Thursday, February 09, 2006

the early HNT from Guam ... a little overdue

OK ... my online malle', oh so wonderful pointed out in a comment below that I had failed to post my early HNT from Guam. And she was right.

So here it is:

Per a request from Madame X ... DZER's forearms.

Can you tell which one hangs out of the window every day?


To find out more about Half-Nekkid Thursday,
check out the link, baby:

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• The Chamorro word for "arm" is "brasu." No specific word for "forearm."


Madame X said...

Bets thing that's happened to me all week!

Thanks Big Daddy!

DZER said...

madame x: (almost) anything for you, darlin' ... heh

Steppin' On Toes said...

Luuuuuuuuuuv it.

Suze said...

Dzer, you got me thinking of suspended sex now.

Your arms look strong enough to support a girl in mid air whilst doing the wild thing. *kicks off shoes* ;)

SignGurl said...

Suze is right, that brings back the memory from DZERotica of a man holding a girl up while he is standing and her legs are wrapped around his head, umm.....hold on a minute......

K, I'm back....whew! You gotta stop doing that to us!

grainne said...

Not only is that the arm that ends up out the window, it also appears to be the arm you wear your watch on.

Drinking some chocolate milk today?~snickers~ I see a little mustache on that lip.

Oh So Wonderful said...

Um, read 'forearm' and thought, 'foreskin.' We got a word for that? No, not the Freudian slip - there's no word for Freudian slip in'd probably think one up! Can you tell I haven't had it in awhile? Oh I miss the Zoo.

Pietros..oh, the new place, right? Hmm. Gotta try that one!

Everything Nice said...

Still up to no-good, eh Dzer ;)

Good on ya, happy HNT... loving the forearms.

WHAT?!?!? You didn't get the memo?!?!? They're more famous than that Jack Ball photo...

hmm. maybe you didn't.

I love the darker of the two definitely, don't let the other get jealous.

DZER said...

jax: awww ... *blush* ... LOL

suze: hmm ... gonna have to work out a bit more to make sure I can ... but for you I'm willing to give it a shot! Heh

jenn: LOL ... DZER strong! DZER much strong! *thumps chest, drags knuckles on ground*

grainne: heh ... cheap watch too ... see the red blotch? time to get my Bulova fixed ... and yes, the mustache is making a comeback. LOL

oh so wonderful: laƱa malle'!! Don't go telling me your need for chile. LOL ... And Pietro's was OK, but not spectacular.

E.N.: I'm never up to good, and thank you very much.

Shay said...

haha lookin' good!
However, I think you are far too pale, considering where you live.

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

*Wolf whistling*

Nice, baby.


Natalia said...

Watch out! Dzer broke out the GUNS!


yep, it's me.... said...

why yes, you do have fabulously blue eyes....

kathi said...

When I was 18 I drove down to Florida once in the middle of summer and I was pretty fair skinned. Had a 2nd degree burn on my left arm and shoulder when I got there.
Thanks for the pic and the smirk.

DZER said...

shay: the sun is the enemy! LOL

always aroused girl: fresh! I'm picturing you in a construction helmet and tool belt ... hot!

natalia: can you handle a man of my ... caliber? LOL

velma: why thank you, darlin' ...

kathi: ouch! and you're welcome and you're welcome.

TequilaGirl said...

Dz! You need to work on the rest of your tan! LOL! How is it that we see all of these beautiful beach pics and you don't have a tan?

Happy HNT!!!

DZER said...

tequila girl: the sun is bad for you! didn't you know that! only time I'm in the sun is when I'm golfing LOL