Monday, December 26, 2005

happy boxing day everyone!

I wish we celebrated Boxing Day here in the "colonies." It would give us another day of celebration and non-working to do.

Monday was the official holiday for Christmas at the office, but I did have to put in a few hours. Not that I minded — it meant some double-time hours ... sweet!

Also, feasted up on some leftover ham — yummy! Woke up early, napped a bit, then got up and watched the Bears secure the division title and a first-round bye in the playoffs! Woohooo!! An extra added bonus that they did it by beating Favre and the Packers. Heh.

Got a little shopping done too, some great post-holiday sales out there. I got a new, small microwave to replace my old one, which is more than a decade old and has been malfunctioning now and then. I also did some household/grocery shopping.

Between all of that, I got into the office for a while and knocked out the pages and other work I needed to get done, then it was home again for watching DVDs. I saw "Serenity" — not bad, but not great. It was a fun little sci-fi flick. Next up will be "American Pie Band Camp." Not expecting much from it, but it is in the series and I liked the other three. I know it's not good cinema or top-flight acting, but they are fun and funny films, for the most part.

Also on the agenda for this week: "Shooting Gallery," as well as older movies — "Down with Love;" "Born Romantic;" and "Around the World in 80 Days," the Jackie Chan version.

Don't judge me! LOL

Tomorrow I'm setting aside as sorting and putting away and re-stashing all my Christmas wrapping stuff — paper, bows, ribbons, bags, boxes, etc. I think I'll leave the tree, decorations and lights up till the Feast of Three Kings, as usual.

I'm also close to finishing up a new erotica piece; will try to get that up by tomorrow.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• One of the traditions following Christmas is the procession of the Niño. The parish priest and altar servers take around the Niño, the Christ child from the Nativity, to houses in the village, so that everyone has a chance to kiss the baby Jesus.


gigi said...

Boxing Day? Another day of pain and torture?

Thank you, NO!

DZER said...

one person's pain and torture is another person's fun and joy ... heh


Alex said...

Dzer, stop quoting the Marque de Sade.

DZER said...

Did I accidently quote him? which part? LOL

happy boxing day to you, mate!

Mike said...

Sounds like Christmas was a good one for ya.

DZER said...

mike: it was, thanks ... hope yours went well too!

Jon said...

I personally loved Serenity. Isn't American Pie Band Camp a DVD release only, or did it actually play in theaters somewhere. I love Eugene Levy, but I think that franchise was done after 3. As for your other selections... I'll just not just like you asked.

Happy Boxing Day

DZER said...

jon: yes, it was straight to DVD, and I'm regretting giving it the chance I did LOL