Tuesday, April 04, 2006

the last time I ...

... ate cereal was yesterday, for a late-night snack. I had a big bowl of Cocoa Krispies with a banana sliced in. This is my favorite way to eat my favorite cereal.

... checked my post office box was more than two weeks ago. Hope I haven't missed anything important ... and am confident that I haven't, which is sad.

... talked to my mom on the phone was more than three weeks ago. I know, I know — I'm a bad son. I don't talk to her often enough, and she's almost always the one who calls me.

... spoke to any of my two brother or two sisters, on the phone or in person, was ... fuck, it's been a long while. I don't consider myself to be a bad brother, though — I guess I'm just not all that big on family closeness. Hell, I spent the better part of my life with all of them. I think I fulfilled my quota, pretty much.

... went to a strip club was before Lent. I was tempted to go last night, but ended up deciding not to go.

... kissed a woman was the last time I went to a strip club. Heh.

... slept the whole night through was ... I can't remember that either.

... flew on an airplane was early November 2001, coming back to Guam from Hawaii. I was there to serve as man of honor for my best friend, Barbara, who was getting married for the second time.

... wrote anything that I really put my soul into was ... hmm ... probably something on here a few months ago. Couldn't pinpoint it though. Good luck if you feel like poking through my archives.

... someone inspired me to write something was back in late December. It was a short erotica piece.

... slept in really good was Saturday. I didn't bother getting out of bed till almost 1:30 a.m.

... drove around the island was about 5 years ago. I've been thinking of doing it again soon, if for no other reason that to fill up my camera with images of Guam for DZER's Guam Pics.

... went to the movies was a couple weeks back. I watched "Failure to Launch." It was utterly predictable, but still kinda cute ... and not something one had to think about too much while watching. The best part of the movie, to me, was Zooey Deschanel. She's a cutie.

... heard someone who's not related to me say "I love you" was ... fuck. That's fucking sad. Holy shit. It can't have been that fucking long, can it? Fuck me, but yes it can. Fuck. And no, I'm not telling you how long it's been.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Guam's northernmost village is Yigo. It's pronounced "gee-go" or, if you're really into the accent, "dzee-goo."


da buttah said...

sweet pea, not to be a downer..but umm..what's with the formating of your page?

oh. and I LOVE YOU! here. you can smile now :)

DZER said...

what's wrong with the formatting of my page? It looks good to me ...

and I said "heard," not "read" ... but thanks ;)

murphy said...

ummm... k.. i'm not saying it.. sorry man.. and yea.. take a drive around the island I'd like to check that place out

Suze said...

Dzer, I luv ya darlin! Can I poke through your archives now? LOL.

Are there any strippers in there?

yep, it's me.... said...

aw I haven't heard i love you since before the chitlins was teenagers....
dang dz, couldn't even get a you're pretty compliment out of the last two dweebs i was with -
now thanks for reminding me i love cocoa crispies .. i'm going to get a bowl right now....[yeah ok two, i can never have just one, i gotta have two]

DZER said...

murphy: thinking about touching base with a few friends to make a sunday out of it ... picnic, beach, etc.

suze: thanks darlin' ... and poke away ... and aren't there strippers in everyone's archives? ;)

velma: awww ... *big hugs* ... but you ARE pretty ;)

and I only eat one bowl ... but it's a mixing bowl, not a cereal bowl ... LOL

Madame X said...

The last time I ate cereal was...about 4 years ago...I hate milk

DZER said...

madame x: whatchoo tawkin' bout? milk rules when it's in cereal!! heh.

Oh So Wonderful said...

...Tell them about Yigo-lo...(:

For some reason, I couldn't post a comment on the previous post so I'm gonna try it here.

You know I'm an island girl because I get sunburned...IN THE SHADE!!!

And as for your puns, I loved them - I must be a nerd or something. Favorite: Transcend dental medication! Oh Gawd!!!