Sunday, February 05, 2006

Lazy Sunday!

So what did I do with my Sunday?

With apologies to Chris Parnell and Andy Samburg:

Lazy Sunday! Wake up in the late afternoon.
Call Chrissie just to see how she's doin'.
"What up, Chris?"
"Yo DZER, whats crackin’?"
"You thinking what i'm thinking?"
"Diablo II?!"
"Then it's happenin'!"

Yep. Played an MMORPG for most of the day. Watched some DVDs. Ate some food.

Could have played golf.

Could have done some advance work for week.

Could have cleaned up and rearranged the apartment.

Could have painted the living room.

Could have done the dishes.

Could have went out to get a puppy.

Could have actually left the house for more than the run to Blockbuster and one-choice, two-choice restaurant.

Could have written something deep and meaningful in my blog. Or even just something fun and goofy.

Could have applied myself and finished up a couple of the erotica pieces I've started.

Could have went to the movies. Well, still can, I guess; it's early yet.

Could have started — finally — my novel.

Could have written e-mails to catch up with family and friends. Or letters. Or postcards.

Could have started an exercise regimen. Or just gone to a park to walk around and take photos.

Could have went to Mass. LMAO ... sorry ... but I COULD have!

There are far more things that I could have done, that I SHOULD have done with my Sunday. Still a lot I could do — there are three hours left in the day.

But I didn't. And I won't.

The DVDs I watched today:
• Serendipity
Apres Vous (yes, a French movie)
In Her Shoes
Corpse Bride
Sin City


Oh So Wonderful said...

You could've helped me decorate for tomorrow's festivities. We have balloon arches, huge campaign sized billboards, 3'X3' peel away helmet stickers, a big screen tv, a projector, a local 1/2 time show f/CHEERLEADERS, and prizes...have fun tomorrow pare'!

DZER said...

lucky you ... "make-up" day so conveniently scheduled for Super Bowl Monday ... heh

Of course ... I'll be at the office :P

Madame X said...

This proclivity for Chick Flicks is disturbing D.

You have been saved from further mockery by Sin City!

I'd love a lazy Sunday feel like Babysitting?

DZER said...

madame x: I like to cry over sappy romantic movies and their faulty, unrealistic, bullshit formulae and typical trite plotlines ... so sue me :P

Chrissie said...

LOL Dork.

That’s a bunch of movies... I watched The Interpreter OR as my parts manager recommended it to me "The Interrupter" LMAO... I watched it all the way through (Wow Sean Penn looks OLD)... and then fell asleep the last few minutes while she was holding the gun LOL Oops. Have to watch the end again now.

Lindsey said...

Don't feel bad...I laid on the couch and watched tv all day.

DZER said...

chrissie: that's the part you watch the whole movie to see what happens!! go watch it! LOL

linny: yeah; but you had 4 wisdom teeth yanked outta yer head a couple days back LOL ... I'm just a lazy bastard!

SignGurl said...

Being lazy is our prerogative (I looked up that spelling and it still looks wrong) as humans. I wish I had been lazy this weekend. There's nothing better!

Grace said...

I'm jealous Dzer. I got up early, went grocery shopping for the week, got back home, put everything away (which took too darn long), took down the Christmas tree, cleaned the house, went outside and filled up my big dog's food and water, filled up the bird feeder, and finally washed my little doggy.
Now, I'm off to take a well-deserved bubble bath :)

P.S. is "In Her Shoes" any good?

kathi said...

I can't imagine watching all those movies in one day...dang guy. I watched In Her Shoes yesterday. Cried like a baby (I've got issues with my sister and we've not spoke for about 3 years). For nearly an hour, all I could do was force myself not to call her. Even dreamed about her last night. Damned movie.


Natalia said...

Serendipity is cute.
I want to see corpse bride.
And I want to see sin city...but mostly for Clive Owen...does that count?


DZER said...

jenn: I revel in my laziness, and yet at the same time know I could be doing at least a little productive work.

amazinggrace: too busy a sunday! and yes, "In Her Shoes" was a pretty good movie.

kathi: it was kind of sad, yes? but also uplifting and reassuring at the end ... and I didn't blame her! LOL

natalia: you have GOT to watch "Sin City," and for more than Clive Owen. I won't shirk with my praise: It really is a cinematic masterpiece!

Mike said...

Coulda, woulda, shoulda huh?

DZER said...

but didn't ... LOL

Suze said...

Dzer, my sentiments exactly. It's good to be back visiting my friends.

*hugs & kisses*

DZER said...

suze: hey you!! *gropes and fondles*

Shay said...

I have a hardcore lazy day on sunday too
it was extra bad because I was "studying"/watching movies.
I'm the worse person EVER!

DZER said...

shay ... awww ... pshaw!! the worst person ever is out kicking kittens and taunting old people ...

ell said...

we all need a lazy day now and then. saw brokeback mountain.