Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesdays suck ...

... because it's the day (night for me) that World of Warcraft servers go down for many hours of maintenance. For me, it's usually from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m., which means I can't play for a good 3-4 hours of playing time. Today, it was due to come down at 8 p.m. my time, and I got held up at work and didn't get home till 6 p.m.

So I log in and start playing a bit. The power goes out.

I wait a bit .. 10 minutes or so later, power is back on.

I log in an start playing again. Ten minutes later, power is back out.

I go wash some dishes, organize some receipts, grumbling the whole while ... then the power comes back on. And almost immediately goes out.

So I leave to get some dinner, play poker for a couple hours, head home ... power is still out. So I go to Kmart, shop a bit, come back home after 10 p.m. ... finally it's back on.

But the game is down, and will be for another 5 hours or so.

I hate the power utility ... and I hate getting cheated out of quality WOW time.


Oh, I haven't made the change yet in the sidebar, but if you were on my Yahoo! Messenger list, or want to be, my Yahoo! I.D. has changed ... to thedzer.


Anonymous said...

lol... Guam sucks. Move!

Natalia said...

Yeah...moving sounds good.


Crabby said...

Aw. That sucks, D.
I still haven't gotten that game. I'm too hung up on a couple of others right now to walk away from them.

I agree with chrissie. You need to move.

Lisa said...

2 pair or 4 of a kind - the ladies have it! Dzer moves off Guam and he gets a dog !! ~chuckle~

What part of the mainland are you considering for your next place to set up the Mac?