Monday, September 04, 2006

labor day IS all about working ...

Recap of the past two days, following the all-night-int0-early-morning election coverage:

• Woke up at 11 a.m. Stayed up till 11:30 a.m. Went back to bed, with alarm set for 1 p.m.

• Woke up at 5 p.m. LOL ... 30 minutes later, it was confirmed that I had a staffer out and would have to work.

• By 6 p.m. I was in the office. Half hour dinner break around 8 p.m. Worked till 11 p.m.

• Came home, watched some TV, looked at blogs, got around to posting the sunrise pics below, as well as NEW PHOTOS on DZER's Guam Pics -- a cool pic of the cathedral in Hagåtña, with peachish clouds in background, and one of a historical Guam house.

• Chatted online and for a bit on the phone with My Favorite Person, which is always good. By the way, she has a NEW (shocking, eh?) post up about a care package from moi, complete with photo! And yes, she did get the aged-in-the-ocean wine and the DZMonster CD holder. Check out all the details HERE.

• Fell asleep a little after 3 a.m.

• Woke up around 9 a.m. Confirmed golf game was still on.

• Watched college football (I'm SOOOOO in heaven now that American tackle football is back in full swing. The pros start Thursday! Wooohooo!!) for awhile while getting dressed and waking up.

• At 10 a.m., left for golf course. Needed a couple extra drinks and stopped by the gas station. This is one of those places with a "rewards" system -- you scan a little doohickey (and I'm pretty sure that's the actual term! Heh) over their machine after each purchase. You buy so much gas, get some free. Buy so many coffees, get one free. You know the deal. Well, after spending $4.30 on my liter-sized iced teas, the reward light lit. So I scanned it across the little reward printer, next to the doohickey.


Woohoo! It's like I hit a mini-scratcher jackpot or something. If you HAVE to be awake and about on a Monday morning, that's hard to beat.

• Get to the golf course around 10:20. Meet up with S and my godson A and, a little while later, C from work joins us. It's a gorgeous, clear, sunny, fucking hot day -- perfect for golf, in other words.

I can't get any sense of rhythm going on the front nine -- four double bogeys and five bogeys for a 49.

But on the back nine, after a couple more doubles on two of the first three holes, I close out with par-bogey-par-par-par for a 42 on the back and a 91 overall. C smoked me and S, shooting 46-41. S ended up with 53-50; a few blowup holes really hurt.

A again had a great time. He was really pounding it from the tee. He had several shots go well past 100 yards, including one that he clobbered about 160 yards down the fairway. There were a couple holes where we all were like ... umm ... I hope I hit it past A's drive! LOL

He also did a great job putting, especially on the back nine. He had several that he drained from 5-10 feet.

• Finished golf about 2:30 and motored in to work. The staffer was out sick again, which means I not only had to work a shift, but had to assign the wire (world and national news) as well. I got all that that done relatively quickly, then took a short break so I could go home, shower and change into fresh clothes.

• Back to work, and here I am, waiting to finish out the last 2-1/2 hours of the shift. The good thing -- 8 hours of holiday pay (doubletime). That will make next Friday's check nice and sweet ... and that additional money will go straight into THE FUND.

Tha's it ... will try to get some pics up when I get home.


The Savage said...

Congrats on the Gas! You lucky fuck

Madame X said...

I was reading a nice and chatty post and then WHAM!
Hit me with the golf shit!

Crap...gonna need a mental Silkwood shower now!

Chrissie said...

MX.. you need to learn how to let your eyes glaze over, pick out the couple important facts (A is becoming a better golfer than S or D) and skip over the rest!

50 bucks in gas! woo hoo!
double time is nice too!

DZER said...

savage: lucky ... but no fucky LOL

madame x: I'm deceptive like that ...

chrissie: hush! and yes, free gas is good ... as is double time ... especially when it goes into THE FUND! :)

da buttah said...

i demand you take me golfing! i look fantastic in a paperboy hat! :)

and then i can blame my suckage on my titties!

terry said...

i'm with mx.

and my eyes DID glaze over there. thanks for the summary, chrissie...!

DZER said...

buttah: you had me with "suckage on your titties" ... LOL

terry: :P