Tuesday, April 25, 2006

the return of the bitching, whiny complaints ...

I feel like shit today.

Not sick, really. I think it's more of a mental funk with psychosomatic repercussions.

Fucking bleah™.

I came home for lunch — need to stretch out the budget till Friday. Again, not broke, just near it. Lucky I don't have credit cards anymore, because I'm sure I would have used them extensively over the weekend and into the week. Hell, I'm surprised I haven't touched the $500 I have in my barely month-old savings account. Feel the discipline, baby!

I have to go back into the office in about 30 minutes ... and I so don't want to. I just want to lay down and sleep for another five to eight hours.

I think I will go lay down. Can't doze, but I can at least rest for the next half hour or so.


ArtfulDodger said...

maybe you have Country Crockitis or something... or an adversion to living in freakin paradise!! we start to worry, seems like you haven't been feeling good a lot lately.

DZER said...

art: yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a brain tumor or something like that ... but hell, we all gotta die sometime — might as well do it slowly with great aggravation, irritation and discomfort, no?

Strumpet said...


I totally feel your pain.

I'm going through some sort of similar weirdness, right now.

It blows.

But, you know, we're only human and shit happens.

Ahhhh, well.

I must say congrats on not touching your savings in times of need....I couldn't do it.

That is something to be damned Proud of, dude.

Enjoy the rest of your day at work!

And enjoy your nap too, luv!

Kristen said...

Good for you for not touching the money or starting credit cards....*cheers*

Take a nap babe and hope you wake up perkier

Madame X said...

FYI you can make Kraft Mac N Cheese with water...just in case your budget really runs out.

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Dry beans.

Boil the hell outta them, hit em with tabasco, salt and pepper, you've got days of good eatin' for something like $0.75.

Hardly gourmet, but hey.


Natalia said...

Feel the discipline indeed...I love the way you put it. I am proud of you D! It takes hard work not to spend. But a savings account is a nice thing to have.

I hope you feel better...I hate the funks that make you physically ill as well...suckage maximus.

Loads of hugs and kisses.


DZER said...

kristen: thanks darlin' ... but I'm NEVER perky ;)

madame x: never been THAT broke, but thanks!

AAG: It's not like the cupboards are bare ... and I fucking hate ... H-A-T-fucking-E ... hate beans! Thanks, but bleah!

natalia: thanks darlin' ... and the pain and misery continue ;)