Friday, March 17, 2006

t-shirts and crabs ...

I'm a T-shirt kinda guy. If I had my druthers (or anyone else's druthers ... anyone have druthers I can borrow? I'm fresh out of druthers), I would wear T-shirts pretty much any time I had to leave the house. To play golf (most require a collared shirt, like a Polo), to go to work (usually a Polo-type shirt or a sporty dress shirt or Aloha-type shirt), or pretty much anywhere else.

I've always liked T-shirts. You can really express yourself with a tee by wearing something with a cute, fun, or just cool saying. It can be big or small, irreverent or reverent, funny or sacriligious, intelligent or stupid. It can be just a word, a bunch of words, an image, an image with words. It can be blank and plain. Design on front or back. Or both. Your tee can be any color or combination of colors. Pocket or no pocket.

Some of my favorite ones are Big Daddy T-shirts. The Big Daddy logo on the front, fun and fresh sayings on the back: I'm your Big Daddy; Sugar Daddy; Big is beautiful; etc. I own a bunch of shirts from Big Daddy — somewhere around two dozen, I would guess. And no, I'm not going to go count them. Plus, some are in the hamper, some are folded, some are hanging on doors (worn for only a short time and thus ready to be worn again; washing unnecessary).

I was in Kmart the other day — OK, stop laughing. Kmart is the only real major retailer on Guam, and luckily so. When it came here prices fell all over the place. We have smaller stores, a couple of warehouse grocery stores, a Ross and some other outlet stores, etc., but Kmart is the one-stop place for most folks. You can usually find what you're looking for there. I was there to buy my new 5.2 megapixel camera (snazzy!) and went past the men's clothing department. Anyway, I saw a new design for a local T-shirt — presented to the right.

Cool, huh? 100% boonie dog. Heh. That's SO Guam.

And now for something completely different ...
Had one of those days at work that mostly just pass by. I got all my stuff done early, no major hitches on my edit, got some weekend stuff knocked out so my Saturday will be breezy (knock on wood). And had one of those nice, paid-for work lunches at a nice restaurant. Yes, I did have the New York steak with the amazing potatoes au gratin ... mmm.

And now for something else completely different ...
Have you ever seen that show about Alaskan crabbing fishermen? I caught it a few weekends back on the Discovery Channel. It's one of the most dangerous jobs in the world — people die with astonishing regularity there, every year.

I just went to the Web site. It's called "Deadliest Catch." New season coming March 28!!! Check it out!!

It's no wonder though ... cages of steel flying around, ropes galore, the stormy northern ocean, which is freezing. Man overboard can quickly mean dead man. It's just too cold for anyone to last for long if they're swept over. Very hard job. Physically demanding. Sometimes you're up for 24 or 36 hours straight.

It also can be incredibly lucrative. For a few days work, a crew member can make tens of thousands of dollars. The seasons are incredibly short. There's one for Alaskan king crab, another for a different type of crab, etc.

So why do I bring this up? Because I have this really cool little hat that makes me look like a sailor. Don't you think? Well, I probably should have some kind of shirt and heavy jacket on to complete the look.

I guess I'm the randy sailor on leave? LOL Heck ... I even come complete with the mermaid tattoo. Unlike the sailor from "Brandy," my life, my love and my lady is NOT the sea. Any ladies wanna stop by the port where I'm staying to help me enjoy my liberty?

Wow ... that was crass, cheesy and just plain bad! LOL

Still ... any takers? ;)

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• One of the delicacies of Guam is the coconut crab, or ayuyu. They are bad-ass crabs; those powerful front claws can rip their way into a coconut — husks, shell and all — to get to the sweet white meat. They can easily cut their way through flesh and bone if you try to pick them up wrong — there is only one place to pick them up right and if you don't ... ouch! They also taste awesome ... but they have been overharvested, with people taking ayuyu that are too small and too young.


sassinak said...

man that crab is freaky looking!

thanks for posting it, i hadn't realised there were land crabs

SignGurl said...

Oh, you look like a randy sailor alright! Can you sail on over to the mainland?

kathi said...

