Wednesday, July 26, 2006

questions answered ...

The last couple of blog posts have resulted in some questions that I thought I would address, to satiate the curious minds out there.

"But DZER, how did you know he was a transvestite hooker if he wasn't in his work clothes?"
Well, kiddos, Guam is a small place, and my village, Anigua, is an even smaller place. The person in question is a neighbor, who lives in a nearby apartment building and plies his/her trade at a skanky strip club across the main road. I know this because have previously seen him in her workclothes -- if you stop by the gas station near the strip club on your way home from a late night of poker, you often see these operators, who solicit very drunk people, often members of the Armed Forces, coming out of the club.

So THAT's how I knew. Happy? LOL

"DZER, what is a pica pole?"

This is a pica pole. It's a tool of the newspaper trade -- or at least it used to be before we went almost entirely digital. A pica is a unit of measuring; newspaper column widths are measured in picas. The usual formats are: 9-pica, 11-pica, and 14-pica columns. It also measures inches, as newspaper column lenghts are measured in inches. Being a metal ruler, they also are used by editors to lay out newspaper pages on paper dummies, resulting in nice, crisp, straight lines.

And Mimi, I'm sorry to report to you that it does NOT vibrate. LOL


Pyrhonik said...

Pica poles make an awesome back scratcher!

Dzer, I come from a village of about 300 people (well that is the nearest village). I consider that small. Just how many people live in yours?

Chrissie said...

pica pole... hmm interesting! I learned somethin today!

and i'm still senseing a hidden story on the trannie *L* but i'll let it goooo

TheMissouriSavage said...

Since when did they move away from the Bank of Hawaii? That's where I used to drop off drunken Military guys looking for Shnooser when I was bar-hopping the Island

Grace said...

I learned more in this post than I did in the 7 hours I spent at school today. Thanks Deeze!

Kristen said...

you've been in that strip club, haven't you?

Madame X said...

Hey Ell!
You've got a Pica Pole!!!!

TequilaGirl said...

Thanks for clearing that up for us sweetie! :)

Mimi said...

well dang skippy it doesnt hurt to ask!!!
Thanks D!

hasarder said...

I once went to the presentation of the pica awards - for printers (my then-partner had won a gold one). One the little gold statue is the word PICA written in mirror image - like letterpress!

Well, it seemed funny at the time.