Sunday, January 22, 2006

weekend viewing ...

This weekend was a pretty laid-back one for me.

OK, who am I kidding? Just about EVERY weekend is a laid-back weekend for me. LOL

But I got a ton of weekend work done early, didn't have any social obligations, and pretty much didn't have to do much except pass the time, thinking about the extraction of two teeth, including a wisdom tooth, that will happen in about 10 hours from now. Bleah.

So I spent a good amount of time watching TV. A lot of it was crap — no surprise there — but there were some shows of interest.

I watched this show on the Discovery Channel about a clan of hunters trying to survive during the Ice Age. I get into these historical interpretations of major events from the past. I like the incorporation of science and theory along with creativity and guesswork.

I also watched a good part of the "Miami Ink" marathon on The Learning Channel. Of course, now I'm hankering to either get a new tattoo, or to figure out some way to dress up and embellish, and/or better incorporate some of my existing tattoos by figuring out some way to link them, or to better delineate or frame them. Geez. Even I can't understand that convoluted crap. LOL ... Basically, I just want my current tatts to look a little better.

I do still need to get tattoos on both of my legs, to complete one of the major reasons behind my tatts. My back (torso) is tattooed. My left arm and right arm are both tattooed. Now I need both of my legs to get inked too.

Why? you may ask. Hell, you might not ask. Doesn't matter. I'm telling ya anyway!

I need tatts on all major body parts in case I'm ever murdered and then dismembered.

Yep. You "heard" me right. It's in case I get dismembered. You see, with individualized, personalized tatts, such I have — and will eventually get on my legs — even if they just find the torso, or a leg, or an arm, they'll be able to identify me based on the tatt(s) ... and there won't be that "is he alive" mystery. Morbid and macabre ... but true! LOL

I also took time to go to the movies this weekend. I'm trying to do that more often on the weekends if there is something I think might be worth watching, so I get out of the apartment, if nothing else, on the weekend. LOL

I went to see "The Producers," the movie version of the Broadway version of the movie. It was FABULOUS! Oh my God, I can't remember the last time I laughed so much during a movie. I missed several jokes because I was laughing so hard at earlier antics, verbiage, punditry and other wordplay. It started a little slow, but as soon as they got to the part with Will Ferrell, it was near total and constant hysterics.

And I, for the most part, HATE musicals! So that should tell you something. LOL

I love the original, starring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder. They were brilliants, the rest of the cast was brilliant, the movie, overall, was brilliant. Mel Brooks is ... you guessed it ... brilliant!!

Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick have a great chemistry together. Yes, they go overboard much of the time, but that's what I think it's all about, the tongue-beyond-the-cheek kind of outsized humor. And Uma Thurman ... va-va-va-voom AND funny as a Swedish knockout blonde. Ferrell was superb as the Nazi playwright, and the first scene with the play's director and his crew KILLED me.

It was an older crowd in the theater — I was one of the youngest — but that didn't keep us all from laughing. I swear the woman in front of me almost peed herself several times. What a great and fun two hours and change.

If it's still where you are and you haven't seen it yet, go watch it. Oh ... but I would recommend that you watch the original film on DVD first, if you haven't already.

• OK, FIRST OFF there has been some new additions to DZER's Diatribe, and the other various and sundry blogs, over the weekend.

I have finally gotten off my ass and updated and upgraded my list of blog links, including putting some people there who are way overdue for being there, including DH Spicy who (relatively recently) reviewed the DZER’s trifecta of blogs and I didn’t even know! Visit his site and scroll down to latish December and read for yourself! Heh.

• THERE IS a long overdue new erotica story up over at DZEROTICA written by yours truly, the DZER. It is called lessons … Click directly on the title to go straight to the story.

• ALSO, IF YOU haven't checked them out already, I have some relatively new photos of Guam flora up over at DZER’s Guam Pics. For those of you who checked them out a couple of days back, they aren’t quite THAT new. LOL

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• There are more than 800 species of fish that live in or around Guam's coral reefs. We also have freshwater eels, freshwater shrimp and a species of catfish that live in the lowland swamps.


DH Spicy said...

It was a pleasure reviewing your blog. Soon after the Chat event, I started dropping in on your blogs. You obviously spend a good amount of time on them. Your interaction with other bloggers fun too.
When I review, I don't go around to show and tell. I figure there's enough traffic that the word will get out.
Thank you for linking me and have a good week.

Madame X said...

I love Miami Ink!
Yoshi is such a goof and I want the chick to do my Bettie Page Tattoo!

I saw the Producers on BROADWAY!
Didn't get to see Nathan and Matthew but I did see Cadi Hoffman who originated the role of Ula.

It really chaffs me that they cast Uma Thurman in that role.
Now Uma's hot! But she has as much talent as...bathroom tile.

I'll see the movie because of Mel Brooks, Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick but my ass will start twitching when Uma walks on screen...AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY!

One of the Girls said...

Great flora from Guam. Love the tropics!

Suze said...

Dzer, you need to get your tatts out for me. I've done it so it's now time to see yours. LOL.

BTW, thanks for recommending The Producers, we will have to catch that.

SignGurl said...

Ok, not to burst your tattoo theory but everyone knows that you CUT OFF the tattoos or any other identifying marks. Sheesh, a great writer like you should know this.

I can't stand musical movies. I love to watch them on the stage (where they belong). There's just something unrealistic about someone breaking out into song during a movie.

Shay said...

But doesn't someone have to know about your tats? Maybe you should notify the police so they can make a file?

I've been wanting to see the Producers too! Thanks for the recomendation - if the Dzer likes it, then it must be good! ^_^

Oh! Also, did I invite you to my second blog yet? If you see a comment from me with a differnt picture, that was made when I was using the other account.

DZER said...

dh: thanks man ... and welcome to DZER's Diatribe ...

madame x: she was good in this! LOL ... and yes, Miami Ink is smoking hot ...

luke warm: thanks!

suze: my tatts have made regular appearances here, darlin' ... and go! it's a great flick!

jenn: most dismembering murderers don't think that far ahead! LOL ... and check out this movie ... the singing works! LOL

shay: I really liked the flick ... and any blogger could identify my body parts via my tatts! LOL ... and I'm now a regular at the other spot ;)

Chrissie said...

dismemberment LOL... well as long as its my right leg thats found, my ass or my back... i'm covered!

have i mentioned what a dork you are??

DZER said...

not lately ... ;)