Monday, July 09, 2007

blustery, overcast, gray ...

... funny how the weather sometimes echoes the thoughts rambling, crashing, spilling from your mind in a cacophonous disarray of chaotic blather ...

Anyway, the weather changed abruptly yesterday. Went from all too sunny and all too hot to gusty, rainy and dreary. A tropical storm was passing south of Guam, and its feeder bands were slapping us silly, like a drunken angry woman who isn't ready to go home at the end of a debauchery of a night in a shitty, rundown dive.

Hmm ... too many bad novels perused.

Gusts got up close to 50 mph. The wind whistled and moaned through my apartment all night. The following morning, the shears of wind knocked out my power, then again later while playing WOW during lunch. Got bad enough that it knocked down some old wooden power poles. A lot of places lost power, at least temporarily, from branches knocking down lines. In the south, a dog was killed when a live power line struck it.

This is what it looked like as I made my way back, and this wasn't a bad patch:

• Lunch was crappy. A couple of plain hotdogs. Tried to improve on it afterward, stopping at a coffeehouse/bakery. I couldn't decide between peach and blueberry mini-pies, so I got one of each. Back in the office, I discovered the blueberry wasn't a pie ... it was a fruit-filled hockey puck. Crust was thick and hard. Bleah. Peach pie was worse ... overweening amounts of ginger. With peach pie? Bleah Part II. Even the coffee sucked.

• Redemption at dinner: yakisoba, chopsteak and yakitori at a little Japanese place close to my apartment.

• Was going to do laundry right after work, but because of the weather, it was pack-jam. I didn't feel like waiting around for a half hour or more before I had access to a washing machine. Hopefully not so crowded tomorrow.

• Have started taking more photos on a daily basis, with the occasional video, as evidenced above. Will try to keep it up.

• Toying with the idea of a webcam. Had one ages ago but it didn't work when I bought this new computer. So might get one that will work with this one ... and my beautiful little Mac mini, which should be in sometime this week. Not like I had serious plans for the $1,500 for the computer, flatscreen and new keyboard/mouse. At least work will load it up with all the necessary top-flight programs ... so I can be more effective at work, even when at home.


Lisa said...

Laundry - the curse of people all over the place. Have you ever considered getting a small washer and dryer for in the apt?? Maybe you should just hire someone to do your laundry for you and save yourself the aggravation??

Now here is it...not even 830am and I want Japanese food and not the frozen lunch that I brought to the office today!

Yippee for the photos / videos / more frequent postings !!

Oh BTW...get a dog !

Lisa said...

Interesting tidbit that I did not know

pets going to Guam have to be quarantined for months - pets coming from Guam to the mainland do not have to be quarantined. Another good point to consider as you think about getting a doggie!!
~snickers~ so don't even consider that excuse!

terry said...

that video just looks like a summer day in san francisco...

Anonymous said...

well if you want to SEE people on cam.. getting one is a good idea... since I don't fancy staring at myself!