Thursday, May 25, 2006

What the H about DZER ...

This post is brought to you by the letter:

It's tag time again. This time, Snow White has tagged me with the letter meme. Here is how it works: You get a letter assigned to you, and you have to come up with 10 words that begin with that letter and then give your thoughts on them. My letter is "H."

• Hafa adai: This is the traditional, informal greeting of Guam. It basically means "hello."

• Half-caste: This is the term for what I am -- of mixed racial lineage. I'm half Chamorro and half Haole (Causcasian). Sometimes this term is used in a derogatory manner, but not usually. I certainly don't take offense when someone asks me if I'm half-caste (with the accent, it sounds like "haf-cass").

• Halftime: The first of two football references in this list. It's my favorite sport to watch and, when I was MUCH younger, it was my favorite game to play. When I first started playing, around fifth grade, my parents were really involved with the team. They always volunteered to help out, especially with the refreshments during halftime. That generally meant water, or Gatorade, and also a shitload of orange slices. They would be cut into quarters, and there weren't many things that were more refreshing than sucking on some orange slices while sitting on your helmet, listening to your coach give a pep talk for the second half.

• Half-Orc: This is the race of one of the two main characters I'm playing in Neverwinter Nights with My Favorite Person, who's playing an elven druid. My half-orc is a hulking, ugly brute of limited intelligence ("Me go now.") who fights with a sonic longsword. Me like him lots. He fun. Heh.

• Halter top: God I love a woman in a cleavage-revealing halter top. Almost as good as a tubetop (which has the lovely bonus of possibly slipping down to reveal breasts ... heh). There are all kinds of halter tops, as I've discovered, but most all of them not only feature breasts well, but they also serve to show off delicious clavicles and necks. Yummy.

• Heavy: That's me. I not your brother, I'm heavy. Pretty much always have been, since about age five or six. I've always been big for my age, both in height and weight. As I got older, I got bigger ... and bigger ... and bigger. That's changing a little bit. Oh, I'm still heavy ... but not as heavy as I was last year, or even a couple of months ago. Hopefully, that trend will continue.

• History: This was one of my favorite subjects in school. I really had an affinity for dates and events. 1066 - the invasion of England by William the Conquerer. Don't know why, but that one's always stuck in my head. March 4, 1789. 1914-1917. Aug. 1, 1950. All of significance to me ... howzabout to you? My television is often tuned to the History Channel, to learn more.

• Honors: I took a lot of honors courses in junior high school and high school, so many that I graduated with a 4.13 grade-point average -- with 4.0 being straight-A average, because you got an extra point for honors course. There, an "A" was worth 5 points instead of 4, and a "B" was worth 4 points instead of 3. Also, I graduated from college with honors - -cum laude (not cum loudly, although ... heh).

• Huskers: My freshman year of college was spent in the frozen environs of Nebraska. I attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and I still consider it to be "my" school for purposes of sporting events, even though I ended up coming home to graduate from the University of Guam. I root for the UNL Cornhuskers, more familiarly called the Huskers, particularly in college football ... even though they've sucked in the past couple years. This year is their year! Go BIG RED!!

• Happiness: Yeah. As if. LOL

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• The Chamorro pronunciation of "H" is "heche."


SignGurl said...

The girl in the halter top looks ematiated. I think her hands are on her hips to hold up her top half so it won't fall over.

The orange slice snack was interesting. It would be so refreshing when playing your heart out.

Shay said...

I LOVE half-time orange slices -they somehow taste better.

also - tsk! no one ever tags me!

ArtfulDodger said...

Hey, no one ever tags me either... well, not lately anyway. Hell Hombre, H has a helluva horde of honorifics, how happy for you!

DZER said...

signgurl: I went with the first haltertop chick I found ;)

and the orange slices were delicious :)

shay: consider yourself tagged then ... you get the letter N.

dodger: and you can have the lovely letter Q .... heh

JMai said...

Hafa adai? Pronounced phonetically?

And I want a tag letter too but please don't give me anything retarded like U or Z!

DZER said...

jami: haw-fah uh-day

and your letter shall be .... Y!!

DZER said...

oops ... previous post to jmai ... not jami ... LOL

Everything Nice said...

Hafa Adai!!!

ok, first of all i apologize for my absence!! Second of all, YOU ROCK FOR HALF-TIME AND HALTER TOPS!!!

You got my vote for president, Haole or not!!!

ell said...

nice list, d. so you were a brain in school? who'd a thunk it?

you can keep the history though, never one of my favorites. my favorite was typing - only because i sat next to one of the hottest guy in school!

ell said...

nice list, d. so you were a brain in school? who'd a thunk it?

you can keep the history though - never one of my favorites. my fav was typing - only because i sat next to one of the hottest guys in school!

Snow White said...

Excellent list, DZER! I'm impressed. You rock! xox

sassinak said...

what no horny?

DZER said...

EN: No need to apologize ... and halter tops rock ... umm ... you wanna wear one Friday for me? ;)

ell: I am a genius, you know ....

snow white: thanks, darlin' ... and thanks for the tag :)

sass: that would have been a little too obvious, I fear ... LOL

Madame X said...

always working that genius thing in ain't ya? lol

Why do I picture you at your desk saying, "Duane(middle initial) George, SUUUUUUUPER Genius"?

I love oranges but I hate to peel them or slice them...I hate that sticky residue... FROM ORANGES! jeesh!

DZER said...

no fun just saying it to myself ... I need an audience ;)