Monday, January 23, 2006

ouch part 2 ...

WARNING: The following post contains a photograph of a frank and graphic nature. Namely, there is a closeup picture of my mouth, detailing the areas of my lower gumline from which two teeth were extracted earlier today. If you are easily grossed out, you might not want to proceed too much further. LOL

OK, here's a breakdown of the whole tooth ordeal today.

1. I get there on time. Pay upfront ($245 ... ouch!) and am soon called to the back area. The doc is a little delayed, but not overly so.

1.a. It should be noted that the guy performing the procedure is no "ordinary" dentist. No, this guy is a orthodontic surgeon. On top of that, he's also a maxillofacial surgeon. So the guy is super qualified.

2. Apparently, both teeth — the molar (No. 30) and the wisdom tooth (No. 32) have SUPER-long roots; way longer than normal. This is why my dentist referred me to the specialist; he was uncomfortable doing the procedure. I'm actually glad — I'd rather have my dentist say, "You know what? I want a more qualified guy taking those teeth out" than to have the guy try to do it and not be able to.

That was the case with one of my previously extracted wisdom teeth — the guy pulled it but couldn't get the entire root out. It didn't help that this happened right before Thanksgiving weekend. Bastard.

3. It took a little while — and a lot of PRESSURE — to get both out. The wisdom tooth had to be sectioned before it could be removed, and actually required a couple of sutures, the first time I ever need such with a tooth extraction, which tells you how bad that tooth was. LOL ... and the other tooth, the regular molar, which was done first, actually took more time to extract. Apparently, it had a HOOK on the end of the root — the sucker just did NOT want to come out. LOL

4. Went into the office for about a whole two hours — my boss released me early, and my leaving coincided with the wearing off of the Novocaine. So that worked out nicely.

5. Guess what. Vicodin doesn't really do anything for me. I didn't get drowsy. The pain didn't significantly subside. Sucks.

6. That being said, it's not really all that bad. I don't know if I just have a higher threshold for pain than others or what, but it's not like I HAD to go home. I was told to, so I went. LOL

My other extractions have pretty much been the same. Some dull pain, but really it's more of an dull, rough ache instead of pain, per se.

That's why I didn't go for the other sedation method, which would have knocked me out a bit. It's not gas, I found out, but some kind of I.V. sedation. It would have kept me semi-concious while they did the work, but: 1. My insurance only covers part of any sedation beyond Novocaine; and 2. I didn't think I would need that ... I'm not that freaked out by extractions — I have had four other teeth pulled before.

Also, I would have needed to find someone to drive me there, wait for everything to get done, then drive me home. I don't really know anyone to do that for me. Sad, huh? LOL ... Also, I would have been out of it for like four to six hours. So ... I passed on it.

7. What sucked is that I didn't eat at all in the morning, so I was starving a couple hours after I got home. I ate some cottage cheese and two bananas — I figured soft food, chewed on opposite side, would be OK. I was right, though my jaw's still a bit sore overall from the "pressure." Heh. A little later on I cooked up some chicken-and-rice and had that, with some dunked bread. Yummy.

I did freak out when a piece of rice moved to the extraction side and when I touched it with my tongue, I thought it was a chunk of gum that had come off. LOL

OK ... without further ado, and for pure gross-out factor, I present the nasty parts:

There's a long overdue new erotica story up over at DZEROTICA written by yours truly, the DZER. It is called lessons … Click directly on the title to go straight to the story. I'm going to try to do a better job at keeping my spicy erotica site updated a little more frequently.


kathi said...

Oh babe, you need someone to come and just be good to you for awhile. Poor thing.

DZER said...

kathi: oh ... I'll live LOL ... but thank you :)

SignGurl said...

I think you are on the road to good health! Just think, in another couple of weeks you'll have your toe taken care of and you'll think you're 20 years old again!

Vicoden does nothing for me either. It makes my best friend super hyper. She's like a crack whore on a 3 day bender on that stuff. It's funny to watch her in super sonic mode, lol.

Take care of yourself and try to get lots of rest.

DZER said...

Jenn: don't remind me about the toe! LOL

and vicodin sucks ass!

thanks darlin' ... *smooch*

Mike said...

Getting all fixed up...from head to toe huh?

DZER said...

mike: one tooth and toenail at a time ... LOL

Chrissie said...

vicodin can be fun but you need a booster for it like pot or booze lol

the soma vidodin pot trio i was on a couple weeks ago was very helpful for my back!

and a guy your size?? are you still takin one? I would think at least two? They tell ME to take one?

da buttah said...

that is SO HOT!!

almost as good as my tonsil pic!

murphy said...

for the sake of fuck.. can't we do the 'hot chicks of guam' thing instead of the "hey check out what's inflamed on me today!"

Suze said...

Dzer, you must have a high pain threshold. When I had my wisdom tooth out it hurt like f**k for days.

You need to adhere to a liquid diet for a few days now. LOL. Burp!

Steppin' On Toes said...

Ouch is correct. I hope you're ok!

ArtfulDodger said...

Dzer - your's is the only site where the words HOT EROTICA UP have a picture of a man's wisdom tooth above it! :) Somebody has to be first.

Man, I've been there and it is nooooo fun. I feel for you.

DZER said...

chrissie: I guess I should have "boosted" it ... LOL .. and I did take two ... nothin!

buttah: so glad you approve LOL

murphy: working on it!

suze: I'm feeling mucho better today .. and why liquids only? I can chew on the other side of my mouth still LOL

jax: I'm doing much better today, thanks :)

artfuldodger: I noticed that discongruence myself ... I'll be more careful in the future LOL

One of the Girls said...

I'm a new reader Dzer and I feel bad for ya! I hope you are feeling better!

DZER said...

one of the girls: thanks darlin' ... and welcome to the diatribe! hope to see you back often :)

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

You know, I'm sure someone, somewhere, will find an open mouth and a gaping tooth-hole very erotic.

Let's hope he or she finds you tonight, Dzer.

You may have saved that person from a long and lonely night.


Hope you are feeling good.

DZER said...

AAG: you are a true sweetheart *smooch*

ell said...

ouch! hope you're feeling better dzer. you've had your share of boo boos lately, you poor baby!

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