Friday, June 02, 2006

just a bit of a ramble ...

On Thursday, we had a day that was mostly rainy. It was cool and overcast for most of the day, and we got that nice tropical rainfall -- mostly nonstop, but never really too hard.

It was nice in that we've been subject to mostly dry, super-sunny, hot-as-hell days for a long time. I know, some complaint to have, huh?

It's a harbinger of the months to come though. In about a month, Guam enters rainy season, which runs from July through December. During that time, we usually get a LOT of rain -- there will be many more days like Thursday ahead. That time period is also Typhoon Season, the time of the year in which we are more likely to get typhoons (hurricanes for those of you on the other side of the world). I'm not looking forward to any of those; we've been spared from that kind of nasty weather in recent years (KNOCK ON FUCKING WOOD!).

But I think many of us are looking forward to more rainy, cool and chilly days.

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I hate it when people use a common phrase and mangle it. It drives me up the wall, especially when you expect that person -- because of their job or their education -- to know better. My Favorite Person would probably call some of the instances me be snobby, but I can't help it, most of the times.

I recently heard a professional sportscaster say that someone had exhibited "kinks in the armor." Ouch. The proper phrase is "chinks in the armor."

I had a few more examples written down somewhere on my desk to use for this part of the post, but the desk is currently in a state of disarray and overall mess, which I need to rectify this weekend. More annoying phrases soon, I'm sure. And yes, I realize there's it's very geeky, anal-retentive thing to do to keep such a list. :P

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Many women in Guam back around when the Spanish came were actually blondes. They used natural means to dye it blondish white. Must have been a striking look — long, lean brown beauties with starkly contrasting hair.


Mankind said...

While I completely agree, the words of Mrs Mankind ring in my ever hollowing head. "He's human, he fucked up, let it go already." I mean we're talking about phrases we have all heard throughout our life. If you're going to throw out an oldie (but a goodie) at least get it right. Alas, we are all just a part of mankind and are inherently bound to fuck it up. Dear Dzer, we must let it go.

DZER said...

mankind: it's hard for those with anal-retentive tendencies to let anything go ... LOL

Suze said...

Dzer, I have to agree it irritates the hell out of me when people use pacific instead of specific. Ahhhhhh! :D

crscntmoon said...

my personal fav is "I could care less" instead of "I couldn't care less." Picky and anal-retentive? Moi? No way!

crscntmoon said...

oh, and I forgot "irregardless"

crscntmoon said...

oh yeah.....

crscntmoon said...

somehow that posted even though I got an error message

terry said...

"i could care less" is one that makes me crazy, too!

supposably...instead of supposedly.. is another...

jeez, the list is long really...

Grace said...

What drives me nuts is people who mess up with their homonyms:
- you're, your
- whose, who's
- two, too, to
- then, than
- etc...
And yes, I happen to mess up with them myself every once in a while, but if I notice my mistake... urgh, I literally want to kill myself.

ell said...

nuc-u-lar instead of nuc-le-ar.

that has always driven me nuts! not that it takes much.

Madame X said...

PART for the course!!
Drives me crazy.

BUTT naked!!!

It's BUCK naked
and I know that it's politcally incorrect but still!!!

You KNOW that I suck at spelling and my grammer leaves much to be desired but I HATE the disappearance of ADVERBS!!!!

Drives me up the wall!