Sunday, July 23, 2006

milestones ...

Some notable notes from the world of DZERLAND, for you three or four weekend readers.

• This is post No. 500. That's a lot, considering that I haven't been posting as often as I usually do, of late, thanks to online poker.

• A little earlier this month, I went over 40,000 visitors, at least according to my counter. That's almost as high as the number of people Madonna has slept with so far ... but she's in a monogamous relationship (one would imagine) so I have a shot to pass her!

• This month also marked a full year of blogging for me ... well, under this version of the Diatribe. I actually started in April or May, sometime around then, but ended up deleting the entire thing a couple months after that. As one can tell (one that isn't mindless, that is), I started up again a little while later.

And now back to the usual mundanity
Golf with S and the godsons was great, as always. Turns out it was a good thing that the only tee time S could get was 7:15 a.m. -- it started to rain on the 17th hole and we finished up in a light drizzle, which was followed by a day of persistent rainfall.

I played OK tee to green, but wasn't very consistent with my putting, which is why I only ended up with three pars on the day. But only one double and two triples too -- all the rest were bogeys. I ended up shooting 47-45 for a 92. Two birdie putts, one of 50 feet and one of 8 feet, died just short of the hole. Three par putts of less than 5 feet either lipped out or skirted the edge.

For some reason, I can't ever get all aspects of my game working. Last week, tee to green pretty much sucked, but I putted very well to make up for it. This week, it was the other way around.

One day, I'm gonna put it all together for a good part of a round and shoot super-low ... well, for me.

Rest of the Sunday was spent in my usual manner:

• Nap ... had to, thanks to My Favorite Person keeping me up past 3 a.m. ... not that I minded one bit. Any time spent with her is my favorite time. :) ... dozed for about 2 hours in the later afternoon. Wish it could have been longer, but then I'd never get to sleep tonight.

• Online poker. Hell-o? Have you read this blog this week? LOL

• Made myself some fried SPAM sammiches for dinner. I will SO write a detailed SPAM post this week, after seeing the wonderful canned luncheon meat besmirched and belittled on a few other blogs. Yes, that means yours, JMai!! LOL

• Watched "Blazing Saddles," as planned. Now just waiting for final round of British Open to start.


ArtfulDodger said...

How many of those 500 posts amounted to, "Bleh, I haven't done anything worth posting?" I wonder? :)

Anyway, congratulations on the 'sorta' one year anniversary, that is a big deal and worthy of celebrating, maybe some on-line poker?

Alright, I promise, no more cheap shots in this post. Seriously, congrats on all of that and try to stay out of trouble. Or get into more trouble?

Pyrhonik said...

A 50 footer heh!

You're a cool cat in my books!

Cheers to one year's bloggin!

TheMissouriSavage said...

Congrats, Big Brother....

Natalia said...

Woohoo on the blog milestones... xoxox

I am tired right comments suck. But I just wanted to say hi.


JMai said...

Hey man -- I'm not the only one who thinks it's icky! But I can respect your spamlove. Maybe you and Chulo can share a can if a hurricane hits.

Kristen said...

I like Madonna.........





Madame X said...

Happy Bloggerversary!!

I like friend SPAM but I like it well done and crunchy and there used to be a SPAM spread that I liked.

RobynB said...

Congrats on the bloggin' anniversary!!!

spam? Just say no!

Much love

Mimi said...

Congrats on both blogworld milestones...thats quite admirable. And fried spam rocks, ala MadX-fried crispy with ketchup on WHITE bread...ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh

Grace said...

500 posts and 40,000 visitors? Oye, way to make me feel like an absolute loser...

Knight said...

That was a good round DZ. I played again yesterday myself (48-51) I had 5 pars, all 4 par-3's & 1 par-4. Really blew-up a couple times (8,9... a couple 7s.)

I struggled off the tee.