Sunday, January 01, 2006

be it so resolved ...

Some New Year's resolutions for everyone's favorite DZER:

• Be a good DZER for all of my DZERettes.

• Play more golf.

• Improve and strengthen my writing. Also, as necessity, write more.

• Get a dog. (Happy, Chrissie and grainne?)

• Exercise more frequently.

• Learn to love again. Psyche.

• Put a new CD player in the truck.

• Keep the apartment clean and tidy, and reduce most of the clutter.

• Eat more roughage. Heh.

Updates ...
... some new sets are up

And, for those who missed it, be sure to check out the DZERette Commandments.


Suze said...

Happy New Year Dzer.

Dzer, we don't want you to be a good Dzer but a bad one. LOL. :)

yep, it's me.... said...

hey another thing - I want to learn to golf.
Happy New Year Dzer.
heading to your pigs of guam link... watched a show on hog hunting
with dogs and a big knife..
and again wonder, am I too masculine? I found it fascinating..
of guam
Happy New Year

SignGurl said...

I didn't make any since I will break them in about 1 week and feel even worse about myself.

Happy New Year!!


DZER said...

suze: If bad is good, then so be it ;)

velma: I'll show you how to propery grip a shaft ... and how to sink one ;)

and I can show you some pigs of Guam if ya want ;)

jenn: maybe I'll do better since I posted them publicly ... LOL ... *smooches*

gigi said...

DZER needs roughage for the COOLY!

DZER said...

gigi: you must overcome this fascination with my boo-tay!

dare a dalliance with da DZER's dagan?

Chrissie said...

I'll be happy when i see pics of you with a cute lil puppy and hear ya play with him on the phone and hear him growlin n bark

Bill Jones, Jr said...

The "keep the apartment clean and tidy" and "get a dog" resolutions are mutually exclusive. :)

Sid said...

hey man...jus wanted to tell u...ur design for gigi's openin page rocks!!!! its damn cool man! awsome work!!!

grainne said...

You know nothing will help you keep a tidy apartment like a PUPPY who will devour everything that is not put in it's place ~snicker~ I can thank a dog we used to have for teaching my son to never leave dirty clothes on the floor as the dog would eat important parts of certain types of clothing. Nothing like a kid trying to figure out where the crotch of his underware went...~L~ to convince him that a laundry hamper has a purpose !

~smooch~ happy new years and I really look forward to seeing more of your writings in 2006.

Chrissie said...

LMAO Grainne! I've seen that face on a couple of my kids!
and thats totally true!

I've always had a dog... if it were just he n I (and my two cats) my house would be spotless *L* Even the other dog n cats wouldn’t make that much difference... its the KIDS who make the real mess. The only mess the animals make is in the backyard, and the whole hair thing.

Vacuuming is good exercise! Lol

Sid said...

and trust me...i ur blog totally rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

DZER said...

chrissie: yadda yadda yadda ... LOL

sabledawn: hmmm ... that may present some problems ... LOL

sid: thanks man! happy new year!

grainne: hmm ... you and sabledawn disagree ... I guess this will be an interesting experience ... and thanks, darlin' :)

chrissie: can you come over to vacuum? ;)

sid: thanks again!

Mike said...

Lemme know if ya get to chrissie over to

Natalia said...

Learning to love again is actually not a bad one, darling... :) and yaay dog...can't wait for the pics!

Happy 2006!


DZER said...

mike: will do ... think she'll dust too? LOL

nat: shhh on the love thing ;) ... and there will be pics once there is puppy :)

gigi said...

Love exciting and new!
Come aboard!
We're expecting you!

gigi said...

Love exciting and new!
Come aboard!
We're expecting you!

Shay said...

why a dog and not a cat?

DZER said...

gigi: yer stuttering!

shay: I don't like cats. They're too haughty and have the whole "I'm-better-than-you" attitude. Cats are more demanding and aloof and picky and less affectionate than dogs.

If I wanted all that, I'd get a woman! LMAO

no; seriously. ;)

Chrissie said...

*checking for French maid outfit* nope didn’t think I was wearing one! You missed the point! A dog would fulfill THREE resolutions in one and there would be no breaking of any of them...the exercise one OR the dog one (obviously) OR the staying more tidy one! (you would either learn to pick your shit up or be throwing a lot of stuff away, either way its cleaner!).. You know there are 2 more that come with it too... you'd learn a whole new kind of love... puppy love... AND you would be being very good to the dzerettes who should be most important as we have known you longest! LOL

DZER said...

wait a minute ... why aren't you wearing a french maid outfit?

hmmm ... gonna have to come up with a DZERette dress code ;)

*makes note ... puppy ... soon*

Grace said...

Happy New Year Dzer! I wish you luck with your resolutions. I know I won't keep mine ;)

P.S. what exactly is roughage?

DZER said...

amazinggrace: thanks and thanks, darlin' ...

... and roughage is something you young folks don't have to worry about LOL