Monday, April 17, 2006

another bulleted list of travails and woes ...

I think my godson took this picture of me after I'd had a few alcoholic beverages ... why else would I have such a beatific smile upon my mug considering all the sickness and pain I've been dealing with since Friday? LOL ... the little guy is good at taking pictures ... he lined up all his plastic guns, one at a time, and took photos of that ... LOL

Update on the tidings of woe and despair:

• The flu/sinus infection thing isn't as bad as it was over the weekend ... but my head's still cloudy.

• I am experiencing a very bad case of 'roid rage. Don't inquire further. Please. I beg of you.

• I tweaked my neck after just 15 minutes at work, and it's been achey and hurting in that dull ache kind of way — until I turn or lift my head, then it becomes short, stabbing, shooting pains.

• I paid off last year's taxes, including $130 in penalties and interests. Ugh. But I did manage to file the extension for THIS year. Whew!!

• I still owe taxes for this year and gotta pay 'em sometime. Bleah.

• Wrote checks for rent, power and water. The bank account is feeling a bit light, and will until NEXT Friday. No poker, no paid-for golf, no extraneous expenses — like the $5 coffees — this week.

• My No. 2's last day before vacation was today. Next two weeks = hell on Earth.

• Got to go home early today because I wasn't feeling well. Small thing, but nice.

• Both my bosses are back, which is actually refreshing.

• I bought those Country Crock side dishes and tried out the garlic mashed potatoes for dinner tonight — it rocked!! I can't wait to try out the mac and cheese.

My Favorite Person has ordered me an online game, Neverwinter Nights, the second such game she's bestowed upon me. The last one resurrected my gaming addiction, and this one is sure to add to it a bit. But in a good way. Heh.

• I just finished watching "The Wedding Singer." Fun movie. :)

Bleah. Back to reality.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Two major Guam rock formations are named after animals — Bear Rock, in Inarajan, and Camel Rock, which sits offshore in Asan.


grainne said...

Glad to read you are starting to feel better...I bet if you had GONE to the dr instead of just blogging about it, you would feel much better ! Okay enough of the digs ~w~ about your habitual procrastinating.

Question - why is it Guam has statues of panthers, bear rock and camel rock when none of these animals lived / lives there? Is the Belvedere related to the Belvedere in NYC? So with Lent being $5 coffees also means you have to wait another week for the strip clubs?

As for the they really make games for macs?? Can you play online with pc gamers or are you stuck only socializing with other mac users? You do know that pc's are not the's microcrap that is the problem!

DZER said...

Maybe I should see a blogdoctor? heh

LeoPalace has statues of leopards because their logo is the leopard. And the rock formations were named by white people who'd seen camels and bears :P

and yes ... strip club is on hold

and mac daddies can play some games online with pc players ... and the new macs are powered by pentium ... sure sign on the apocalypes is the fact that the new Macs can run Windows XP ... yipe

crscntmoon said...

this might make you feel better, Dzer....
What do Eskimos get when they sit on the ice too long?

DZER said...

crscntmoon: ooooh ... that pun was so bad it was good! Can I have some eskimo? heh

Chrissie said...

tmi there lol *face*
happy your head feels better sorry your neck and ass dont... that Dr. thing might not be a bad idea but i'm prolly not a good one to push that lol

and your welcome lol

DZER said...

you make the cutest *face* ... heh

and yeah ... I should probably try to get in there sometime this week and get some antibiotics or something ...

and thanks again! *big all-over smooches*

Madame X said...

D...was I hallucinating or was there a post on Poker that only Murphy seemed to understand?

Natalia said...

Awwww sowwy about the bad stuff...It's been an odd month in that sense... you take the good with the bad and that's a much as anyone can do, darling... sending you loads of hugs.


murphy said...

pull your shit together.. jeezus man!!!

try "Wedding Crashers" also.. I swear I'm Vince Vaughn's lost brother

da buttah said...

murph..if you are vince vaughns lost brother, we're getting married. sorry, just how it goes

Dzer: did you know that there is such a thing as plastic wrap rage? it's the rage you experience when you try to open that shit that is beyond sealed in plastic. who knew?! i know about roid daddy likes to bitch about it all the time.

he even yelled at his doctor to just cut them all out. gotta love my dad....

kathi said...

Glad the head is better, sorry about the neck, LOL...sounds insincere, but it's not, I promise!!

Yeah, we've gone through a bit of things around here and the ole' bank account has lost a bit of weight. But, it's all good.

Wedding Singer was cute, but Murphs right, Wedding Crashers is great! Can't believe you've not seen it. DO!!

ArtfulDodger said...

Some good and some bad, but at least you have your health... oh, sorry. :)

terry said...

that's a hilarious look on your face. so very, very pleased.

belies how you're really feeling, eh?

and goodness, i managed to tweak my neck again too! what's up with that?

feel better...

SignGurl said...

So, were those steROIDS, or hemorRIODS? Just curious.

The pics are adorable. I think they show the real you. I like them.

JMai said...

That is the cutest picture of you that I've seen yet. The 2d one is good too but that first one... you look like you're posing for your 2d grade picture.

Too cute!

I won't ask about the roids. And I won't listen if you try to tell me.


DZER said...

madame x: I can neither confirm nor deny what you may or may not have seen ;)

natalia: thanks, darlin' ... appreciated :)

murphy: I would if I could ... and that movie was pretty funny!

buttah: plastic wrap rage? LOL ... and mine aren't so bad that they need to be cut out ... yet ... ouch

kathi: of COURSE I believe you ... and I saw Wedding Crashers in the theater, thank you very much! *pinch*

art: low blow! hmmm .... wonder if that's a euphemism for midget oral sex ... heh

terry: I think I was mugging for the godson ... and my neck STILL hurts ...bleah

signgurl: I told ya not to ask! LOL ... and that isn't the real me ... that's the disconnected with reality me ;)

jmai: I wasn't close to that cute in 2nd grade! LOL .. and I wouldn't tell you if you asked!

Strumpet said...

I hope you had a fabulous Easter.

Your Godson takes the GREATEST pics!! Budding talent, if I do say so myself.

And you look great in them and very happy.

Hope you're feeling better.

DZER said...

strumpet: thanks, darlin' ... and ain't that boy a regular Ansel Adams? heh

... and don't get me started! LOL

SignGurl said... I want Country Crock mashed potatoes for breakfast.

Kristen said...

Hope you're feeling better

DZER said...

signgurl: they were GOOD ... and I tried the garlic mashed, not the regular mashed. Still have the mac and cheese in the fridge!

kristen: thanks darlin' ... sorry to hear about your travails ... you need someone gutted and skinned, you give me a call ;)