Sunday, May 28, 2006

Poker? I didn't even touch her ...

Some people have lists of things they want to do before they die. Some are grandiose, and probably unrealistic. Others are simple and relatively easy to accomplish. They may want to skydive. Or visit Tibet. Maybe hike the Grand Canyon. Or have a three-way. Whatever.

Some of these people actually have a physical list. They keep it somewhere and check off each of the things on the list as they are accomplished.

I have a list, kind of; it changes from time to time. It's not written down anywhere, although, as you can probably tell by the gist of this post, it soon will be ... or, at least the current, flexible quasi-list.

• I want to play poker professionally. Yep, no real job other than cards. Obviously, I want to be good at it, or it won't last long. Morever though, I really want to play in the main event's World Series of Poker and make the final table. I've been watching reruns of previous World Series of Poker on ESPN Classic this last week; I suppose that's fueled the fire of this dream a bit more. Also, a guy from here I used to play poker with on a regular basis was a top qualifier in an online tournament, which resulted in him being flown from his current home, in Hawaii, to the Bahamas for a $1-million-to-the-winner poker tournament. He won that, which not only made him rich, but the company that hosted the tournament is buying his spot in the World Series of Poker ($10,000 buy-in). I wish him luck, and hope to see him on TV, even if he doesn't win it, but I wish even more I was in it instead of him. LOL

• I want to write the next great American novel. Actually, I'd settle for just getting off my lazy ass to write A novel. Maybe a high fantasy book; I've had a basic plot and character development for a while ... I just need to fine-tune things and get to writing. Or maybe even a tawdry semi-porn romance novel.

• I'd love to be a feature columnist, syndicated in hundreds of newspapers.

• I'd like to lose a lot more weight and get much more fit and healthy. Work in progress.

• I want to smoke again. OK ... this is probably never going to happen, but maybe if I get healthy and fit enough? LOL

• I would like to get married someday. I'm one of the few of my friends who have never been married and/or divorced. Who knows? Maybe I'll be able to join the club sometime ... either club, though to join the latter, I need to join the former first.

• I'd like to try my hand (mouth?) at stand-up comedy ... just to see if I'm really as funny as I think I am.

• I want to hit a huge lottery jackpot. Actually, I'll settle for a somewhat small lottery jackpot (even JUST $2 million or so). I want to be able to not have to work, even if it's just for a few years.

• I want to hit a hole-in-one. Just once. Well, more than once, but I'll settle for the one time. ;)

Not too bad of a list, I think. Some are very doable. Some are far-fetched. But that's how any dream list of accomplishments should be, I think.

Oh ... and this doesn't list ALL of the things on my list ... though it's a good portion of them. Because some dreams shouldn't be voice, or written, lest they never come true ...

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• In October, a team of Japanese and U.S. researchers got an unmanned probe got within several feet of -- with videotape to prove it -- a violent underwater eruption in the Pacific Ocean ... just about 60 miles north of Guam.


Madame X said...

Not a bad list at all Big D!
We are all works in progress and I for one hope that I never reach...completion.
How boring that must be to believe that you have completed yourself.

Hmmm...why do you want to write fiction?
I bet your real life is far more interesting.

SignGurl said...

*applause* awesome list. This reminds me that I need some goals.

DZER said...

madame x: my life is boring as all hell, darlin' ... LOL

signgurl: thanks darlin' ... and you have one or three, I'm sure ;)

ArtfulDodger said...

I think this is a very doable list and a good one. As for fiction you should combine all the things you know and love into your work, set it in Guam, include the natives, the world, the island, you know it so well. Lately I've been doing some research into self-publishing, the world is changing so fast, there are many more opportunities out there now than ever before.
Check out these:

Everything Nice said...

This is an awesome post D, I think you could definitely cross one or two if NOT three off of here :)

and you know, I would totally lose to you in poker.... tittie fuck?

Suze said...

Dzer, most of your list is achievable. You missed the "I would like to visit Suze in the England one day" entry.

I don't keep lists, it adds pressure and can fuel disappointment. If you take it as a rough guide I suppose that's ok.

You will marry one day, there is someone for everyone out there. I truly believe that. ;)

Vixxxen said...

Great list, and if you write a novel and it gets published please be sure to leave us details where to buy it. :)


Spirit said...

Great list dzer ...all things doable.
Mine is a work in progress ...always changing.

Grace said...

You're list is entirely do-able! I'd have way too many items on my list... won't ever bother writing them down.

DZER said...

dodger: way ahead of you on the Guam setting ... we'll see if I can ever start and finish it LOL

EN: thanks darlin', I'm hoping so myself ... and ... ummm .... yes please! ;)

suze: well, I said I didn't put EVERYTHING on the list ... of course I'd love to stop by England sometime and say hello :)

vixxxen: thanks, darlin' ... and being the shameless self-promoter I am, of course everyone in blogland will know! LOL

spirit: thanks, man ... and so is my list; this is the current incarnation.

grace: I love being doable! and you're so much younger than me ... of course you have a longer list LOL

ArtfulDodger said...

If you ever want any help along the way, just let me know. :)

ell said...

good luck with the list, d. it's good to get it down on paper, like it's your first step in achieving it.

Pyrhonik said...

Cool site. Some very neat ideas you have here.

Poker and golf are two endeavours that I strive at also. They are equally frustrating and expensive.

Yuk-yuks across the continent has amateur night for those bold and shameless it! For me it was terrifying and exhilarating. I lasted 8 minutes and change. I don't remember anything but my heartbeat in my ears and a table of gorgeous women I focussed on!