Monday, August 28, 2006

lots of stuff, some trivial ... ok most ...

Today I solidified plans to take three days off a little later this month, and another three days off in October.

Yay! Much golf planned!

I also have Monday off, which means -- you guessed it! -- golf, with S and my godson A, as well as a C from work.

And now, for a bunch of miscellaneous thoughts, observations and other stuff.

I had some tasty little sammiches for my dinner tonight. Not your basic ham and Swiss, turkey and American, or roast beef and provolone. Nope, there were a slight bit fancier.
• 4 dinner rolls

• Champignon deluxe (German brie with garlic)

• Hot Calabrese

• Pepper Salami

• Hot Capocollo

• Wasabe mayo.

• Chipotle mayo
Spread cheese thickly on bottom half of split dinner roll. Stack a selection of assorted thinly sliced meats. Smear glob of either mayo on top half of dinner roll. Put top half of roll on bottom half. Eat.

Now I need a nice hot vanilla cappuccino …



The woman pictured here is Annie Duke. She is a very hot MILF (mother of four) and a top-notch, world-class poker player. Her brother is the legendary Howard Lederer, aka "The Professor." Not only is she a smart hottie, but she's won a World Series of Poker bracelet (Omaha Hi/Low Split), but in 2004 she beat out nine other of the poker world's top pros -- including her brother -- to win the WSOP Tournament of Champions, a $2 million payday.

How can you beat that? Bright, sexy, womanly woman who can beat your ass at the table all the live long day? LOL

Isn't she dreamy? *sigh*

OK ... if you weren't able to stop by the Diatribe during the weekend, you're going to have to scroll down through a bunch of posts made over the past several days.

Highlights include:
• My new Big Daddy shirt

• My new status as online poker millionaire

• Golf with the godson

• A post about my Pop

• And how the debate went, along with a photo of me all gussied up for the event.

For those of you who care, here are a couple more debate pics, taken by a long-time friend who's a professional photographer. He was kind enough to send me these today.

Whatcha think?

a confident DZER, just before showtime ...

coming back from commercial ...

listening carefully and looking professional ;) ...

Oh, and kiddos, word has reached me that I will be getting a DVD digital recording of just the times I was on camera ... so there's a chance you just MIGHT get to see me "in action" ... as a debate moderator, nasty-minded wenches!! LOL

Guam is the first place in the nation to vote for president in the United States in a straw poll (Guam residents can't cast a ballot for president, nor do we have an Electoral College representative). We've chose the winner in each of the last 5 or 6 presidential elections.


Heather said...

Mmmmm Mmmmm... that sammich sounds de-lish!

You look very suave and handsome. I'm lovin that vest! I pick picture #1!

Have a great Monday!!

DZER said...

heather ... they were much delicioso!

and thanks darlin'! :)

Chrissie said...

I'd try a bit of the sammich... but I dont really do bread.
Some bread.. I like potato bread... but dinner rolls sound too... bready.

Hmm so to really be the perfect woman your saying I have to start playing poker?? *sigh* Does it count I beat you at everything else?? *snort*

Read all the posts.

Nice pics... cute smirk

and might? I think my chances are higher than might. And i've seen in action... of other sorts before! LMAO

Madame X said...

The sandwich sounds good but the mayo...I can't do mayo and cheese on the same's a personal thing.

I don't like Texas Hold em...I'm a stud kinda girl...either way I suck at it.

You look good but you're right...your clothes do look baggy on you! Good for yoU!

DZER said...

chrissie: we can find you some other kind of bread substitute

and I can teach you some poker tricks ;)

know you read them ... and thanks; smirks are my specialty

and you hush about the action you've seen!! LOL

madame x: you can have one without the mayo ... and yes, the clothes are loose, and yes, that is a good thing. ;)

Oº°‘¨t®ãg‘°ºO said...

I want that sammich! You remind me SO much of my brother. You bear a strong resemblance when all dressed up :)

crabcake said...

LOL! This attentive and professional side of you is new to me. I'm used to seeing the ornery Dzer when I go blog hopping.

Do I have to call you sir now?

grainne said...

Are those things on your feet DRESS SHOES ??? For the love of god.....tell me it is not true ~chuckle~

You look very professional and very much in control of your debate. You really do look good with the weight loss...know how blasted hard it can be and you are doing a great job. ~smooch~

Kristen said...

Hell, now I have to learn to play poker..........sheesh, a woman's work is never done.......

I like the professional Dzer

ell said...

i just had dinner and now you made me want to eat again!

nice pix, d.

Chrissie said...

Lookit me here posting from work.. OOooo... I mvoed my stuf around today and now no one can see what i'm dooooing! HA! I could surf porn and no one would know!

I wonder if I can get away with ICQ? *L*

Is there hush money available on the whole action thing??

DZER said...

tragic: hopefully not TOO much like your brother ;)

crabcake: me? ornery? heh ... and yes ... call me sir ... or Big Daddy ;)

grainne: I do have one pair of nice dress shoes ... and thanks, darlin' :)

kristen: *buzz* can you come into my office? Heh.

ell: That's my specialty hon ;)

chrissie: oooh ... bad girl! I like! and if you turn the sound down so people don't hear the ut-oh, then maybe! LOL

and you hush about the hush money for hushing on the whole action thing!! LOL

SignGurl said...

You look so handsome!

I had another comment before I read about Chrissie surfing porn from work. That's just so discombobulating.

ArtfulDodger said...

Now that is a face made for television! ;) Y'know, I've actually started calling them sammiches in my everyday venacular? Little bit 'o Dman rubbing off on me.

terry said...

sir dzer...! that's funny.

nice pics, d. looking good!

DZER said...

signgurl: thanks ... and I think chrissie surfing porn at work is hot! LOL

dodger: thanks, man ... and I'm infectious like that LOL

terry: what's so funny about Sir DZER? lol ... and thanks, darlin' ... :)

Sunny Delight said...

from all you have posted...sounds like you had one FINE weekend! and looked might fine too!

DZER said...

sunny delight: it was a pretty decent weekend ... and thanks, darlin' ;)