Sunday, April 02, 2006

a day at the golf course ...

Sunday. Ah, what a day. Not much better than golf on the weekend (OK, yes, sex I get it, geeze! Well, I don't get sex, but I get what you guys ... nevermind). Oh, except FREE golf! Yeah baby!! And after two nights of big poker tourneys! Heh!!

Yes, I finally got back out on the course after a long absence — I haven't played since before Christmas for sure, and probably several weeks before that. I didn't play all that well, but I did have some good moments. A few more times out and I'll have my swing back, such as it is, as well as some of my lost stamina and endurance. When I get back into "golf shape" — which isn't really in shape, per se LOL — I'm sure I'll get my game back.

This Sunday of golf was one of breaking stuff in. To the right are my new course kicks — Footjoys that I got for a steal price right before Christmas. It's also the first time I hit these golf clubs, which I bought myself as a Christmas present. Also the first time to putt with the Odyssey Two-Ball Putter that I got for Christmas. Damn I love this putter!! Once I get a little more used to it, I know I'll be holing more putts (and yes, I'm aware I used the word "Christmas" way too many times in this paragraph).

This was the kind of day it was. A little cloudy and overcast, but not a bad day, all things considered. The course was in really great shape.

We (me and my work pal Cid) got rained on for the last part of the first hole, the first part of the second hole, and then now and again during a couple holes on the back nine. It was breezy but not too windy, though a few gusts kinda messed up a few of our shots.

The above picture is me teeing off on the first hole on our back nine ... or, rather, getting ready to tee off. Cid took a lot of shots from a lot of different angles. For the one above, he laid down on his stomach in front of the ladies tee about 20-30 yards in front of me. I hit a low screamer off the tee, which went about 20 feet over his head but looked a lot closer than that! LOL

The picture to the right gives you a better look at my golfing attire for the day. I wish I could be the snappy and snazzy dresser in plus-fours and a tam and sweatervest, but first of all I don't look good in that crap and, second, it's too freaking hot to wear any of that crap. So this is me in too-big slacks — I still need to buy some that fit me better since losing weight the last several months — and a somewhat loose polo, as well as sunglasses and straw hat.

Oh ... and the carts ARE mandatory at this course, as they are at most Guam courses. So no, "Why didn't you walk it, fucker?" LOL

The swing is ugly, but the course was in great condition and the day was pretty nice too — not super gorgeous, but more than fine.

Here I am trying to sink a put to "save" bogey. Driver into the fairway sand, blast to short and right of green, wedge shot that I didn't catch into the sand, blast to 15 feet. And no, I didn't make it. It stayed out there to the left of the hole (from my side LOL), not breaking one bit. Luckily I only had a shortie after that to get my double bogey.

I did start off the day very well with the new putter. On our second hole, I hit a long driver to the center of the fairway, then perfect 5-wood to pin-high on the right side of the green. From there it was 12 feet of pure beautiful loveliness and luck. LOL ... I hit it well and on-line and it wobbled back and forth, finally dying on the left side of the hole, where it tumbled into the cup! Yeah, baby!! Birdie on the second hole!! Woohoo!!

At the end of 18 I was bushed, but not so overly tired that I felt like I was dying, as used to be the norm when I was still smoking. I just have to make a commitment to try to get out on the courses once or twice a month.

And probably start walking.

Bleah. Exercise sucks!

Wanna see some more pics?
Oh ... and some new pictures up over at DZER's Guam Pics, including some flowers and stuff from right outside the clubhouse at the course where I played today. Also some great shots of Hagåtña from high up, some sunset shots and an old Spanish fort. Check it out!!

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Many Japanese fly in to Guam to play golf for two or three days, squeezing in two rounds a day if at all possible. Why? Because it's cheaper to fly here for several, stay in a hotel, pay inflated tourist prices and even rent clubs than it is to play most Japanese courses — if you can somehow manage to get a reservation to play on one of them!


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Looks like such a gorgeous day. Here's it cold and cloudy. Ick.

Suze said...

Dzer, looks like you had a fun day. If you had taken to the course in the UK, you would have needed to wear a souwester. Just like this one:

As for bogeys, I'm full of them at the moment. Trying to shake off this damn cold. :D

Strumpet said...

A low screamer?

Who knew golf could be so kinky?


Glad you had fun, DZ...sounds like it was a great day, dude.

terry said...

okay suze, i laughed out loud at your bogeys remark!

DZER said...

AAG: not quite a gorgeous day, but pretty close to it ;)

suze: it was a pretty good day, thanks ... and I hope to get over to England and Scotland someday to play golf in its birthplace ... and did the nephew give you bogeys? LOL

strumpet: you have now idea! in golf there are hookers, shafts, balls, sticking it in the hole, stroking it, hitting it hard, banging it into the cup, playing for skins and much more! LOL

terry: distracted by the shiny object yet again, eh? LOL

SignGurl said...

I'm sooooo jealous! That course is beautiful! As are your new shoes.

Loved the action shots. Thanks for sharing.

I tried to get you some new readers this weekend at the Michigan Bloggers meeting. We will see.

JMai said...

Hey, I played golf today too! Well... I played putt-putt mini golf. But whatever!!

Glad you had a great day!

Also, that random Guam fact is crazy! And there are far too many exclamation points in this comment!

DZER said...

signgurl: thanks darlin' ... and the new kicks kick butt! LOL glad you liked the golf pics ... and thanks for pimping out the Diatribe! ;)

jmai: putt-putt is NOT golf! LOL ... and the fact IS crazy! and it's exclamation point Sunday! (well, Monday here!!)

ArtfulDodger said...

Nice shoes. Why so long between golf outings?

DZER said...

art: a combination of laziness, bad weather, illness and a lack of someone to hit the course with ... mostly laziness LOL

Shay said...

Woo that was fun!

I feel like I just golfed with you all day (for 5 mins) ^_^

DZER said...

shay: do you? and how did you like my shaft? How many strokes should I give you when we play? heh.