Sunday, August 27, 2006

a sanguine sunday ...

First of all ... thanks to all who commented on the post below for your very kind words. They are very much appreciated.

Stayed up a little late last night, chatting with My Favorite Person until she had to go to work (on a Saturday, ugh!), then played some online poker.

Had a nice little run of luck and ran 160,000 in chips to more than 2 million in chips. At right is a pic of me when I first got over the million chip mark at the table. That's me being one happy doggie! LOL

Of course, I played some more today and didn't quite have the run of luck I had last night, but I'm still in pretty decent shape with 1.5 million chips. Heh.

Sundays for me now usually mean a round of golf with my pare', S, and his son, my godson, A, and today was no different.

It's great seeing A always so excited to play, all smiles and exuberance waiting in the golf cart when I drive into the parking lot (S likes to be there early LOL). He did really well, sinking about four putts of 5 to 7 feet in length. He actually has a better pre-putt routine than me or S ... he addresses the ball, sets his left hand while holding the putter up at an angle, then sets his right hand on the grip -- and the same way that I do it, with my index finger behind the putter shaft -- then lowers the putter square behind the ball and adjusts his stance.

He also has a neat little pre-short routine for his drives. Any golfer will tell you that's essential! ;)

I had a bad front nine -- the greens were superfast and it took me a while to get used to them. I three putted the first three greens, resulting in bogey, triple, triple ... bleah. Ended up shooting 50 on the front side, but was more consistent on the back nine, shooting bogey golf on all but one hole, where I got a double, finishing with a 96. Not great, but not bad.

I was lucky to enjoy a little bit more chat with My Favorite Person while playing online poker, and that's always a good thing.

I have to go into the office in a little bit to get some stuff I forgot and to take care of a few administrative issues ... plus I'm hoping to take a day off this week and the next, so if I get some stuff done tonight, it will help out matters.

The rest of the evening will be spent watching DVDs while cleaning up some more stuff for the eventual yard sale. I bought some little price stickers with which to mark my various junk ... gotta keep being proactive.

I was hoping to do it next weekend, but not sure if that's gonna be feasible -- Saturday is primary election day and plus there's some kind of sewage backup in one of the apartments below me, which I hope the water agency can shut off sometime this week. If they can and I can get it all washed away and cleaned up during the week, then I just may be able to do it. We'll see.

OK ... that's it for now.

Oh, if you haven't visited recently, check out DZER's Guam Pics -- there are a few pics added in the last week. I'll try to get more taken and up soon.


JMai said...

That sounds like a good Sunday. I can only hope, as I sit here in pjs at 9:05 am, that my day will be as productive. Maybe if I got up....?

Madame X said...

Wait-remind me who's your favortie person again?


terry said...

mx is cracking me up..

and that sounds like a very full day, dzer! more productive than mine will be...

Shay said...

I should "invest" some money in your poker playing skills! haha
Once of these days you'll have to teach me how to play - I know! We should invite over some of the other bloggers and try a few games of strip poker!

DZER said...

jmai: hope you had a good sunday :)

madame x: :P

terry: well, sometimes I actually do stuff on weekends LOL

shay: you should! and yes ...let's have that game! ;)