Thursday, April 20, 2006

dude ... it's like ... awesome ... heh

On Guam, there are several stretches of road that are popular for roadsive "waves" and rallies. It all started with political campaigns. Candidates and their supporters stand alongside a heavily traveled roadway, holding signs and banners, and wave to passing motorists. It's actually a very effective campaign strategy here on Guam, where it's small and everyone knows everyone — or, at least, knows someone who knows someone else.

Then others picked up on it. There are roadside waves to promote environmentalism and recycling, or to let people know about the dangers of cancer or some other disease — pretty much just as a way to get information or spread awareness about something to the public.

Sometimes, it's religious zealots out "spreading the word" with megaphones and clapping and crap.

This is what I saw yesterday while out on an afternoon break — three young kids out with signs to promote the legalization of pot. LOL ... Luckily, I had my camera handy to share this with you. Unfortunately, I didn't have the window all the way down and I was moving and the sun was behind them, but it's not a bad photo considering all that. Hope it gives you guys a kick, like it did for me. :)

And now for something completely different:
• I think a really good idea for a restaurant would be something called "Cafeteria." It would be like a school cafeteria, but better food and a little more of a selection, but still relatively cheap. Oh, and it should have hot, sexy lunch ladies.

Sometimes I just want some cafeteria-style food. Maybe my memories are just wishful, but there were some dishes that were sooooo good. I loved spaghetti day. And chili con carne day — I didn't like chili con carne, but I liked the ice-cream cup. And burger day was always a good day.

• What I really want is a restaurant that cooks food that my mom and dad would cook. It's really hard to find eateries that offer plain, homestyle food sometimes. They always want to jazz it up. There's this place I love near where I work, but it's only open in the morning and afternoon — it closes around 3 p.m. So if I'm craving that cuisine for dinner, I'm shit outta luck.

• One of the best feelings in the world is waking up and looking at your alarm clock and knowing you still have a couple of hours before you really have to get up, then snuggling back into the covers and dozing off.

• I have two $2 bills. I've had them since the 1970s. I wish I had more — I really like $2 bills.

• I haven't played poker now for more than a week. I've passed up three different opportunities to play cards. It really sucks when you have enough money to get through to the next payday, but not enough to be able to afford throwing any of it away in card games. It really sucks not having discretionary income.

• There are new sunset pictures — complete with a Shakespeare sonnett (a little something for you, ell) up over at DZER's Guam Pics

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• One of Guam's main industries, back before World War II, was the producation of copra. The island boasted several coconut plantations. The Chamorro word for coconut is "niyok."


Kristen said...

Just checking in with you!!!

Morning or afternoon.......I get confused on the time thing

ArtfulDodger said...

Was there ever sucha thing as a sexy lunch lady?! :) Hope you are feeling better today.

And dude, the "sarong" joke was just awful, but I'm still smiling over it! Good one.

SignGurl said...

I'm the sexy lunch lady, ha!

I love that homestyle cuisine. I often have it at a diner near where I work. They serve homemade mac & cheese, goulash, baked spaghetti, chicken & dumplings, etc. I love it!

If you make it to Michigan, I'm so going to cook you a home cooked meal. It's my specialty.

DZER said...

kristen: thanks darlin' ... your morning time = my late evening, VERY early a.m :)

art: I've never seen a sexy lunch lady ... but the outfit can work with the right woman! LOL

and thanks ... that's the measure of a truly good pun ;)

signgurl: sounds like my kinda diner ... and if I ever am in Michigan, I will take you up on that offer!! *smooch*

Snow White said...

I volunteer to be a sexy lunch lady! I've always wanted to be sexy. ;) xoxox

Bill Jones, Jr said...

Umm, it looks like the girl with the sign has had more than enough marijuana. Now, they need to legalize getting her GED. On the other hand, she's cute, so who cares?

DZER said...

snow white: do you have a hair net, sexy lady? heh

sable: LOL ... they did look kinda stoned out there ... and got a lot of sympathetic honks!!

crscntmoon said...

quick Dzer....
I lucked into a last minute trip to Vegas. I leave tomorrow evening. What do I absolutely need to know to play poker while I'm there? I don't wanna feel like an absolute newbie.Help?!

DZER said...

crscntmoon: I don't think I can give you the breakdown over the comments section! LOL

1. Learn the hand rankings.
2. Bet the pocket pairs and the Ace-King when you get them.
3. Go with your gut instinct. Don't let someone bluff you out when you're pretty sure you have them beat.

Good luck, darlin'!!

oh ... and the resident poker hounds love eating tourists with cash for snacks ... LOL

Strumpet said...

Happy 4/20 Day, Deezy!!!

That's what the kids were out there for!

It's like the Stoner Holiday.

It's great.

Put me on the Sexy Lunch Lady list too.

I can really make placing a hot dog into a bun look wicked hot.

With that on display....your prices won't have to be reasonable.

They'll be linin' up round the block.

Best ten dollah hot dog in town.

kathi said...

There was a time that I didn't care what the cause, I just loved protesting. Well, I still love protesting, lol, but now I care what the cause is. Maturity? Nah, I just have less time. :)

Madame X said...

Hey D!

Ell's away but I'll let her know that she has to check the Guam pics!

Kisses Big Guy!

DZER said...

strumpet: thanks for that visual ... in lunch lady land ;)

kathi: I want to organize a protest against protesters ... but it would defeat the purpose ;)

madame x: thanks, doll! *smooches yer booches*

crscntmoon said...

'nough said...I'll just watch.

murphy said...

Moon ya pansy get in there and play! jeezus.. so much for this new 'tough corporate image'

DZ - roadside protesters are a good time.. honk and swerve towards them next time.. always makes for a good photo when you scare the shit outta a stoner.

DZER said...

crscntmoon: LOL ... good luck one way or the other!

murphy: and risk my lovely 12-year old beat-up truck? LOL

terry said...

call me crazy (because i am) but i used to LOVE the pizza they served in the school cafeteria. LOVED it.

DZER said...

terry: yes!!! cafeteria pizza, for whatever reason, was killer!!

terry said...

something about the cheese... i don't know what it was, but it seemed to be all about the cheese!

and it still is.

DZER said...

terry: mmm ... cheese

Chrissie said...

my fav was always the mashed taters with meat gravy stuff and green beans lol... i make that for dinner sometimes :D

DZER said...

mmmm ... mashed taters and gravy ... me's hungry!

Chrissie said...

oh and i'd say sign me up to be a lunch lady but I wouldnt get to sit on my ass behind a compter doing that sooo... need an bookie? lol For you... cheap! 20 bucks an hour :D

DZER said...

aww ... would you at least dress up like a lunchlady for me? heh