sitting in my pocket. It doesn't make me feel rich, exactly, but I do feel that I'm somewhat comfortable ... OK, not even that. What I feel like is that I could blow this cash and it won't affect my ability to pay bills and eat till payday. I love that feeling.

• I was going to post an elaborate hoax here on the blog, to get people all worked up and freaked out and then, when they went to the comment section, the big APRIL FOOL'S!! message would have been waiting for them. But I'm too tired, groggy and logy to expend that much effort.

• Or am I?

• One of my secret (not anymore) weaknesses is chewy SweeTarts. I fucking love the sour, tarty sweetness of them.

• That's alway how I like my women.

• I wish the women were as cheap and easy to come by as SweeTarts. Heh.

• I have to go get that shower now or I'll head over to the bed "just to rest my eyes for 30 minutes" only to end up waking up around 5:30 a.m. and then having to write in that condition. That would NOT be good. I've tried it before and it's just no good.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• At the tone, the time on Guam will be 1:40 a.m. ... beeeeeeeep


Snow White said...

Chewy SweetTarts rock! And ShockTarts, too. Hope you got your editing done before bed, and I hope you got cooled off. ;) My AC has been out in my classroom for 3 days, and my AC is out at home, so I'm HOT too, and not necessarily in a good way. Hot and cranky is the way I described myself to my classes all afternoon. I'm going out for a frozen margarita or six! Hasta la vista, Baby!

ArtfulDodger said...

Stay cool Dman! Love me some SweetTarts too! Why am I using explanation points? Do you ever find yourself using them at the end of almost every sentence in a comment? What's up with that? Wonder if there is a name for that? should be. How about "Emphasis Mania" or "Exclaim Syndrome"? Y'know, I don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

Stay frosty.

DZER said...

snow white: I got my stuff done, thanks ... and sorry to hear you're in sweltering situations too ... hope the margaritas were cold and delish!

art: we can never rule out the possibility that you are somewhat insane ... especially when you go from exclamation points to question marks galore! LOL

Snow White said...

The margaritas were better than delish! And definitely cold. And I have a new AC unit to boot! All is well with the world at the moment... but not if i wake up with a hangover! LOL xoxox

DZER said...

snow white: glad things turned out hunky-dory for you :)

ArtfulDodger said...

Question marks? Was I using question marks? At the end of every sentence? Help!

Strumpet said...

Dzer!! I am SO glad you picked yourself up some frozen sliders!!!

Chewy Sweet Tarts ROCK!!!!!

DZER said...

strumpet: the sliders were soooooo good. and word on the tarts ;)