Thursday, January 05, 2006

one killer good sammich ...

Over the weekend, I satisfied my craving for fried bacon sammiches. mmm .... they were SO good ... all three of them!

Over the last few days, I've had another sammich craving. I was wanting more bacon, but with something else ... unquantifiable ... at least, until today. I figured it out: I wanted a tuna salad club sammich.

The only ingredients I had at home, I knew for sure, was tuna — I tried the Starkist in the pouch for the first time ever ... nice!! — the mayonnaise and some black pepper. So a little before work ended, I snuck out to the supermarket. I got thick-sliced bacon, some ripe tomatoes, an onion, eggs and some hoagie rolls. I wanted fresher rolls from my favorite bakery, but they were out of what I wanted.

As soon as I got home, I started some water to boil, for the eggs. Once it was boiling, I dropped in a few eggs, then put a skillet on a burner and started frying the bacon. Got the bacon all nice and super crispy. While it was frying, I diced some onions finely and took the tuna out of the pouches. Put that into a bowl, broke it up a bit with a fork, then put in the onions and some black pepper. Tossed that together and put it in the fridge. Sliced the tomatoes and put them in the fridge to chill too.

Got the bacon all fried up and drained on some paper towels to take away a little bit of the grease. Took the eggs off and rinsed them with cold water, then put them in the fridge. Let it all sit for about 20 minutes, then came back. Put a couple of hoagie rolls into the toaster oven to get them nice and ... well, toasty. LOL ... Shelled the eggs, cut them in half and tossed the yolks (don't like that taste with my tuna), then chopped them into nice-size chunks and added it to the tuna. Tossed that, then added some mayo and mixed it well.

The timer on the toaster oven rang, so the toasted rolls went onto a paper plate, then I took it all — tuna salad, bread, tomatoes and crispy bacon to the room.

Lookit all that sammich goodness!

Then it was assembly time.

This photo may not be the greatest, but it gives you the idea. I was too hungry to take too many shots to ensure the lighting and focus were perfect. LOL

Still plenty of bacon and tuna left over, so it looks like that's what I'm having for breakfast or lunch tomorrow. But I don't mind at all ... it's some goooooood stuff.

OK ... I think this is the most domestic and boring posts ever. And here I thought this post would rise to the level of my Sloppy Joe post. LOL

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• The United States acquired Guam in 1898 from Spain in the Treaty of Paris, following the Spanish-American War. The rest of the Mariana Islands went to Germany, which held them till the end of World War I, when they were given to Japan for its assistance to the Allies in the "War to End All Wars."


gigi said...

D-bacon on Tuna fish is, well it's gross.

DZER said...

Gigi, darlin' ... crispy fried bacon goes on ANYTHING!!

It's the crack cocaine of meat!

gigi said...

Crack Cocaine of meat?
niice D, Really.

But wouldn't bologna be more crackish?

DZER said...

hmmm ... how can you get me, but not get the appeal of bacon?

we're both relatively hammy ... a bit fatty but with meat on it ... and crispy good!!

Alex said...

FYI it's 12:13 in the UK and I am skiving, so I thought I'd look at DZer's blog. What do a I see, a delicious monster sandwich!

My stomach growled so loud even the staff in the next department heard it! And I can't get any lunch for 45 minutes.

I am soooo trying the recipe.

Chrissie said...

i'd eat the inside n leave the bread *L* thats a lot of protein!

DZER said...

alex: I might have to name the sammich ... DZER's perfect tuna club ... or something like that.

let me know if you like it as much as I do LOL

chrissie: then it woudln't be a sammich!! It's just be a pile of stuff on a plate! LOL

gigi said...

I love bacon!
Don't get me wrong!

Just mixing Pork products with fish

what is that, like Guammy surf and turf?

DZER said...

bacon goes with EVERYTHING!!!

SignGurl said...

I SO love me some bacon! It IS the crack cocaine of sandwich meats, or maybe it's the crystal meth 'cause it's addictive.

I'm a little unsure about the egg in tuna but not totally opposed to it. Glad you took the white out. I'm not overly fond of the white.

I think the sammich pic is blurred because you steamed up the camera with your bated breathe, heh!

gigi said...

