Sunday, December 25, 2005

What's in a name?

I’m hoping that this post will clear the air about my chat handle and nom de blog, DZER. In fact, this eventually will go up on the sidebar as a permanent link for curious future folks who find my blog. LOL

I’m making this post to answer some of the questions behind the name DZER — how it’s pronounced, acceptable spellings and shortenings of it, etc. I’ve heard/gotten these questions from several different readers of my blog, and I guess I never got around to doing it, though I thought I did. LOL

I tried to record an audioblog to go with this, but the system was acting up and the playback was at chipmunk speed. So, you lose out on my very deep and sexy voice. ;)

1. The correct, formal spelling: D - Z - E - R

1.a. I like to keep it all caps. But that’s a personal preference; it isn’t an acronym for anything, though one of my old chat handles was “Daring Zebras Eat Rigatoni.” LOL ... but I won't kick a hot chick out of bed for writing it "Dzer" or even "dzer."

2. Acceptable variations: D; Dz; Deeze; and, in a pinch, Dzr. That’s it. Four different letters, a few different varieties. Big D or Big Daddy also are acceptable … heh. My all-time most irritating version I’ve read way too often: “DEZR.” Some folks in my old chatting place would always spell it that way. Urk.

3. Pronunciation: \’dee’zer\

3.a. Rhymes with: Tweezer. That band Weezer. The Scrooge, Ebenezer. Also, double rhymes with "skeezer pleaser." Heh.

4. DZER isn’t some made-up net name. My good friend Jojo was the one who started calling me DZER a lot back in our college days. In fact, he’s the one who got me my college graduation ring. Engraved on the inside of the band: DZER.

4.a. No, I am not and never have been gay … LOL. Jojo and I were really close in college and did just about everything together. He got me the ring because I helped him graduate on time by getting him through eight full classes — 24 credits.

5. DZER, in Latvian, means “drink.”

6. Dzerzhinsk is a city in western Russia. It was given its current name in 1929. It was renamed after Feliks Dzerzhinsky, founder of the Soviet secret police.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• One of the most well-used, and well-received, Chamorro phrases is: "Maila fan boka!" It means, basically, "Please come eat!"

• Two recent posts below for you to enjoy! heh.


castufari said...

Merry Christmas, DZ! Thanks for the name info. Proper handles shouldn't be anything that you can pronounce. :D

DZER said...

castufari: thanks man ... and merry christmas to you.

what about yours? is it cast-you-far-ee? or cast-oo-far-ree?

castufari said...


All gifts are opened, I just took all of the paper/cardboard to the recycling center before the bins become overwhelmed (like what usually happens).

Chrissie said...

LMAO... well i TRIED these last few months to help by telling people they were not typing/pronouncing it correctly AND how much you disliked that but SOME people seem to think they know ya better... i'm thrilled to see that I have been paying attention these oh so many years and it was not just me projecting my irritation over the misnaming *smooches*

sassinak said...

merry christmas dude!

have a great day!

DZER said...

castoo: cool ... and thanks!

chrissie: *pinches* well, you are a paying attentioner ;)

sass: same to you, darlin' :)

Everything Nice said...

D - Merry Christmas big daddy, I hereby declare I will never mispronounce again...

Thanks and merry christmas to ya,


Mike said...

So is DZER pronounced more like dessert or desert? the t of course)

Chrissie said...

im reposting this here because i dunno if you get your posts emailed to you or not... *L*
but in regards to the post a few below this one... ;)

I was just looking at this again and realized I had forgotten to comment on the family pic... That is a stunning photo of you sweetheart... you had the NERVE to comment on my "talking heads" white shoulder padded jacket?! HELLO??! Lookit those glasses!! and the tough guy chin up stance?? LMAO... you have NOOoo room to comment on my 80's wardrobe!

SignGurl said...

Merry Christmas, DZER!11 (It's still Christmas here.)


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Merry Christmas. Hope you had a great day. Kisses and hugs and other good stuff.

DZER said...

E.N.: Merry christmas :)

mike: something like that LOL

chrissie: I do have the e-mail feature now ... and I think you have me confused with someone else on that one.

jenn: merry christmas to you too, darlin' ... *smooches*

AAG: Thanks darlin' ... hope yours was a great one too *smooches and nibbles*

Chrissie said...

no, i dont.

DZER said...

ok ... my bad