You're sooo funny, full grown and still playing dress up. Gotta love it.
I do love crab, early and now I'm hungry.
No Walmarts on Guam? Hmmmmmmm, we don't have Kmarts here anymore, but I do remember seeing them. They're like a Walmart, yes?

Mike said...

Every time I see a k-mart I think of the movie Rain Man.

I'll bet you're just 'randy' all the time....hat or no

DZER said...

sass: those crabs are bad-ass ... and freaky looking ... LOL ... and there are a few species of land crab ... another cool thing about these is that their other legs look like the parts of the coconut tree that holds the coconuts, so they blend into the top parts pretty well.

signgurl: that's me, matey ... arrrrrr! LOL ... hmm ... it's a bit of a trip; I'll let you know if I get over that way ;)

kathi: dress up? just cuz I have some cool hats and like to show them off? LOL ... and yes, Kmart is the progenitor of Wal-Mart ... same kind of store, same concept :)

Mike: Definitely ... definitely a randy sailor. I'm a good driver. I'm a very good driver.


Madame X said...

Dude, I'm totally flashin on McHale's navy...didn't Gavin Mcleod's character wear a hat like that?

Chrissie said...

LOL nice hat...

I want one o'them shirts... and umm just so you know i did have to throw away my big daddy one :(

That crab is awesome! Makes me hungry... and the fisherman thing.. there was this one guy I went out with a few years ago... he now works for Ca fish n game but he used to do that every year... he would be gone a month and come home with a briefcase full of cash. lol I wish I could do something that lasted a month and made me over 100k a year! That would be the only month i worked!

DZER said...

madame x: hmmm ... that's an OLD show ... heh ... but thanks ... I think ... being compared to Gavin McLeod? hmm ... LOL

chrissie: thanks ... and hmm ... I take it to mean that you need shirts ... and I need spaghetti sauce ... LOL *ducks*

and the crab is awesome ... you have to taste this stuff ... it's amazing tasting when cooked right.

and no shit on the tons of money in one month! that would rock!

Strumpet said...

Had to look up both 'druthers' and 'boonie dogs.'

Boonie dogs sound pretty fucking disgusting if you ask me, so that shirt must be some sort of Guam humour.

I, too, am a fan of the t-shirt. I have hundreds. And I wear them pretty much everyday.



Sailor hats and memaid tatts....a good combination, Dzer.

Playing dress-up is fun! I hope I never stop. Dress-up leads to roleplay...and that's pretty fun too.

Hubris said...

The hat suits you, Dzer, but do really need it at your global latitude? I'd do the alaskan job thingy for that kind of coin but I like my safety. Tough call eh? And what's the deal with the dress code on the golf courses? Are they that posh?

Suze said...

Crabs, someone mention crabs. Not me. LOL.

Dzer you ought to do your HNT wearing the hat and a pair of waders. Kinky eh? ;)

Snow White said...

I think the hat is sexy. You can sail my ship anytime! I also think it's ironic that in a post about loving t-shirts you are shirtless! LOL xoxox

DZER said...

strumpet: dress up can be very fun ... so .. whatcha wearing? ;)

hedonist: thanks ... and that kind of hat may not be necessary at my latitude, but it's cool, so why not? LOL

suze: I'm not sure they make waders that big, but I'll keep an eye out ... ;)

snow white: aw thanks darlin' ... and I'm all about irony ... LOL

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

DZER...I have your druthers. I will return them, if you'd like.

I really have no need for your druthers anymore.


DZER said...

AAG: you wench!! what have you done to my poor druthers? got what you wanted from them, and now you're casting them to the curb? for shame!


steff81 said...

T-shirts are those perfect articles of clothing that will never go out of style. And speaking of sayings (if you're into hunting something other than randy dock whores) someone in my family owns a shirt that says "Plants aren't food. Plants are what food eats." Not sure if that was appropriate or not, but there it is anyway. The Discovery Channel is so neat...lots of stuff I didn't know out there!

DZER said...

steff81: anti-vegatarianism shirts are always appropriate! LOL ... I totally agree with that shirt!!

and the discovery channel does rock ... especially when there's nothing else on.

oh ... and welcome to the diatribe! :)