Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What's in DZER's fridge ...

This is a post I've been wanting to do for some time. I think you can tell a lot about a person, couple or family by looking in their fridge. What do they eat? Are there leftovers? Are there jars with stuff swimming in moldy water? What kind of drinks do they prefer? What kind of condiments are readily available for sammiches and other meals?

I decided to hold off on it until I'd gone shopping, so I wouldn't present you with a barren, desolate box of white filled with mostly nothing. I was able to go shopping after work today, so today is when you get to take a peek inside DZER's refrigerator.

Maybe you'll indulge the blogosphere with what's in YOUR fridge.

NOTE: Answers to the movie trivia are posted below this post.

1. 1500-ml Assam Black Tea.

2. Whole milk. None of that low-fat, no-fat crap.

3. (Behind milk) Vinaigrette dressing.

4. Spicy jalepeño cheese dip.

5. Country Crock margarine.

6. Cocoa Krispies in handy plastic container.

7. Folger’s vanilla cappuccino mix. Tasty!

8. Two plastic bags containing N.Y. steaks.

9. (On top of Texas Toast) Cooked chunk white-meat chicken.

10. Texas Toast garlic bread. Haven’t tried this yet.

11. (Behind mac and cheese) Oatmeal with bag of brown sugar on top of it.

12. Country Crock mac and cheese. Fucking delicious!

13. Country Crock garlic mashed potatoes. Also fucking delicious!

14. 12-pack of Pepsi, minus three cans.

15. Eggs (only six left in there).

16. Bagged salad. To the left, spinach. To the right, Ranch mix, with croutons and dressing in the bag.

17. Two slabs of bacon. Mmm … bacon.

18. Stadium rolls, perfect for big sammiches!

Not pictured (behind all the other stuff): Arm & Hammer baking soda (mom taught me right); bottle of white wine; one medium-sized bottle of water; one regular-sized bottle of water; another tub of garlic mashed potatoes; jar of pickles (half empty); jar of garlic cloves; bag of English muffins (only two left).
1. Cheddar chunk cheese.

2. Hard-boiled eggs (for slicing then adding to Ranch salad.

3. Sliced Swiss cheese.

4. 1/4th of an onion.

5. Sliced American cheese.

6. Tomato.

7. Shredded gourmet Parmesan cheese.

8. Deli Select sliced roast beef.

9. Ketchup (only Heinz, thank you very much).

10. Minced garlic.

11. Mayonnaise.

12. Ranch dressing (because the dressing in the Ranch salad packs isn’t quite enough).

13. Wasabi mayonnaise.

14. Spinach dressing.

15. French’s yellow mustard. The gold standard!

16. Habañero mayonnaise.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Many Guam homes have two refigerators — one for the indoor kitchen, one for the outdoor kitchen ... not to mention at least one large deep-freeze.


Kristen said...

So what's for dinner?

Vixxxen said...

Mmmm...*stares* tea. Looks like a lovely fridge to raid. ;)


David said...

Hmmmm...an outdoor kitchen. Please explain about this interesting fact.

Suze said...

Dzer, English muffins eh? he,he,he.

Are you on comission from Country Crock? Well you certainly won't starve my Guam guy. ;)

DZER said...

kristen: I had a nice N.Y. steak and garlic mashed potatoes ... with Assam Black Tea to wash it all down ;)

Vixxxen: Assam Black Tea is sooooooo good ... and don't be raiding my fridge ... unless you're in one of my shirts, trying to rebuild your energy ;)

david: Many Guam houses have outdoor kitchens — a heavy-duty sink or two, a fridge and/or deep-freeze, a large area to barbecue. Some have stoves, others have gas-fueled burners. It's so you can cook large amounts of food for large gatherings — big fiestas — and also so you can cook food that would ordinarily stink up the house, such as deep-fried fish.

suze: yer my favorite English muffin ;)

and country crock should put me on retainer! I LOVE those guys! :)

da buttah said...

what's in elle's fridge

*opens the door*

bottled water, beer, beer, more beer, baileys, beer, ice tea, mdx energy drinks, and applesauce.


DZER said...

buttah: hmm ... consider going to a meeting? LOL wait! applesauce ... that saves you!

Everything Nice said...

Hey, this was a great post!! No shit... I loved it.

Best way to find out about a guy is to check out his fridge!!! I'll arm wrestle you for the Texas Toast!!

err, and the roast beef actually :)

DZER said...

EN: thanks darlin' ... though I did leave out the freezer ... LOL

and now that you've mentioned it ... I'm gonna go toast me some of that toast!

roast beef is lunch tomorrow! big-ass sammiches time!

Grace said...

Very interesting idea... you're right, you can tell a lot about a person from what's inside their fridge. Maybe I'll try it out on my new blog (which you have yet to visit) if I ever get a digital camera ;)

DZER said...

grace: oooh ... I love an admonishing woman! I'm on my way, darlin'!!

*bootie pinches*

Madame X said...

Correct me if I am wrong but aren't you supposed to keep the Texas Toast in the freezer?

I have a question, another one actually, why the margarine?
(I gagged a little, I hate margarine) Whole mile but margarine? Interesting.

Clean fridge!

terry said...

whole milk. bleah.

better put that wine bottle on its side, or the cork will dry out.

damn, that IS a clean fridge!

i'm hungry.

DZER said...

madame x: you know me and freezers!

and margarine is just easier to spread than butter ... and cheaper ... and they both taste the same to me, pretty much.

clean as can be, given my laziness ;)

DZER said...

terry: whole milk is the BEST milk!! unless you can get it straight from the cow, with the cream still in it ... mmmm

and the bottle won't last that long ;)

I do try to keep at least my fridge clean ... heh

Vixxxen said...

Oooo so now all I need is one of yoru shirts...and a reason to need my strength back and I can raid the fridge! *giggles*

Black tea is one of my favorite drinks, not familiar with that type but seeing as you are in Guam that may be why. For now I'll just have to be happy with my sun tea.

Very interesting and creative post btw.



ell said...

the madame stole my comments! it's exactly what i was thinking. i guess we think alike.

why use margarine if you buy whole milk? you can soften up the butter in the microwave. and it doesn't have all that artificial junk in it.

Snow White said...

For good, easy to spread butter, try my mom's recipe. Take equal parts room temp butter and light tasting olive oil. Mix in food processor (blender would probably work if you don't have the FP) with a pinch of salt. Pour into containers and refrigerate and/or freeze. The olive oil makes it better for you, it's very easy to spread, and it tastes great!

Good post! xox

Chrissie said...

what IS texas toast??

and *gag* tastes the SAME as butter?? icky poo i cant believe you said that!

im gone!

JMai said...

Why is your refrigerator so small?

Also, you're sposed to keep tomatoes out. I keep mine in the basket with all the other fruit.

DZER said...

chrissie: texas toast is the fat bread ... sliced extra thick. a lot of places use it to make french toast. in this instance, it's a garlic bread. And it tastes close enough! LOL

jmai: it's not that small of a fridge ... though I can't give you the exact dimensions since I'm at work right now LOL ... and I like cold tomatoes! ;)

Shay said...

Dzer, youre fridge is WAY too organized!!!

DZER said...

shay: are you saying you want to move my meat around? toss my salad? ;)