Tuesday, January 03, 2006

a few missing pieces ...

Do you ever feel like your life is a big jigsaw puzzle that you're trying to put together? One of those numbers with hundreds of tiny pieces that your struggle to make fit?

Sometimes, you just can't find the right piece to put into place. There are pieces missing. Maybe they fell under the couch, or slipped off the kitchen table and accidently kicked under the refrigerator.

And you just know that if you could find all those pieces, and put them together just right, then everything would be perfect, or at least better.

Me? Nah; I don't feel like that. I just wanted some correlative bit of writing to match up with the image below, which shows off my MAD Photoshop skills! LOL

Snazzy, huh? Heh. Click on the image to see it a little bigger, and thus in more detail. ;)

One of them survey things ...
I took the following from a series of print ads by American Express. They have famous people — Tiger Woods, Ellen Degeneres, etc. — fill them out on one page, with a picture of the famous person on the other side. The questions are kinda cool, so I thought I'd do it myself. Please feel free to re-steal this from me if you have nothing to blog about one day, or if you just think it's cool too. LOL

My name ... is Duane, aka DZER

My childhood ambition ... was to play football and wrassle professionally.

My fondest memory ... has yet to be formed, I think ... but so far it's probably the last time my entire family was together before my dad passed.

My soundtrack ... lacks anything recent. I'm all about music from the past.

My retreat ... is laying in bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon with a great book and a hot cup of coffee.

My wildest dream ... is hitting the lottery, followed closely by a visit to California, or a combination of the two.

My proudest moment ... was making my dad cry with my high school salutatorian speech.

My biggest challenge ... is overcoming my phlegmatic, lazy nature.

My alarm clock ... keeps from from oversleeping? Gets its snooze button hit usually once?

My perfect day ... is sex, golf, great meal, sex, poker, great meal No. 2, more sex. That's in my dreams. In reality: Golf, good meal, poker. LOL

My first job ... was cutting lawns with my best friend, whose nickname was Jughead (I shit you not!).

My indulgence ... is expensive, gourmet meals. I WISH my indulgence could be smoking. *sigh*

My last purchase ... was four 49 fluid oz. bottles of King Car Lemon Tea.

My favorite movie ... is "Casablanca" ... followed closely by "The Jerk." LOL

My inspiration ... has been sadly lacking, of late.

My life ... could be a lot better ... but then again, it also could be a lot worse.

My card ... is non-existant. No credit cards for me. Heh

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Guam just had a pretty shaking-it-up earthquake. Probably in the 6.something range. People here get freaked out by these because in the early 1990s, we were hit by a quake that initially was registered as an 8.1 on the Richter scale, though later it was re-evaluated as a 7.5 on the Richter scale, that started off slow but then rumbled, jarred and shook for about a minute.


gigi said...

My alarm clock is half way across the room because it's the only way I can get my lazy ass out of bed. Unfortunately I am too near sighted to see the numbers so I never know what time it is.

WOW-if that's not a metaphor for my life I don't know what is!

DZER said...

LOL ... you need one of those alarm clocks that project the time onto the wall or ceiling ... ;)

SignGurl said...

Ok, again with the damn blue eyes! Your photo shop skills are amazing.

I always wake up one minute before the alarm clock goes off. I don't know why but I know if I don't set it, I won't get up.

gigi said...

Yeah, and a Clapper and a Rascal and a Med Alert


SignGurl said...

LMAO at G! We are all gonna need those someday. Ok, now I'm sad thinking about that. :-(

Suze said...

Am I the only one who usually wakes up early and can't get back to sleep without the snooze option?

Well, am I? Guess that's why I'm a little cranky then. LOL.

Natalia said...

Mad skills indeed...I love it. And I love that survey. I shall steal it.



DZER said...

jenn: thanks darlin' ... maybe more eyes for HNT ;)

gigi: the clapper rocks!

Jenn: cheer up! *fondles*

suze: my problem is if I wake up early, even if it's 5 minutes early, I say "fuck it" and go back to sleep ... which usually leads to oversleeping LOL

natalia: thanks darlin'; I appreciate it ... and I look forward to your answers :)

murphy said...

HNY man... now I have to go read your 12 posts in 2 days

sassinak said...

murph: yeah i can't keep up with the dzer!


although i think i'm caught up THIS week!

nice survey dude, i'll do it if i can lack of inspiration again.

Steppin' On Toes said...

I dig the puzzle Deez. You're def a creative guy....

gigi said...

The clap rocks? WTF D?

ell said...

ah, dzer. sometimes i feel like no matter how hard i try, i'll never get all the pieces to fit. that's if i could even find all of them.


Chrissie said...

I think someone shorted my puzzle on purpose... just so they could watch me crawl around on my hands n knees lookin under the furniture.

*narrowed gaze* empty your pockets please sir.

DZER said...

murphy: happy new year to you to man ... and it's not my fault you make the blogworld go away on your days off LOL

sass: I'm sure you can keep up, and surpass me, any time you put your mind to it ... and cool! ;)

jax: aww .. thanks darlin' ... and welcome back!


ell: c'mere darlin' ... I'll help you look ... *fingers a piece* ... oops! ... heh ;)

chrissie: *still watching you on your hands and knees, peeking down your cleavage as you crawl toward me* ... what? my pockets? umm ... wanna slide your hands in and check for yourself? ;)

gigi said...

Why do I always get spanked?

DZER said...

because you're the bad girl

and don't pretend that you don't love it


terry said...

dammit, gigi... i was SO going to say the same thing about the clap!! lol

dzer, be sure you make a stop in lovely sf when you visit the golden state after winning the lottery. i'll be so disappointed if you don't.

DZER said...

terry: Of course I'll put the City by the Bay on my list of California stopping points ... it's one of my favorite cities!

Lindsey said...

Love the picture. Very cool questions by the way...just may borrow for later this week.

Chrissie said...


Your boyfriend is abusing me for abusing you

DZER said...

chrissie: I'm caddish, what can I say? but then again ... why do you like crawling around on your hands and knees soooo much? heh

and please ... continue abusing me ;)

kathi said...

I do love your blue eyes, dzer. And you're saying you don't have any, not even one, credit card? Cool.
Our t.v. comes on for our alarm, but doesn't usually wake me up. Hubby get's our coffee, sets mine on my night table and slaps my butt...that's been my morning ritual at 5 a.m., 5 days a week, for as long as I can remember.

DZER said...

kathi: thanks darlin' ... and nope; not anymore ... closest I have is a visa check card.

ass slaps 5 days a week at 5 a.m. ... i'm not a morning person, so someone woulda got dead after about 3 days of that LOL

kathi said...

awwww, it's just a sweet lil ole' love slap, that's all. :)
I'm not a morning person either, and that *slap* followed by the very close smell of coffee is about the only thing that'll do it. Sometimes, he's had to slap a couple of times...but then it's usually him coming back to bed instead of me getting out. :)

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