Thursday, August 31, 2006

new frames and scars ...

My Thursday was one of those days -- it wasn't all that bad, but neither did it stand out as spectacular or fun or anything like that. Meetings galore. That should tell you something.

I also had to replace my relatively brand-new glasses frames. I fell asleep with them on early in the a.m., and later on got a phone call. Groggily, I tried to spring up to find the phone and sat on them, snapping one of the arms. That's what I get for sleeping in instead of getting up 15 minutes earlier like I was supposed to.

I did a quick fix of the arm -- thank you Instant Krazy Glue and heavy-duty packaging tape!

This lasted me long enough (past lunch) to get to my optometrist, who luckily still had the same kind of frames in stock, although none with the silver frames with black arms; I had to go black-with-black, same as my prescription sunglasses. And I even got a 20-percent discount! Woohoo!

We all have them -- scars, I mean. Those of you who don't have at least one scar somewhere either lived a very sheltered life, or are, in fact, pod people that have replace the real, scarred versions of you!

I probably have more than my share.

On my hands alone -- I have four scars on my left hand, four on my right. Have a few on my legs and feet. I have a few on my arms. But the place with the greatest concentration of scars is my head. I have some on my forehead/browridge. And, as you can see in the photo below, I have multiple scars on the top and back of my head.

Causes of some of my scars:

• Fish hook: stepped on one in my early teen years, it pushed through my foot at the outer edge. Pop's solution? Needlenose pliers, one hand on my ankle, yank out sideways. Ouch.

• Cats: Some pretty deep scratches, including a time or two in which a entire cat was suspended in the air only by a claw deep in my skin.

• Younger brother James: My right thumb still bear the marks of his fingernails, which he clamped into me in one of those quiet brother-brother fights during church that my parents didn't catch.

• Knife cuts: A few here and there from unwise and unsafe methods of carving.

• Miscellaneous: Some sports injuries (football and basketball on asphalt), some general kid hijinks, bike wipeouts, scratches and scrapes, etc.

• Fights: This is where the majority of my scars come from, especially the ones on my knuckles. Ditto the ones on my forehead and head ... a couple of them from beer bottles smashed over my rather thick skull. I got into a lot of fights when I was in elementary and middle school -- being the fat kid who was also athletic, strong, hotheaded and didn't take shit from anyone. But that was before I matured. Oh, and a few in high school and a rumbles in college in bar fights and the like ... so I didn't mature completely early on. LOL

• Surgery: Chrissie's comment made me remember that I left out a big scar ... the one in the middle of my back, from my spinal surgery when I was a young DZER, the one that made school folks over the years think I had scoliosis! LOL

So what are your major scars?


Madame X said...

My heat, dude!

Chrissie said...

Hmmm most of my childhood scars are emotional. I did learn a couple things though.

But... don't run at a closed glass sliding door with a crystal ashtray... one or the other is sure to break! Maybe even both like when i was 8 and went flying thru the door and skidding over all its many gravelly pieces of glass... ended up having a couple of those pieces in my arm, there was a lot of blood.

Also don't learn to ride a bike on the day our Dad lets his hunting dog, an excitable irish setter names Casey, out of the pen for exercise, because he may jump on you causing a nail to go into your leg and you to crash, thus knocking out your front teeth. Good thing I was only 6 and those teeth needed to come out anyway. Eventually I got new ones, bigger, but new.

And once you learn to ride a bike... don't pretend to be cool while riding to your aunts to swim by holding a root beer in one hand by sticking a finger thru the hole in the can, cuz when you follow your brother over that "jump" at the construction site... the can will go into your finger in a nice little half moon all the way to the bone. There will be even more blood causing your aunts neighbors to run outside with dishtowels as you walk by sobbing and dripping blood down the street.

And... don't get sick causing multiple surgeries. Next time I won't.

DZER said...

madame x: what? you're in heat?

chrissie: that's a few memorable scars there baby ... and I forgot my surgery scar! will have to add that! *smooches*

The Savage said...

numerous scars from carving.. my biggest however was the last time I got coconut leaves for mom for Palm Sunday. It's on the back of my left thumb....
I always keep my kitchen knives sharp.... this one I had a razor edge on. I clibed the coconut tree with no probs... pulled out the center stalk cut it deftly as Pop taught me and dropped said knife and frons to the ground.. then I noticed the warm trickle of blood... six stitches later... scar

April said...

Scars? I'm covered in 'em...most of them from my own clumsiness. Heh.

Oh...and surgery...that, too.

DZER said...

savage: the pen may be mightier than the sword, but nothing beats a sharp knife!

april: lemme see yer scars, darlin' ;)

Heather said...

Mostly emotional..

The physical ones..
way too many to count...

DZER said...

heather .... aw, you poor baby ... lemme comfort you ;)

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

I'm a little confused...did you have beer bottles busted over your head in elementary school?

Dang, tough district, eh?

terry said...

one of my weirder (visible) scars comes from the day i ended up with a pencil stuck in my leg.

i honestly don't remember what happened. i think i was holding the pencil when some idiot kid (this was first grade, i think) slammed into me, and the pencil got jammed into my leg.

it's lovely.

Sunny Delight said...

So many little scars everywhere--was and am a tomboy--even into old age, the biggest one on me though is on my right bum cheek...from hip surgery as a teen..gymnastics injury...if I ever get a tattoo...that is the place I have decided to put it...make it into the body of a dragonfly or an especially senstive area though...mmmmm