Thursday, April 06, 2006

me no likee ...

Stolen from kathi, DZER's list of LEAST favorites:

• Color: Ecru … hate the way it looks and sounds. Bleah.

• Time of Day: 6-9 a.m.; me and mornings don't get along too well.

• Day of Week: Thursday — long story.

• Month: April … taxes, need I say more?

• Holiday: St. Patrick’s Day … I mean really, what other ethnic group gets a “national” holiday. He didn’t even do anything in America; he drove the snakes out of Ireland. Why don't we celebrate St. Augustine? Or any other saint? Sorry Madame X and Murphy, but I just don't get it.

• Food: Sashimi. I'm not a big fan of fish, but if I have to eat it, it's gotta be cooked. I do like some sushi, but none of it involving raw or semi-raw fish. Fucking bleah.

• Movie Genre: Elizabethan English crap (Sense and Sensability, Pride and Prejudice, etc.) What's weird is one of my favorite movie genres is modern English romantic comedies and action flicks (Notting Hill, Love Actually, Transporter, Snatch, etc.).

• Actor: Keanu Reeves — the man could play Pinoccio because he's so wooden. His only good role — Ted, from Bill and Ted's excellent adventure. And don't give me the "Matrix" arguments. Those movies were good and fun (at least the first one was), but not because of Keanu. Two words: "Little Buddha."

• Actress: Andie McDowell ... the female version of Keanu. Only decent movie she's been in was "Four Weddings and a Funeral," and it would have been SO much better without her. Two words: "Green Card."

• Film: Sweet November. Jesus H. Christ on a bicycle was that bad! Keanu + Charlize + near-prostitution + anger management + cancer = please gouge my brain out.

• T.V. Program: Any soap opera or Springer-like show.

• Sport: Ice Skating … the only sport that chicks love more than guys. Seriously ... bad dancing to bad music ... on ice? And fake skimpy outfits, with nude-colored fabric instead of just nude skin.

• Animal: Most humans. Seriously. The vast majority of us suck big-time.

• Character Trait: Hypocrisy, bigotry

• Body Part: Teeth ... because mine are in such bad shape. *sigh*

• Piece of Clothing: Socks and shoes … I’d go barefoot all the time if I could

• Music: New Age — Tesh, Yanni, etc. I'd rather listen to neophyte music students at their first recital.

• Game: Love ... 'nuff said.

• State To Drive Through: Oklahoma ... flat and boring ... like the girl I sat next to in 6th grade (ba-dum-dum!)

• Sound: Alarm clock ... cursed be the persistent buzzing that forces me out of bed.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• My least favorite thing about Guam: How far away it is from pretty much everywhere else ...


Snow White said...

Nice list, Darlin'! I even agree with you on most of it... and on most of it you nailed it heads on. I'd never thought about Keanu Reeves much, but you got him head on! LOL Have a good one! xoxox

kathi said...

I don't even know what ecru looks like. Gonna have to look it up now.

I just watched Pride and Prejudice yesterday morning with Kiera one of my favorite films, gonna buy it today. She is so awesome, have you seen the one with her in it?

Keanu, I know he can't act, but for some reason, I still like him. Go figure, I have no clue why. Hey, Speed wasn't too bad.

I, too, hated Sweet November. It SUCKED.

I hate soaps and springer like shows.

Shoes...anything but Crocs also suck.

Yeah, I'll agree with the music too.

I love Oklahoma, don't know why.

Haven't heard an alarm clock in 10 years.

Madame X said...

D-You did this on purpose didn't you?

Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensiblity are NOT ELIZIBETHAN!!!!

OK if ya don't like them but get your Genre's correct MAN!!

They are REGENCY!

Elizabethan=Shakespeare, Marlowe



I'll let Murph take the St. Patrick's Day thing.

Strumpet said...

My brother once told me he couldn't stand Andie McDowell because she looks like she 'just smells funny.'

Sashimi is my favourite fucking food. Raw fish. Shlurp.

ArtfulDodger said...

mx with the take down, girl knows her stuff! :) with on almost all of this Dman, but I'd have to add SPAM to that list. ugh!

JMai said...

Oooh can I steal this one? Looks like fun.

And I like ecru! It's such a weird name for a colour!

DZER said...

snow white: thanks darlin' ... and do you know kung fu? LOL

kathi: I know ecru mostly thanks to crossword puzzles LOL ... and haven't watched it and probably won't LOL ... and the part of Oklahoma I've been through several times was just sucky ... and why would you need an alarm clock? You got hubby ass slappin' to get you up! LOL

madame x: elizabethan, regency ... same shit, same shittiness ... LOL ... I don't care if their renaissance — those kinds of movies suck ass for me LOL

and a leeeeetle on purpose ;)

strumpet: I don't know if she smells bad ... but her acting sucks ass ... and ewwwww on sashimi!!

dodger: LOL ... thanks ... and dude ... SPAM rocks!! I might have to send you a few recipes to try to change your mind LOL

jmai: steal away from the stealer! Ecru? Bleah!! and this isn't Sass' blog ... it's "color" in these parts! LOL

Natalia said...

I felt the angerball Dzer come out in that post... hot damn...but I laughed all the way through. Much love, darling.


kathi said...

LOL, I can't believe you remember that.

Suze said...

Dzer, are we having a bit of a down day? LOL.

What's wrong with ice skating? I love it and can't your just imagine me in my little dress. ;)

idobcool said...

The etc. in movies you like should include, "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels." If you have not seen it, you must...It's really Good!

I recommend good movies, just ask Chrissie.(she loved "The Machinist"- Ha!)

SignGurl said...

I think Keanu sucks ass as an actor and yet, I, like Kathy still like some of his movies.

I hate to admit that I liked both Green Card and Sweet November and I don't usually do "chick flicks". I'm more of a scary, blood and gore kind of gal.

I'm definately with you on the sushi and music thing. Ugh!

I don't know why, but I always like to read these memes. I feel like I get to look inside the author.

DZER said...

natalia: not really angerball, irritationball ... LOL

kathi: everyone remembers your spanked ass LOL

suze: just following kathi! LOL ... and the ice skating costumes look short ans sexy from far away, but then you seen them closeup to see they cheat with that nude fabric crap LOL

idobcool: definitely that's on my list ... loved that flick ... and "Layer Cake" and "24 hours in London"

signgurl: don't look too close ... my insides are all yucky and gross! LOL

terry said...

i love it when you have your crankypants on!

my favorite phrase: fucking bleah.

i even agree with most of your list. but i'm a sucker for ice skating and i loved "sense and sensibility."

i'm totally stealing this.

DZER said...

terry: LOL @ crankypants

and "fucking bleah" is a great phrase! I should totally copyright it! LOL

steal away darlin' ... what's stolen once is meant to be stolen again ;)