Monday, July 09, 2007

taking time away from WOW ...

the blue is tape ... need to replace my frames this week ...

... OK, not a TON of time away. I still play a lot.

But those of you who have actually sniffed around here over the last week have probably noticed (but then again, maybe not), that I've been posting much more often than has been my "usual" once per week.

This last week, I have also spent two evenings playing poker, which meant about 4-5 hours of WOW "lost" each night.

Twice this week, I feel asleep around 6:30-7 p.m. and didn't wake up till after midnight once, and after 1 a.m. the second time. Again, a good 5+ hours of "lost" WOW time.

Earlier tonight (Sunday night for me), I went over to my godsons' house for dinner and to spend some time with the boys. R made lasagna, which was quite tasty ... best I've had in forever. Before and after, I played a lot with A, the older godson, who loves me because I'm big and strong enough to play rough with him, as he is a big, husky boy. I can't lift him up over my head and toss him around like I used to -- and doubt that anyone outside of the World's Strongest Man competition could -- but I can still manage much better than most. Again, more "lost" WOW time.

Maybe it's because my two main characters are both the max level, 70.

My woman gnome warrior, Butchie, also has some pretty fancy stuff, though still far from the uber stuff you can get. The problem is she's a type of warrior (DPS) that doesn't get a lot of dungeon/instance runs. People want warriors they take to instances to tank. So the end result is she probably won't get all that much better unless I switch her spec, but I hate tanking, so there ya go. I will use her to "farm" (make money) and help out other people in the guild with normal, non-instance quests.

As for my druid, Treebrother, he's been respec'd to resto (healer) from Moonkin (aka Boomkin, aka DPS class) so he can help other high-level members of the guild in instances, as he's the only high-level healer. But that means he mostly sucks at anything except healing, for quests or for instances. When he goes out solo, he has a hard time killing the things that used to be easy, and hence dies pretty often and pretty quick. So he's kind of in a limbo too.

I've spent some time having Butchie learn and level cooking and fishing talents, which have and will mean more gold making ability, but the fishing has been kinda slow and, after a while, boring.

I do have another character, a level 7 dwarven priest, but frankly I haven't been in the mood to slowly level another character lately.

So, that gives me a little more time to post, and to do other things.

Oh ... and I think I should probably get to the doctor sometime this week ... cold that I caught weeks and weeks ago still hasn't gone completely away and I have been sleeping a lot and have a marked loss of appetite ... which probably means I have something a bit more than a cold ... so we'll see.


Lisa said...


Seriously, since you don't respond to comments, I will just be a general pain in the ass. I am convinced that dobies are better than children...heavens knows she listens better than children do.

So go see the dr about the icky nasty hanging on bug and start thinking again about getting a dog!
Would you keep up the blogging?? Nothing worse than coming here hoping to find some Dzer-info and seeing the same old thing time and time again !! You could always post me some photos of the war dog memorial!! My dobie is a Border Patrol girl that had problems when her handler left....she is only 15 months old and was determined to be unsuitable as once she was sent out to bring someone down, she started to refuse to abort take downs. They were going to keep her and breed her but decided that she was too stubborn....~L~ She would love you!! She had never seen a child before coming to live with me and now when we walk in the park, she whines and prances to get the kids attention when they are on the playgroud.

terry said...

WOW! another dzer post!

that's my version of WOW.

and yes, please, get thee to the doctor. take care of yourself. we worry about you.

Anonymous said...

i wont comment that i think those are more a symptom of the pouting you have been doing... i'll just think it to myself :)