Friday, April 07, 2006

a quick roundup of yesterday ...

Wasn't feeling too well yesterday, which is why I went with what was a pretty barebone post, at least for me. Actually been feeling sick the last couple of days, but yesterday I was kind of woozy feeling and just out of it.

Despite that, I managed to get a shitload of errands done:
• Went to a bank and deposited money for my mom.

• Checked my post office box after a long dry spell — catalogs, bills and that's it. :(

• Mailed off a package of special cookies to a special someone. Aren't I sweet?

• Dropped off videos a day before they started costing me "restocking fees."

• Went to the store, bought cold medicine ... and a golf glove (realized I was out at the last golf outing).

• Came home, took medicine, slept from 7 p.m. to about midnight. Woke up feeling a little better, but went back to bed a couple hours later, again with the help of more cold medicine. Could have woken up early — several different times — but my philosophy is when sick, sleep. Also, I'm a lazy bastard, so maximum sleeping time always rocks my little casbah.
Feeling a little better today, but probably going to go find lunch in a few minutes and it likely will be a nice chicken soup of some kind.

Bonus news: I get to play golf for free tomorrow, thanks to a company sponsorship thing in some fundraising tournament. Yay! I'll remember to bring the camera and try to take lotsa pics.


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

I'll expect my cookies to arrive by Monday.

Chocolate chip, right? You know that's my favorite.


Hope you are feeling better.

yep, it's me.... said...

you sent me cookies?
and when did ya start calling me mom?
get better dzer
you know, i make a killer cookie if i could get 'em too you ... but they have a shelf life of about two days...

Strumpet said...

The Clash rock my little casbah...

Damn, I'ma start usin' that phrase. I hope you don't mind.

I do hope that you feel better, dear Dzer.

DZER said...

AAG: can't be mailing off packages without and address ... and I'm guessing that "AAG/Blogosphere/Somewhereville" probably isn't valid.

and thanks hon :)

velma: again ... Velma, c/o Texas probably wouldn't get you cookies now, would it? LOL

and if you wanna pay $75 for "overnight" to send me cookies, my address is on my blog LOL

strumpet: that you are using the phrase "rocks my little casbah," in fact, rocks my little casbah ... heh

and thanks, darlin' ... :)

Suze said...

Dzer, I have a cold too perhaps we should sweat it out together.

How come golfers get so many perks. Over here if you play golf you get corporate golf days too. What do you get if you play another sport, diddlysquat.

There seems to be a bit of sportism going on. LOL.

*gets down off box and smooches with the Dzer*

Madame X said...

Where exactly is your Casbah located?

ArtfulDodger said...

Hope you are feeling better big D! Just how does a person get sick living in paradise? Here I understand, hot, cold, warm, sunny, cold rain, storms... and that was just this week!

SignGurl said...

I hope you feel better! Being sick sucks.

grainne said...

Poor thing...I think it is the season for spring colds. Couple of folks in the office out, others sniffing like coke heads after the weekend.
You need to take a couple of days, rest up and pamper yourself. Could it be all the fresh air and sunlight got to you ?? ~snicker and a wink~

Enjoy your freebie golfing and remember the damn sunscreen this time!

Mike said...

Sleeping is always a good thing when sick.

DZER said...

suze: I'll sweat with ya any time ya want ... heh ... and it's cuz golf is the best :)

madame x: oh, wouldn't you like to know where my casbah is? LOL

art: sickness is everywhere ... I'm going to blame the Chinese-based haze of pollution that's been hanging around the island for a few days.

signgurl: thanks ... and I was lucky, it wasn't too bad this time.

grainne: I'm trying to recover ... a day of golf in the sun should help :)

mike: sleeping is THE best when sick.

Chrissie said...

my weekend activities have made me sick also :( nasty little children getting me sick...
i dont see it getting better soon since i have more Mommy duties this weekend.
forecast says "cloudy" so maybe I will get lucky and at least wont get wet this weekend! cross your fingers for me.
*smooch* feel better babe

DZER said...

chrissie: sorry you're not feeling well too ... and that you're due for more bad weather *smooches* you feel better soon too!!

but if you wanna get wet this weekend ... gimme a call and I'll do what I can ... heh

oh ... and look for cookies next week ;)

kathi said...

Made Charlie chicken soup yesterday...okay, I opened a can and microwaved it, but I added the salt myself. Geeze, give me a break.

Natalia said...

I am a checklist woman. I make them all the my head...on pieces of paper...on the laptop. It makes me feel good to check stuff off once it has been accomplished. I think it helps me with the sense of purpose :) Silly...I know.


ell said...

sorry you're under the weather, d. hope you feel better soon. chicken soup and sleep - the best medicine.

good night, sweet prince.


DZER said...

kathi: did you yell "bam!" as you added the salt? LOL

natalia: It is ever so satisfying to cross something off a checklist, isn't it? Not silly at all :)

ell: feeling better today, thanks in large part to the golf. but thanks!

hey! I got upgraded to sweet prince! heh