Wednesday, July 12, 2006

damned dentists are the deveel

So the last lower molar I have has a chunk missing. Apparently, an old filling pretty much fell apart on me. I've had this happen to another tooth and was able to go for months and months before I had to get it addressed. I was hoping for the same with this one, as I've used up almost all of my dental coverage for the year, thanks to the oral surgery I needed earlier this year.

So I'm eating a late lunch and chewing and all of the sudden ... fucking searing pain! I guess a piece of the chopped steak got lodged in the missing part of the tooth and I chomped down on another chunk of the delectable meat at just the right (wrong) angle and it ... HURT ... LIKE ... FUCKING ... HELL.

It took several hours of constant use of Orajel, ibuprofen and an ice pack for it to get down to a moderate throb.

I call my dentist's office and, guess what? They're closed tomorrow (well, later today, Wednesday). Fucking great. So now I have to wait until Thursday before I can get it drilled and filled. Ugh.

And in order to get it done as soon as possible, and to avoid any further shooting bolts of agonizing pain through my jaw, I scheduled my appointment for 8 a.m. Which means waking up super early (3 hours early, for me) on my first full day back in the office ... on a day in which I have to lead a community round-table at noon. Yay, me!


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Good grief, you are having a run of crappy luck.

Which deity did you piss off?


Heather said...

*hands Dzer a bottle of 151*.. that'll make it better.. *wink*

pooooor baby...

Suze said...

Ouch! I think you better cancel that meeting if they inject you they won't be able to tell what you are saying.

You will be standing there drooling and making strange noises.

I've been to meetings like that in the past. LOL

Knight said...

DZ: Oakmont, Friday @ 12:20 PM. Jealous???

Natalia said...

I don't have a general hatred of the dentists...I am not an anti-dentite. However, I hate my prior dentist. We all know why. My new one is a very cool man. I like him. That is not to say I don't think he makes way too much money and gets to take too much time off and I think it should all be free.



Everything Nice said...

LOL so many people give you so much shit, however I sympathize.

WHY? because I have all my baby teeth, and no not in a jar or jewelry box...

in. my. mouth.

It's been determined that I will not get adult molars, nor will I get my 13 year old molar I've been waiting 20 years on...

but wisdom teeth? Sure.

Anyway, my point... the plan from el dentist was to pull all of my baby teeth and replace them with implants because they would not last over the age of 25 due to wear and tear.

UHHHH Im 32 and my baby teeth are still going strong. Sure, they pender every now and again but I find that if I stay away from caramel, taffy, or anything remotely hard and stickable... Im good as gold.

I did have a tooth split on me once, being damaged by wrestling with my son... hurt like a suckabeeootch..

I got one word for ya though D man, percocet.


hugs and luke warm soup to you.

sassinak said...

you have your baby teeth? that's so fucking weird.

you're a preemie aren't you?

dzer: OUCH!!

heartfelt sympathy from over here sir!

Everything Nice said...

OMG i totally am a preemie.. how fucking weird is that shit?

I'm a total freak of nature... I always alude that smaller teeth make for less chance of rubbage...

errr umm if you know what I mean :)

yeah, they tuck away well under my tongue.

Hope the above got your mind off things a little D :)


snavy said...

You are in my thoughts!

I have to dish out $550.00 next week as a down payment on my 8 year old daughters expander (pre retainer). It seems if we don't do this her big teeth coming in will break other teeth not yet in! YAY!!

I loathe dentists! Evil I tell ya!

kathi said...

Awwww, poor guy. Tooth aches are the worst!

Grace said...

I'm getting my four wisdom teeth removed this Thursday. I'm scared as hell.

DZER said...

aag: I'm still trying to figure that out!

heather: ugh ... I hate 151! but thanks for the kind intentions ;)

suze: I say, do all the discomforting things at once ... and I like you all drooly ;)

knight: I have two words for you ... SUCK IT!

natalia: what I really hate is my insurance company LOL

EN: umm ... wow LOL

sass: thanks hon!

EN: ummm ... WOW!! heh

snavy: thank god I don't need anything THAT expense.

kathi: aren't they? ugh.

grace: yowch!! you need to get the gas and to stock up on premium pain-killers!

Kristen said...


I'm so sorry.........damn sweetie......I'm sending good vibes your way

JMai said...

Owwch. Well, you could always just gum it.

ArtfulDodger said...

Oh man, that sucks big guy! Hang in there and... oh hell, what does a person say that makes any fucking sense? Get better.

ell said...

so sorry d! feel better!