Thursday, November 30, 2006

yowza ...

I'm generally not this far behind with my Christmas stuff.

• I have all my cards, but now can't find the two sheets of Christmas stamps I bought a few weeks ago. The room will be torn apart later tonight.

• I have about 5 presents taken care of, but still many to go.

• I think I'm set for wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, etc. But I have a hard time resisting adding to my voluminous cache of supplies.

• I put up my door decorations and little tree setup last night.

Hmm .. maybe I'm not as far behind as I think I am ... but am just worrying and stressing about it more than usual.


Kristen said...

*peeks in*

*looks around*

*jumps up and down*


I'm first!!!!

keda said...

it's november you granny!

sit down. relax, drink some mulled wine and do it all christmas eve night like the cool dudes.

Chrissie said...

ha ha the jumping n squealing.. that just never gets old do it... *L*

and you can kiss my ass... my house is currently such a friggin mess I dont see me putting a tree up at all! :(

DZER said...

kristen: congrats!!

keda: I'm about half an hour away from December, darlin'!

chrissie: no, it doesn't ... especially when it's you jumping and squealing ... heh

and you know you will have a tree!!

Chrissie said...

*snort* I neither jump nor squeal lol

I forgot to mention again how MUCH I am enjoying your Hoo hat picture!

SignGurl said...

It sucks that stamps cost so much but are so small. I lost a roll of 100 once.

Madame X said...

I've still got Halloween decorations up...from 2005!!!

ArtfulDodger said...

how the heck can someone BE behind in November?! I almost forgot about Christmas that's how far away it is!

Momentarily_Distracted said...

Spiked eggnog always makes it better. :o)

JMai said...

I have bought so many presents that I'm LOSING them... there are way too many bags in the spare bedroom!

I also lost about 4 rolls of wrapping paper and a bunch of ribbon. I am a mess! But loving it!

Happy Christmas, santa Dzer!

Snow White said...

Well, I wasn't stressed about Christmas at all... until I read this! You're WAY far ahead of me... now I'm stressing! Gee, thanks! ;)