Bacon doesn't go with oranges!
It doesn't go with CHOCOLATE!
It doesn't go with vodka!
It doesn't go with PIZZA! (it's wrong to put bacon on pizza!)

SignGurl said...

Bacon on pizza is all I order. A huge round blissful pie filled with cheese AND bacon! Yummy!

gigi said...

Threw up in my mouth Jenn!

Don't get me started on the proper toppings for pizza!

I am related to the man who INVENTED the PIZZA~

Chrissie said...

Mmmm pizza with chiecken bacon onions n garlic... yes please!

Man I wish I could eat bread again lol... it still makes me hurl.

DZER said...

jenn: yes!! a woman who understands! and you may be right about the pic LOL

gigi: bacon DOES go with pizza ... duh.

jenn: extra cheese, right?

gigi: related? tell us more!

chrissie: that sounds goooooooood. and hope you can eat bread soon too!

grainne said...

Let me start out with....FOOD ON THE BLOODY KEYBOARD ! Some people are SUCH users....thought you would know better! All of my I/T sensibilities are screaming !

I would share tuna salad with you all day if you let me add the yokes and some sweet pickle relish to it. As for the bacon - the occasional BLT, a little touch of bacon bits on a baked potato with sour cream and cheese, a breakfast food, liver and onions made with bacon or on a pizza...I am there with you but not on tuna! I would be hollowing out that tomato and stuffing it with tuna. However tuna is better when it is made into tasty sushi treats.

Suze said...

Dzer, they look great. I'll have to try them but I don't think I could manage 3. If you get a puppy you'll have to make 4. LOL.

Steppin' On Toes said...

OMG that looks smackin good. Wanna come over and make me a sammich?

DZER said...

grainne: how did I just know that the food placement would freak you out? LOL ... and it's in FRONT of the keyboard!

and of course bacon goes with tuna salad ... geez! as for sushi ... bleah!

suze: what looks great? My sammiches? My balls? what CAN you manage? LOL

jax: it WAS smackin good. And why dont' YOU come over? I will make you sammiches ... and other stuff too ;)

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Dzer's doing FOOD PORN now.


DZER said...

my blog is food porn half the time ... love making folks hungry ... in a variety of ways ;)

AlwaysArousedGirl said...'s the difference????


DZER said...

if you don't know ... I want to take you to lunch ... and then dinner ... and then a midnight snack ... and breakfast ;)

sassinak said...

damn those look yummy

i would have saved the egg yolks and mixed them with the mayo and made a tuna salad out of them :)

yep, it's me.... said...

LOVE the bag-o-tuna. but i just eat it right out of the bag. never time to find bread or mix junk in. bag-o-tuna. yummmmmmmm

DZER said...

sass: I'm not a big fan of hard-boiled egg yolks ... I don't mind them, just don't prefer them ... and they WERE yummy-most!

velma: eww ... I need SOME kind of condiment with it ... but more power to ya, darlin' ;)

Shay said...

that is a BIG sammich!!
looks like a very messy one to eat too ^_~

Oh So Wonderful said...

That's it! I'm sold...when I get back, pare', we are getting together for some of your awesome sammiches..dammit! This is're my pare' and we haven't even done the deed - I MEANT...MEET pare'! So now that you know what I look like, you'll be able to see me coming a mile away! (: Adahi!!!

ell said... mouth is watering. not a boring post for me! i love food WAY too much. that's why i'll never get off that damn treadmill!

DZER said...

shay: I like my sammiches big and messy! That just about guarantees it will be delish. You got anything that might get a little messy that you'd like me to eat? ;)

oh so wonderful: hey, you can't blame me, mallé!! I kept offering to buy you food at Linda's or wherever! You know where to reach me here ... just gimme a call when you're back. LOL

ell: I love making your mouth water ;) ... and I can think of a few reasons to get you off the treadmill ... heh

Grace said...

That looks incredibly good. Never tried bacon and tuna together before, but damn... it looks good!

terry said...

you diced your own onions?? man. i'm never doing that again.

bacon. yummmmm.

DZER said...

amazing grace: it was ... well, amazing ... trust me ;)

terry: LOL ... so I read. and yes ... bacon ... god I love it!