Tuesday, September 05, 2006

shaping up ...

So I think I'm pretty close to moving on to the next phase of my personal program.

Almost two years ago, I stopped smoking.

Over the last year and a half, I made adjustments to my diet, eating a bit healthier by consuming more fruits and vegetables, and cooking/eating more at home and visiting fast-food restaurants less often.

The results so far have been positive:

• Better wind/endurance. This is particularly evident on the golf course and when I have to lug two giant duffle bags loaded with laundry up two flights of stairs.

• The loss of several inches. I'm down two clothing sizes in both shirts and pants.

The next stage was supposed to have been getting a dog so I would walk it on a regular basis, upping my cardio activity.

But since I'm no longer sure exactly how long I will be here, the dog thing isn't yet viable.

So I need to do something.

I'm currently looking at a couple gyms to see if there's a program/training regimen that will suit me. I don't want to get all fanatical and crazy about it at first. I want to start relatively slow and then work my way up in terms of intensity. I'm hoping to find something that combines weight training with whatever other regimen there is.

There are two gyms relatively close to where I live. I'm hoping either might have something that works for me, preferably that I can go to after work. I don't think planning a regimen that requires me waking up early will work out too well. LOL

I'll keep ya'll posted ... because I know just how FASCINATING this is to all of you.

Well, at least your eyes won't glaze over like they do in my golf posts.


Chrissie said...

Yay! Now... just DO it and i'll really be happy! I had this convo with Danny yesterday too... we are going to try to do something too! Cant let my sister be in better shape than me!

April said...

Sounds like you're doing a great job so far, Dzer. Good luck to you! I've been struggling with very similar things over the past year.

sassinak said...

i assume you do the little things like take the stairs and park further away?

why not find an aquafit class, it's fun, it's in the water and it's easy on the joints...

Madame X said...

Good idea Sass.
The first step when you join a reputable gym is a consultation with a trainer.
Just be frank and up front about what you want and then they'll be up front about what you need and then they can help you map out a good exercise plan.

I am very excited about this D!!!

SignGurl said...

Yay, DZER!

ArtfulDodger said...

Very cool Dman! Anything you do will only make you feel better both about yourself and about life in general. Ok, maybe not that second thing, but I'm trying to be positive.

snavy said...

You're doing great!! I found this pilates DVD a while ago and started doing it last week - I've lost at least an inch. It might not be your thing but I love it!!

JMai said...

It's true... I really do glaze over the golf posts. It's just that I have NO idea what you're on about with the birdies and the green and the fore and such.

Weight training + cardio is it.

DZER said...

chrissie: the planning is always the easiest for me ... it's the follow-up that I have to work on ... but I will :)

april: so far, so good ... now on to the next stage

sass: well, I have a parking space on the same level as my office ... but when going to a store I don't cruise for 10 minutes to find the closest spot LOL ... and I'm not much of a water fan ...

madame x: don't worry ... I'll seek out professional help ;)

signgurl: right back atcha :)

snavy: thanks darlin' ... and good for you! not sure if Pilates is for me ... but we'll see ;)

jmai: glazer!! ... and I think it is it :)

kathi said...

Just a quick question...why are you always naked? :)

Pyrhonik said...

Twenty five years ago, my uncle showed me how to box.

Following much physiotherapy and anger/frustration from a significant injury, ten years ago, I bought a heavy bag which hangs in my Garage.

When I feel like it. Which is often enough. I go out and move around the bag and beat the fuck out of it. It is inconsistent, but the value of exercising the mind, the body, and the demons has no price for me.

Good luck with your efforts.