Saturday, July 29, 2006


sorry folks ... got home around 8, played online poker till after 11 ... did some work and chatted with My Favorite Person till she had to leave for work ... finished up my work ... then played online poker till ... 5:45 a.m. ... time for bed now ... should have something real and substantial here later today ... lol


Chrissie said...

are we going to have to form an intervention for you on this poker thing??

its not real money.. is it? Or is it like pogo? Man.. I havent played there for a loooong time!

SignGurl said...

I'll help Chrissie with an intervention. We could call A&E and get you on their show.

terry said...

chrissie and signgurl are way ahead of me... i was thinking intervention myself!

Jon said...

I'm quite certain it is for real money. Intervention is probably a good idea... unless he's winning.

Chrissie - I was just on Pogo a few days ago (bored). Unfortunately they don't have strip poker

Madame X said...

They're catchy!

Kristen said...


I'm going back to bed