Saturday, July 14, 2007

shoulda listened to my own advice ..

... and taken that break.

Two VERY bad beats (aces cracked by bullshit river straights) = $360 less in my bank account.

In addition to what I've lost the rest of the week.

Gonna have to take about a month off now ... and this time I will ignore the siren call.


Lisa said...

Oh good take a month off..maybe you can find time to answer an email?? ~NAG NAG NAG~

Crabby said...

Dude, could be, not sayin it is....but could're a crappy gambler. Not to fret. Give me your money and I'll win your losings all back for you.
it's ok. You can trust me. I mean, hell man, if ya can't trust me, who can ya trust. Hmmmm?