Monday, May 15, 2006

DZER asks movie who's and what's ...

You would think that, after several days of memes and other assorted bullshit posts without any real true depth, compelling content or memorable anything -- as made very clear by the VAST number of comments received over that time span (insert favority snarky noise here) -- that I would have something worthwhile to post today.

Well, if that's what you did think, you'd be wrong. Except for MFP, who, I've learned over the past near-decade, is NEVER wrong.

Instead, I present to you this bit of movie fun (subject to individual definition of "fun."). Play if you want, or just click away after a brief scanning of the questions. If you choose to play, don't peek at others' answers ... you cheaters!

1. Who runs Bartertown?

2. What does napalm in the morning smell like?

3. Who wants the truth, but can’t handle it?

4. To whom do you show the money?

5. Who are supposed to be rounded up?

6. Who you gonna call?

7. What is, actually, all around?

8. Who was born a poor, white child?

9. What doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world?

10. Who didn’t Ray get down?

11. What days are back?

12. What do you leave, and what do you take?

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• One of the few movies featuring Guam prominently is "No Man Is an Island," the true story of Navy radioman George Tweed, an American serviceman who remained on Guam throughout World War II, hidden from the Japanese by loyal, patriotic Chamorros. It's a shitty movie that makes Tweed out to be a hero and pays little tribute to the people who were tortured and killed for helping to keep him hidden.


SignGurl said...

I'm a loser because I only know about four of those.

Kristen said...

I'm a loser too

Good morning

Vixxxen said...

I can only get six of them...*stares*

*feels the need to light up a smoke* And I always use to be good at this movie trivia stuff.

Morning to the others *waves*


DZER said...

signgurl: if it helps, most of them are "guy" movies.

kristen: you'll never be a loser to me ... unless we're playing strip poker ;)

vixxxen: half is good! oooh ... and don't mention cigs *sigh* ... welcome to the diatribe!! :)

grainne said...

1) Master Blaster (if I remember correctly there were two people who played this role - smart and tiny and big and strong) Of course it's from the Mad Max films
2) Victory? For some reason I seem to think there was something about a gas smell in this comment too - apocalypse now
3) Was this a Tom Cruise film?? The only reason I think that as I remember he had a similar line in a movie (can't remember which one) and now everytime I see him making an ass of himself on tv, I think about that line and him being the one not able to handle the truth - the truth is he is a fruitcake !
4) Cuba Gooding in Jerry Maguire....are you having a Tom Cruise sorta monday??
5) the usual suspects...Casablanca...silly man for making that one too easy
7) Love Actually?
8) Steve Martin in the Jerk
9) problems of three little people - Casablanca....come on Duane...two from the same film?
10) I have no clue
11) Once again, I have no idea
12) Sounds very familiar but really have no clue

odds are a couple of these are wrong....I am horrid with movie trivia! Oh and great...most are guy movies?? Let me just go bury my head in the sand....after all what would a girl know about guy films?? ~snort~

Vixxxen said...

*snorts* grainne did you just say guy films? You a girl I'm not suppose to like the movies with things blowing up. ;)

And 3 is "A Few Good Men" and is indeed a Tom Cruise movie. (rather partial to Jack Nicholson in it myself).


JENN said...

Need to correct you here...8 should be, I was born a poor black child, if in fact you meant for it to be from the jerk. So loved that movie.
Do you have your special purpose?

JENN said...

and 12 is , leave the gun and take the canolli (sp)

DZER said...

grainne: nice effort! you named a lot of the right movies, but not necessarily the right answers! ;)

vixxxen: you like guy flicks? ;)

jenn: doh!!! great catch! special prize to you! and yes on 12! Marry me? ;)

JENN said...

I'm a movie buff. Don't care if they are guy flicks or not.

Marry you? What's the average temp in Guam? I'll think about it.

DZER said...

jenn: heh ... you said "buff"

the average temperature on Guam is 86 ... the LOW in the last year or so was about 72, I think

JENN said...


DZER said...

yeah? how much? ;)

JENN said...


Kristen said...

If Jenn is moving to Guam, I'm coming too

JENN said...

Yeah, we've kind of become attached at the hip. Can't have one with out the other.

terry said...

#8 was born a poor BLACK child, silly...!

somebody hates these cans!

ell said...

my feeble attempts at your quiz:

3. Who wants the truth, but can’t handle it? tom cruise in a few good men.

4. To whom do you show the money? tom cruise in jerry maguire. my favorite quote in that movie is "you had me at hello".

6. Who you gonna call? ghostbusters, of course!

7. What is, actually, all around? love? just guessing . . . or wishful thinking.

9. What doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world? something henry fonda said in the grapes of wrath?

11. What days are back? the good 'ol days?

good thing my life didn't depend on this one!

Vixxxen said...

Of course I like 'guy' flicks. ;) Big guns turn me on.

Also if there is a Guam relocation project going on I want to come too. I have been looking over the pictures from your other blog and it definantly looks worth relocating for.


ArtfulDodger said...

1. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome - Aunt Entity (Tina Turner) runs Bartertown
2. Smells like Victory! Apocolypse Now.
3. Lt. Kaffee (Tom Cruise) in a Few Good Men
4. "Sho' me the money" Cuba Gooding in Jerry Maguire.
5. The usual suspects - Casablanca
6. Ghostbusters!
7. Love Actually
8. I'm going with The Jerk, even though it is quoted wrong, but that might be a Dzer trick!
9. the problems of three little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you'll understand that.
10. This one is tricky, I'm thinking Ghostbusters...
11. Got me.
12. Godfather of course. Duh! Leave the gun and take the canolli's.

DZER said...

jenn and kristen: deal! you do know that this means hot threeway action, yes? LOL

terry: mea culpa!

ell: nice attempt ... some right ones there :)

vixxxen: OK! Fourway action it is! LOL

art: nice work ... almost ;)