Monday, February 13, 2006

a random sampling of The DZER ...

One of the cool things about my workplace is that, on top of our regular set of annual holidays, every employee gets a personal, paid holiday for their birthday. You can take it on the day of your birthday, or at any other time within about a month of your actual birth date.

I took mine today ... Monday ... which is rapidly approaching yesterday. And, once again, I used it to mostly just laze about and goof off. I did almost nothing productive. I did write a column about renewing my driver's license (long story), but other wise I just did some online gaming, watched TV and DVDs, went to the bookstore and bought a new book (guilty pleasure — the latest J.D. Robb hardcover), ate a Double Whopper with cheese from Burger King, then did some more gaming. I did do a little grocery shopping, but the laundry and dishes still need to be done. Tomorrow is soon enough.

To counteract the super sammich and the DWWC, I had a healthy dinner — cheese and crackers, an apple and some grapes. Will have fruit when I get up too. It's all about balancing the bad with the good, like karma, like yin and yang, like peanut butter and jelly, like strippers and DZER ... well, you get the point.

Really wanted to finish off an erotica piece, but was never in any kind of sexy writing mood during the course of the day, and didn't want to just pound it out for the sake of doing it and getting it done. Hmm ... now THAT sounded somewhat erotic and dirty ... LOL

And now for something completely different ...

I e-mailed a long-time friend of mine yesterday. It was the first time I'd communicated with her since she left the island more than a year ago. We'd once been very, very close friends. We had a pretty big falling out some time back, regarding a relationship gone bad that then went good. Long story. Really long story, and I won't share it here.

We stayed friends, of a sort, though it took me some time before I could even be civil, I was THAT upset over things. So we were no longer close. We were polite to each other, talked at work, chatted and were nice to each other at get-togethers, parties, events, etc. But neither of us went to any length to renew or reinvigorate our friendship — we didn't call each other, make plans that didn't involve others, or anything like that.

But my new job is partially what her old job used to be at the paper, so I wrote her to let her know, so she could laugh a little, and for some generic advice; she is a copy desk queen if nothing else.

She wrote back a nice e-mail. She said she missed our conversations ... "the coherent ones."
And she signed it:
Better write again, jerk.

Does she know me or what? LOL ... And I will write back ... and very soon — which is highly unusual for me when it comes to e-mail. LOL

And again with something totally different ...
Did I ever tell you I was Homecoming King in my senior year? It's true; here's the picture to prove it.

That's me, all snazzy in my tuxedo, complete with the drooping sash (it says KING or something like that, trust me! LOL) and, of course, with the crown. I wish they would have let me keep the crown. You can't see my shoes, but trust me when I tell you they were Adidas shell-toes, white with black stripes, with no shoelaces in 'em (I did not win 'em! I bought 'em off the Ave. with the tags still in 'em/I like to sport 'em that's why I bought 'em/a sucker tried to steal 'em so I caught em and I fought 'em). Heh.

That was the highlight of an otherwise shitty prom. The beautiful girl next to me was a friend of mine who was a year younger; a last-minute replacement for my fix-up date who had some kind of thing she forgot she had and so couldn't go. So it wasn't a real date-DATE, and I wasn't expecting anything more than company and a dance partner (yes, this was back when I danced). But she snuck off and I found her making out with a friend of mine (male junior ... might not have been a big deal if it was another female LOL). She wasn't my girlfriend or even a real date-DATE, but that was still wrong.

So I took her home early, came back to hook up with my buddies and got wasted! wooohooo!!

Sorry; found the pic and thought I'd share with the blogworld.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Guam's primary industry is tourism. The major component of Guam's tourism market is Japan, with about 950,000 visitors a year.


sassinak said...

hey you look really cute all duded up sir. it was lame of your date to do that... even if she wasn't a real date.

i'm glad to hear that you're reuniting with old friends, that's always wonderful :)

Natalia said...

Awwww I love the old pictures :) And dude that was one hell of a sammich!!! It was making my mouth water and all!

All hail the king :)


da buttah said...

ahhh high schoool.
don't miss that for shit!

6 proms...i did 6 of those bastards....*runs away screaming*

murphy said...

and go figure I was taht guy that never went to prom but hit every friggin 'after prom party' available. Sure I was shy but hey free alcohol is free alcohol!!

DZER said...

sass: yeah, I clean up nice LOL ... and yes; re-connecting can be good :)

natalia: I was about to chide you for calling that an old pic ... but shit ... it was almost 20 years ago!! yikes!!

buttah: sometimes, on rare occasions, I wish I could go back. I rocked the high school life ... football player with a care = girlfriends ... LOL

murphy: you, mr. social? LOL and I lost count of the grad parties ... they were spaced out over like 10 days ... don't think I've ever drunk that much booze in that amount of time ever LOL

Suze said...

So Dzer, you are like our Queen, having two Birthdays. One official and one proper.

Nice to know royalty. LOL.

Hubris said...

Dzerpimp. Way to clean up dude...

Madame X said...


I was the girl who all the gauys had at the bottom of their Prom date list...I was below the girl with the bad skin and the smelly gym sock girl.

Thanks D for bringing back THAT memory.


Alex said...

My prom dress didn't fit me so I couldn't go. Can I borrow yours Gigi, I'm about a 12(UK).

DZer, you look mighty fine in a tux.

ell said...

sounds like you had a nice, leisurely day...good for you, d. and it's always nice to rekindle a past friendship. life is too short, you know what i mean?


p.s. nice pic, king d!!

SignGurl said...

OMG! Why couldn't you have lived in Michigan when we were in high school? Hot stuff and I would have done you in a sec ;-)

Just sayin'.

Snow White said...

Sounds like you had my favorite kind of day! I'm jealous! Glad it was a good one!

Mike said...

Extra days off are always good...unless you're sick of course.

DZER said...

Suze: All hail the King ... wanna kneel in front of me? ;)

hedonist: thanks ... me and tuxes work

madame x: the Diatribe is all about the DZER and his prom, baby! LOL

alex: thanks, mate ... and I think yer too tall to share a dress with madame x LOL

ell: it was relaxing ... and sucked big time having to come back into work today LOL

jenn: ooh ... you would have let me get past third base? ;)

snow white: yes it does, doesn't ... and don't hate the playa ... hate the day off LOL ... welcome to the Diatribe!!

mike: ack! You better not have cursed me ... though I must admit ... I have taken ZERO sick days in more than five years here ... if I'm gonna be miserable .. might as well work LOL

Chrissie said...

lol I wouldnt do high school again if you paid me! Well ok maybe if you paid me a LOT... but only if I could still be 38 lol i'm not doing the last 20+ years over damn it!

And good for you n T

DZER said...

I don't think I'd like to relive it either ... but damn I had a good time! LOL

and thanks ... oh, and good for you and YOUR T ... LOL

Shay said...

I ended up getting into a fight with my date/boyfriend at my porm. He ended up heading home and I went to the after party and then walked back to a girl friend's place and spent the night there. ^_^

We voted against having prom kings and queens. ^_~ But I like your crown