Friday, September 08, 2006

scavenger hunt answers revealed ...

1. What NFL team is DZER's favorite?
The Chicago Bears

2. Who is DZER's favorite NFL player?
Brian Urlacher, Bears linebacker

3. What is the long, ruler-like object in the pencil/pen holder called?
Pica pole

4. What is in the little box in front of the pencil/pen holders?
My business cards

5. Who sent me the Jack-in-the-Box balls shown on the top of my monitor?
grainne ... though I also got some from My Favorite Person

6. What are DZER's initials?

7. What is the little golfer figurine made out of?
Nuts, washers and metal rods

8. Who is credited with the quote on DZER's file sorter?
Murray Kempton

9. What's in DZER's snack jar? What brand?
Bubblegum — Dubble Bubble

10. What university did DZER attend, albeit briefly? What's the name of the mascot? Give two of the nicknames of the football team.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Mascot is Herbie Husker. Nicknames -- Big Red, Cornhuskers, Huskers, Black Shirts (the defense)

BONUS: Find the cigarette.
It's on a golf tee on top of my G5 tower, in front of the Brian Urlacher bobblehead

And the winner is ...
grainne! she got a total of 7 right ... well, mostly right LOL

signgurl was a close second with 6 right.

Both misspelled Dubble Bubble, but I gave them credit. No credit for only getting the "pica" part of pica pole.

Bonus points to My Favorite Person for cleaning up on a few questions there, and also for being my favorite. LOL ... you guys are lucky she had a "sewing emergency" early yesterday morning, or she probably would have won yet ANOTHER prize. LOL

Speaking of the prize ...

... well, I'll share what that is later ... heh


SignGurl said...

I demand a recount!!!

At least I tried :(

Madame X said...

When the hell did this scavanger hunt happen???

I swear I was around here yesterday...I think I lost a day somewhere.

grainne said...

YIIPPPEEEE ~happy dances~
You know the prize should be an offer to sleep over at your house when you get stateside...~wink~

I am so envious of that new viewsonic ! Don't you just love how much extra desk space you have now? I know we say size doesn't matter but when it comes to monitors...IT MATTERS !! How big is that puppy??

~smooch~ Creative idea to let us wander around your desk....I am still marveling over the erasers on those pencils !!

ArtfulDodger said...

Dude, my favorite person has the exact same lizard tatoo that you do. So strange. Actually, I'm not sure how I feel about that...

Lindsey said...

dubble bubble!! lol

I still like Big League Chew.

DZER said...

signgurl: I counted twice ... you shouldn't have given up on the Huskers question LOL

madame x: It's ok ... I'm used to being ignored ;)

grainne: It's a big 'un! I have so much more desktop space now ... amazingly more!

dodger: you know how you feel, big boy! ;)

linny: can't put big league chew into a jar for everyone to stick their hands into and grab some! LOL

Spitfire said...

your site cracks me up, I come here everytime I see your pimp collection of hot chicks, ahahahaa......

Kristen said...


Not fair.........I was sick :(

JMai said...

Is it really Dubble? Hm.

And I coulda sworn those were chinese medicine balls. Damn you, DZER!!!

DZER said...

spitfire: glad I could be of service to you darlin' ... heh

kristen: sorry, but the DZER doesn't accept sick notes unless they're signed by yer mom. LOL

jmai: it really is! and what's your fascination with balls? LOL

Knight said...

DZ: Big win for the Steelers last night... or I guess it was tomorrow morning to you LOL!!!

Oh, I see you're a Bears fan. I seem to remember last season... everybody was saying the Bears defense was Soooooo tough... I also seem to remember Bettis running over that D... even your favorite player on the goal line. (I may be mistaken, but I doubt it)