Thursday, June 01, 2006

new duds for the DZER ...

I went shopping for clothes the other day. There were two reasons behind this:

1. I needed some more clothing that fits me better. As faithful Diatribe readers (all 7.5 of you) know, the DZER has lost some weight over the past year and change. I'm down a full two pants sizes, necessitating me to put a couple more holes into my belt in order to keep up suddenly loose pants.

2. I need to do laundry ... and now I don't have to for a few more days. Yes, folks, it's true -- I'm THAT fucking lazy! LOL

Here are some shirts I bought at Kmart, perfect for both the office and the golf course. The shirts, also, are two sizes smaller than what I was wearing a year and change ago.
Now I've never really had problems getting shirts on island; there are a few stores that offer larger sizes. Pants, on the other hand, have always been a problem -- no place sold pants in my size (yes, THAT big).

But now that I'm svelte -- well, as svelte as, says, a major appliance can be LOL -- I have some more options. Here are the new pants.
From left, business-casual black slacks, business-casual tan slacks, and deep indigo-blue jeans.

The shirts were on sale — normally $17.99, I got them for $12 each. Yay!

The pants were not on sale, and big men's clothes are usually NOT cheap. Black slacks, $44.95. Tan slacks, $49.95. Jeans, $49.95.

Total for mini shopping spree: $180.85.

Also not too bad. I used to order most of my clothing from online, usually Sears Big & Tall. I'd usually just place one big order a year, unless there was a sale, which usually meant at least $700, and all of it charged. Which helped lead to my whopping personal debt. These days, I'm a strictly cash man.

If you made it through this boring-ass post ... good for you! You've earned 5 DZER points!

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Ancient Chamorros didn't wear pants. Or shirts.


Kristen said...

Congrats on the clothes.......losing weight is a hard thing to do and you're doing it!!!

I like the clothes and more importantly.........

I love your HNT from yesterday

DZER said...

kristen: aw, thanks dollface ... and I love that HNT too ... thinking about making it my profile pic! LOL

Madame X said...

I too shopped at the Big K yesterday!

i got two new t's.

One says,

Kiss my Boo Boo
it has a picture of Boo Boo Bear

and the other says,

I *heart* Ding Dongs!

Gotta love the Big K!

It's where the finer White Trash shops!!!


Wenchy said...

.............. and where do I get to spend my DZER points??

DZER said...

madame x: what a co-inky-dink!! and I knew you *hearted* the ding dongs!

wenchy: save them up! there will be a super raffle in which only DZER points can be used!

Mankind said...

Out of curiosity, what keeps a man of such DZERness on the little island of Guam?
Kudos on the clothes and good luck with the weight loss. Its not easy and its damn sure not cheap.

DZER said...

mankind: It's been my home for most of my life ... I'm half native ... and thanks mucho ... and it's certainly not cheap!!

Chrissie said...

Yaaaay for you! Nice duds!

i'm soo happy your losing weight Babe... wont be long until your feelin good n healthy *smooch*

DZER said...

chrissie: maybe later I'll model them for you ;) ... LOL

and you know that you can take a large part of the credit for that *smooch*

hasarder said...

5 DZER points to me!

Is it true that Guam has the biggest Kmart in the world?

I read that somewhere.

DZER said...

hasarder: don't spend them all in one place!

and yes ... it's true ... or, at least it was when it was first built ... it's a monster of a store with its warehouse built in (under and back, actually) ... can't truck in merchandise like you can in the states LOL

hasarder said...

I never could understand why they'd need the biggest one in the world on a little island. Or maybe Guam's not that little... how many people live there?

Spirit said...

Great post ...not boring at all ....mind you I have no life and live in Canada

kathi said...

First, gorgeous pic.
I'm so proud of you on the weight loss, good for you darlin'!
Glad you got some new clothes, I so hate shopping for clothes, but love having new ones.

snavy said...

LOL - I just came home from K-Mart. Bought a new phone and 2 pairs of regular headphones to make into 1 pair extra long headphones.

Great on the having to buy smaller clothes. What a good feeling that is.

ell said...

nice duds, d. nothing like buying new clothes when your old stuff is too BIG!

what a feeling!

terry said...

nicely done! i love having new clothes.

i especially love getting them in smaller sizes.

nice work!

ArtfulDodger said...

I guess we have to get used to less and less Dzer these days... which is a good thing! Although I have to admit I am shocked that you have a shopping post on a dude site, are we going to have to have an entervention or what?

DZER said...

hasarder: a little less than 160,000 ... but a lot of tourists (Guam gets more than 1 million a year) go there too :)

spirit: are you saying it's easy to amuse Canadians? LOL

kathi: thanks and thanks hon ... and I don't technically shop ... I go to a store and buy ... not much browsing, store-to-store comparisons, etc. LOL

snavyln: Kmart shoppers of the world unite! and it's a great feeling :)

ell: it's a nice problem to have, for once ... LOL

terry: thanks hon ... smaller is often better ... but with less DZER to love, I worry ... ;)

dodger: sometimes less is more ... and as I mentioned to Kathi, I don't really and truly SHOP ... I purchase LOL

Grace said...

5 Dzer Points! Sweetness!! What can I get with them?!

Shay said...


What can I cash in my points for?

I think I'll save 'em up ^_~